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Feed Yourself: Healthy, Easy Recipes for Tweens and Teens By Emily Taylor
Paperback: $8.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
As your tween or teen learns to cook, they will also learn to make better food choices. Everything in this book is cooked from scratch - no preprepared or processed foods!
Feeding Journal By Melissa Brown
Paperback: $13.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
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375 Days worth of feeding journal pages 20 pages worth of thirst/beast attack logs 10 Pages for notes I created this journal so that vampires would be able to use it as a tool so that they can... More > better understand themselves. So they can find out what works for them, how long they can go between feeding without becoming ill or irritable. I feel that in order for us (vampires) to function properly we must understand out nature and our need to fed. So with this may you find better understanding of your nature and both who and what you are. May you be Healthy, Safe, and Well Fed.< Less
A Beginners Guide to Feeding a Baby By Gregor Lenz
eBook (ePub): $7.97
The very first thing new mothers need to decide upon is whether to breastfeed or not. Although experts still continue to stress and emphasize the importance of breast milk in newborn baby feeding,... More > the battle between breast milk versus formula continue to prevail as the latter still provide a convenient alternative for busy moms. Breastfeeding is highly beneficial not only for your baby, but also for you. Aside from getting the assurance that you'll be able to protect your child from illnesses and infections that can be fatal for such young kids, you can also keep yourself healthy. This book covers everything you need to know about feeding your baby such as: - Is Organic The Way To Go - Baby Feeding Schedule - Baby Food Allergies: All You Need To Know - Cautions On Feeding Your Baby - Are There Any Advantages To Bottle Feeding and so much more!< Less
The Baby Weaning & Feeding Guide By The Sleep Nanny
Paperback: List Price: $32.01 $19.21 | You Save: 40%
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Sleep Nanny can advise you on how to take all the stress out of mealtimes. In addition, help your child develop a healthy attitude towards food. Moreover, make it fun too. If you feel that you... More > could benefit from some good practical advice (and a sympathetic ear) If you really are ready to make some changes, don’t despair any more. You really are not alone! but please remember that we do not have a magic wand or promise a miracle breakthrough. What we offer is constructive help & advice. With the help of our support programme & range of techniques, based on over 25 years of research & practical hands on experience, we will help you on your journey. To succeed we will require your tenacity, patience & your willingness to accept & embrace new ideas.< Less
Feed Your Starving Artist Cookbook By August Johnson
Paperback: $15.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Feed Your Starving Artist is a healthy living cookbook, designed FOR artists, BY artists! It is a collaboration of quips, antedotes and well-loved recipes learned on the road, celebrating creative... More > accomplishments, pre-audition/good luck snacks and "between gigs" meals that most anyone can afford to prepare. We are the thriving artists (but we don't have to starve :))...< Less
“ Feed Your Dog” A Cookbook for the Dog Lover in YOU! By LA Snyder
Paperback: List Price: $25.50 $24.23 | You Save: 5%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Healthy meals that you can make for your dog! You can really make good, nutritious food for your dog and not take hours out of every day doing it!
Feed My Sheep...A Cookbook for Missionaries By Marika Lee Connole
Paperback: $16.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Get the most amount of healthy food with the most amount of flavor in the least amount of time for the least amount of money by using this comprehensive yet entertaining cookbook. What's in the... More > book? You will find Greenie recipes (for the novice in the kitchen), Trainer recipes (for someone with a hint of confidence in the kitchen), Trunkie recipes (for those who know the basics) and weekly menu plans with everything spelled out for you. It also includes conversion charts, shopping lists, suggestions of food to eat to round out each meal, kitchen essentials guide, allergy free tips, scripture verses that go along with the recipes and missionary cartoons. This book can be used by Elder Missionaries, Sister Missionaries, college students, working singles, dad chefs, busy moms and anyone learning how to cook.< Less
Caring For a healthy Dog By baby hall
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Understanding the ingredients of your dog's food items is a must for the dog lovers or dog owners. Whenever you feed the dog with different kinds of food items, you should always read the label and... More > understand the contents about the dog feed types that are being used in such commercial preparations. You should understand the ingredients while buying food for your dog and also know what to look for.< Less
Healthy Dog Secrets Uncovered By Jecky Lee
eBook (PDF): $27.50
Healthy Dog Secrets Uncovered is for the dog owner who wants to better understand the health of their pet so they know when it is appropriate to take serious action to assist a vulnerable or ailing... More > dog. Healthy Dog Secrets Uncovered will reveal what you need to do in order to assure that your pet is getting the proper nutrients for his size and age. Remember. .knowledge really is power! Get the answers to these questions and much more Is it true that dogs can cough? What are intestinal parasites? Should we feed our dog meat, carbohydrates or fat? How can we control flea infestation? What is heartworm? What is Leptosporosis?< Less
Having a Healthy Pregnancy By Ling Langdi
eBook (PDF): $4.03
We’ll take you through your pregnancy step-by-step, one trimester at a time, and tell you what happens to your body and how to deal with the changes you experience. We will show you what to... More > eat and how often, how to safely exercise and how to take care of your body during this critical time. DO YOU KNOW when to stop working during your pregnancy? DO YOU KNOW HOW to get a good night’s rest when you are pregnant? DO YOU UNDERSTAND how to prepare for breast feeding your baby?Preview this e-book for more info.< Less