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Can NHS hospitals do more with less? Implications for policy and practice By Judith Smith & Jennifer Dixon
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The NHS in England needs to make unprecedented efficiency savings over the next four years to bridge a gap between a virtual freeze in real-terms funding, and rising demand and costs. With this... More > challenge in mind, the Nuffield Trust commissioned a comprehensive study – Can NHS Hospitals Do More With Less? – which draws on UK and international published research on the factors known to impact on hospital efficiency. This summary of that study outlines measures that could be used to increase the efficiency of hospitals and identifies some implications for policy and practice. It is clear from this analysis that enough is known about what can be done. The challenge is how. Copies of both the full report and summary can be accessed at . Printed copies of the full report can be purchased from lulu via< Less
Sky By Joy Wulke
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“The lasting pleasures of contact with the natural world are not reserved for scientists but are available to anyone who will place him/herself under the influence of earth, sea and sky and... More > their amazing life.” Rachel Carson By learning to look up at the sky which is available to us all we can understand the cycles of the day, seasons, years and how nature's cycles are related to our own. By working in concert with the elements we become stewards and partners in the environmental health of the earth and humankind.< Less
The Life Of A Champion By Joshua Eze
eBook (PDF): $12.50
Chronic diseases—such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes—are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. Chronic diseases account for 70% of all deaths in the... More > U.S., which is roughly 1.7 million each year. These diseases also cause major limitations in daily living for almost 1 out of 10 Americans. Although chronic diseases are among the most common and costly health problems, they are also among the most preventable. Adopting healthy behaviors such as eating nutritious foods and being physically active can prevent or control the devastating effects of these diseases.# Champion Ministries exists to prevent people from joining the above statistics. Through our online community we provide free access to support, group accountability, and exercise and fitness resources. Join us, and together will we fight the obesity epidemic and positively affect the quality of life of millions of people by strengthening their spirits, souls, and bodies.< Less
A Food Network Study of the Merrick Neighborhood of West Springfield By Matthew Cranney et al.
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The integration of immigrant and refugee populations contributes unique and vibrant qualities to the cultural wealth of cities nationwide. West Springfield hosts one of the highest populations of... More > refugees in Massachusetts, with most living in the small riverside community of the Merrick neighborhood, where a vibrant food culture thrives. To understand the complext barriers limiting food access for this new American population, and to understand struggles individual residents experience in their daily lives, this study explores food security in the Merrick neighborhood. By identifying community assets and applying inclusive engagement strategies, the study develops recommendations for improving community health outcomes, supporting the growth of the local economy, and continuing community engagement and asset-based planning.< Less
The 90 Day Slay- Journey To Wellness By Tracie Davis
Paperback: $47.00
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This is the Perfect journal for the lady who is ready to take charge of her health and wellness. It is written in an easy to follow format that will allow room for personalization while maintaining... More > daily structure. The instruction provided in this journal will be very valuable in the quest for a healthier lifestyle. When you purchase the journal you will also receive: - Access To A Health and Wellness Mini Course - Free Recipes - Access To Private Facebook Group for daily motivation - PLUS Bonus Materials on Paleo and Keto Diets< Less
Save Your Life Before the Government Bans It By Dr. Lisa Ann Homic, M.Ed. D.C.
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What is the government banning? Your life? Not quite. The powers that be think new laws must constantly be enacted (they can’t just take a breather and leave well enough alone). They... More > don’t want the public burdened with personal decision making. How kind. More and more decision making is taken out of your hands. We must learn what it takes to promote and protect health before the free flow of information is taken away. We are forced to make ourselves unhealthy by eating toxic foods and using toxic health care because they are more prevalent than healthier options. The healthier options will continually be kept from us if we are not careful. We must protect our right to refuse treatments we disagree with and protect access to health alternatives that are often discriminated against by big organizations. I firmly believe it is most empowering to work hard on health building. Enjoy the journey.< Less
Medical Science and Discovery Vol.1 No.2 By Zafer Akan
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Medical Science and Discovery( is an international open access, peer-reviewed scientific research journal that provides rapid publication of articles in all... More > disciplines of human health, clinical and basic medical science such as Biophysics, Biochemistry, Histology, Physiology, Genetics, Pathology, Toxicology, Anatomical Sciences, Pharmacology, Embryology, Internal and Surgical Medicine. The policy of top priority of MSD is to put forward and highlight medical innovations and inspiring patents. MSD offers an exceptionally fast publication schedule including prompt peer-review by the experts in the field and immediate publication upon acceptance. The editorial board aims at reviewing the submitted articles as fast as possible and promptly including them in the forthcoming issues.  This journal is published under ethical publishing policy of international scientific Bioethics and publication rules. MSD supports the Open Access Initiative.< Less
My Best Friend the Toilet By Katie Birch
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This book is written for people with cancer, recovered from cancer, for relatives and carers, for volunteers, all members of the medical professions and people who are interested. It is about... More > woman’s journey with rectal cancer, the after effects of the treatment causing her toilet problems and her discovery that this is a widespread problem. Also that bowel problems are a taboo subject, people are embarrassed to talk about it, the problem is further compounded by the lack of public toilets, and those that are available are not always easily accessed. There will be an opportunity in the book to help to do something to try to change this situation.< Less
The Power of Healing with Energy and Light By Daniel Watkins
eBook (PDF): $27.00
What is Health? That begs the question of what exactly is health? What I teach is what we already know; it is the knowledge to access the universal energy. It has taken me many years to achieve... More > where I am in my life and now I understand what it is all about… Helping people get well… We live in a time in which the nature and quality of health care represents major areas of concern. There are increasing numbers of spiritual seekers and health care providers alike that are reconsidering the role that the mind, and by association spirituality plays in healing. In the process society at large is becoming more aware of complementary and alternative medicine. The traditionalists make a clear separation between physical medicine and spirit medicine. Yet they view them as complementary, as two halves of a whole. Today many people have had a negative experience with western medicine. Some even dismiss physical medicine with disdain, branding it as dysfunctional or even harmful.< Less
Concepts of Medical Physics By Dr Shahid Majid
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This book is comprehensive, highly accessible coverage of the principle of physics related to medical discipline. This book provides a practical, learner-centred introduction for anyone new to... More > medical physics. The text is also accompanied by clear line drawings and images to explain the underlying principles more easily.< Less

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