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Quality Health Care By Joe Six-Pack
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Dane is fresh out of medical school with a useless degree in medicine. He sinks so low as to help his old roomie out as a nurse in his new practice. Well, Dane needs a little help and studies up on... More > nursing. It isn't long before he becomes consumed by the idea of becoming the ultimate nurse. It just so happens that becoming his ideal nurse means leaving manhood behind... 44 Pages, 15 Color illustrations. Revised version of a story previously published at< Less
Health care benefits covered in the Health Insurance By Synca Cardot
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Specific health care benefits may vary by state. Even within the same state, there can be small differences between health insurance plans. When you fill out your application and compare plans,... More > you’ll see the specific health care benefits each plan offers. With the help of health insurance companies in pa, you can find out all the details about health insurance and health care. To know more, please visit here:< Less
Health Informatics: An Interdisciplinary Approach In Health Care Management By Dr. Raphael Akangbe
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The fact that information technology is rapidly transforming health care should come as no surprise to anyone. From robotic arms that perform surgery to nanorobots that deliver drugs through the... More > bloodstream, the days of being tended to by the doctor seem to have fully given way to machines and software. However, information technology’s evolutionary impact on health care isn’t all alarming and whistles. Some of health care’s most important changes can slip beneath the radar due to their more pedestrian presentation, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as revolutionary as mini robots zipping through veins. Take the burgeoning field of health informatics, for example. A specialization that combines communications, health information technology, and health care to improve patient care, it’s at the forefront of the current technological shift in medicine.< Less
Success Stories in Lowering Health Care Costs by Improving Health Care Quality By Daniel Sloan & Jodi Torpey
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Fourteen details case studies from four health care organizations show how health care costs can be dramatically lowered by improving health care quality. These success stories show how more than $5... More > million in savings were acheived in two years.< Less
How to Lower Health Care Costs by Improving Health Care Quality By M. Danie Sloan
Paperback: $27.26
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This classic ASQ Quality Press best seller is as relevant today as it was Washington State used it as a reference for their Health Care Reform Act of 1993. With case studies and references, it... More > explains what works and why.< Less
Health and Safety Management in Domiciliary Care By Paul Kelly
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This book will assist the reader, current and future domiciliary care companies, community care workers, service users and their family, management and anyone associated with or studying domiciliary... More > care to effectively manage health and safety at work. The book offers good, sound advice on how to implement and effectively manage health and safety whilst conducting care working tasks at the service users own domestic homes. This includes a chapter which identifies a number of tasks undertaken by the care workers along with typical hazards and numerous control measures that need to be considered for the safety of the staff and those they acre for.< Less
Predictive risk and health care: an overview By Martin Bardsley and others
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Risk adjustment has been used for many decades in research studies, but since the 1980s the approach has been increasingly used in managing health systems, and looks set to play a greater role in the... More > NHS in the future. In this research summary, we review how predictive risk adjustment techniques are currently being used in the NHS, explore some of the challenges involved in applying these techniques in practice, and examine some recent advances and new developments in this field. Nuffield Trust publications are available to download free of charge from< Less
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Health Care Applications of Clinical Hypnosis By Dr. Bob Boland & Dr. David Wark
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The materials for this project were freely contributed by internationally recognized clinical hypnosis specialists, following informal meetings of an editorial group at the Dallas SCEH/ASCH... More > conference in January 2007. The first part was limited to eleven selected EBM rigorously research based applications, and is being edited for joint publication by SCEH and ISH, in the hope of getting International Health Organisation acceptance and adoption of hypnosis in primary health care, and then in all medical and nursing schools worldwide. This second part gives more general hypnosis health care applications, and provides the opportunity for the work of every project contributor to be published. It is thus available to health workers, motivated to learn more about clinical hypnosis as a cost effective reinforcement for health care services.< Less

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Learn Work Play: Twenty Years of ETC Stories Learn Work Play: Twenty... By Brad King et al.
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