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Сердцем подвиг пережить By Tamara Grigorjeva
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The book "Heart feat survive" is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. On its pages reflect the history of the war years the city of Balkhash. Heroes of... More > the Soviet Union presented - balhashtsy, Heroes of Socialist Labor, as well as the stories of veterans, past the roads of war from Moscow to Berlin. A separate chapter is devoted to the work of the rear Balkhash. The book also includes essays on war-internationalists, the lessons of memory and military-patriotic education of youth, stories about the celebration of Victory Day in Balkhash< Less
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Avoiding Heartbreaks is a love and relationship manual, inside it is all the tricks that are played in a relationship and ways to avoid them, if all those are not exposed and corrected, it leads to... More > serious heart trauma. when we talk about heartbreaks and family problems, every one knows that women are the ones that suffers the pains most. What is it that you have been passing through in your teenage life, relationship and marriage don't worry the resolution is in this book, am assuring you.< Less
Jubilate Deo By Pope Paul VI
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This is a completely re-typeset version of Pope Paul VI's "Jubilate Deo". It is a collection of the simpler Gregorian chant melodies for the faithful to sing together. In this way Gregorian... More > chant may again become a bond that forms the members of many nations into a single people, gathered together in Christ’s name with one heart, one mind, and one voice. This living unity, symbolized by the union of voices that speak in different languages, accents, and inflections is a striking manifestation of the diversified harmony of the one Church.< Less
A dream in the land of perdition By ahmed zerouana
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From Algerian literature, a story of fantasy, whose heroes are people and animals, reveals great suffering, everyone suffers without exception, from their surroundings, the situation is almost... More > impossible, but they tried without despair, in order to take care of their lives, and were able to do so with love, sacrifice and struggle. On the hardships, and everyone lived happy in their lives, and filled the hearts of everyone with happiness and joy.< Less
Reflections By Elisabetta Bergamasco
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"I was the wife of an American soldier, in the street I saw the light, I found it and I have not lost. Immortal and I felt I wrote this book: emotions and moments experienced parties from my... More > heart, as a testimony of 'immortal soul that is light, life and Resurrection *. Jesus told me to bear witness to this message and I have to bring to the world as a sign of life and hope. Thank you " Elizabeth Bergamasco< Less
Latidos del Corazón By Julie Pujol-Karel
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Collection of love and romantic poetry. Latidos del Corazón(Beats of the Heart). Es una colección de poemas románticos que te invita a soñar. Llena tú espacio de... More > fantasias,te llevará a rincones favoritos de tu imaginación. Romances a flor de piel, caminarás tus playas, te acariciará el viento, en lo que recoges caracoles en el verano y la fragancia del mar entrará en cada poro de tu cuerpo.< Less
before I was born was already India - prima che fossi nato era già India By Guglielmo Maria Trovato
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before I was born was already India the gaze at the sunset may fire and ghosts emerge from the waters waiting for the breath that would form this world, the heart and the memories of odors of... More > sounds of colors of smiles and of gestures discovered by the exploring time the children play in the clods dried by the sun to make houses with the playful joy that a god allowed the tiger the elephant and the butterfly renovate the lost adventurous tale hiddening our concerns and pains guglielmo maria trovato 2008< Less
URINSKRIG By Adam Ægidius
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ATTENTION: CES POEMES SONT EN DANOIS! PLEASE NOTE;: THESE POEMS ARE IN DANISH! Les Editions du Zaporogue are extremely proud to publish the provocating and mind-titillating poetry of Adam... More > Ægidius. As a true descendant of Rimbaud and the Surrealists, withe a zest of Dada and Bataille thrown in the middle, Adam Ægidius attacks the fundaments of conventinalized poetics with a sledge-hammer. Warning: this poetry is not for the feeble-hearted, nor for those who seek comfort in poetry...< Less
Riflessologia del Viso By Gabriella Cerato
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Dispensa di Riflessologia del Viso - livello introduttivo Tecniche di massaggio distensivo ed energetico. " the face comes from the heart " Il viso riflette ciò che la persona sente,... More > prova, tutte le emozioni : paura, insicurezza, gioia, timore, amore, felicità; le emozioni che cambiano il nostro volto.< Less
Chimi Pou Timoun By Darius Wynn
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Dedikasyon To my children Josiah Alan and Nasir Mwalimu My sons, in such a short time you two have taught me so much so I am eternally indebted . My heart beats and my soul lives for you. Let my... More > works be an inspiration to you and your families. Align yourselves in the name of the Lord our God, and let no one come between the bond that is ours.< Less

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