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Te amo By Marie-Ange Somdah
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This collection of poems by Marie-Ange Somdah is another exploration of the heart and its journey full of dazzling dreams and desires. The state of longing set in motion by the nirvana of deep inner... More > fire, the mysteries and pains ingrained in the beauty of love are unique experiences. Sometimes, the quest is painful as hell, yet sizzling and magnificent as the desire goes deeper.< Less
Konetz ili novoye nachalo By Natalya Che
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Наталья Че Конец или новое... More > начало «I m out of my head Of my heart, and my mind Cause you can run But you can t hide I m gonna make you mine…» «The wolf» Siames.< Less
Torah Gematria of the Set-Apart Spirit: L-Surat Baqarah "Moshe, The Prophets, And Yeshuwi The Messiah" By John Martin
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Torah Gematria of the Set-Apart Spirit is the way of inquiry by the Letters of Ahayeh to reveal the Set-Apart Witnesses of the Infinite Mind of Allah, the hidden knowledge of the Set-Apart Spirit... More > which is the Living Water nourishing the conscience of the righteous who walk by faith and walk not by the stony heart of the traditions of Adam in dead dogma.< Less
Gandy and the Fiddler (French) By Austin Mardon
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My name is Gandalf, but you can call me Gandy. My best friend Barney and I are quite the adventurers. Our adventure this time around focused on music, heritage, great food, and keeping those you love... More > alive in your heart. I wonder what will await us next!< Less
Een zuiver hart By William Booth
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Dit boekje is een vertaling van ‘Purity of heart’. Dit is een boek met 10 brieven van William Booth gericht aan zijn soldaten om ze aan te sporen om een zuiver hart te krijgen en te... More > houden. Geschreven rond 1902.< Less
Pensamientos en las Tinieblas /// Thoughts from a Bottomless Pit By Eduardo Luis Sandoval Flores
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Es simplemente pensamientos, que se convirtienron en mucho mas. Se convirtio en POESIA de mi alma y corazón It's simply thoughts that became a lot more than just scribbled down notes. It... More > became POETRY from my heart and soul.< Less
Over the Edge By Alexander Spevakovskiy
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Yugoslavian engineer Djuranovich intends to disclose compromising secrets regarding a large government military contract. The company's security service has been given the order to do whatever is... More > necessary to prevent this occurrence, including his neutralization. However, Djuranovich manages to escape the USA on a plane flying to Africa. The plane does not reach its destination, however, being shot down by Angolan separatists. In order to find Djuranovich in the heart of the West African jungles, the company's security service hires former "soldier of fortune" Stan Capenda - along with his mercenary compatriots. Unbeknownst to Capenda, criminal elements have infiltrated his crew. Said infiltrators are in the company's pay, and the plan is to find and kill Djuranovich at any cost.The deadly fight between Capenda's mercenaries and their criminal counterparts escalates so fast, and in such an unexpected manner, so as to leave no lover of this literary genre indifferent at heart.< Less
Легенда (Legend) By Aleksander Lobanov
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This book is in Rissian! This is a stylized "old" legend in poetry, which takes you a few Centuries back to somewhere along Black Sea shore. Young man makes a deal with Devil to save his... More > beloved wife from a deathly desease and to be able to have children. Shortly the spouses get two twin boys, but Devil comes back to collect the debt and takes mind away from one boy, and heart from the other. Two brothers grew up, and one becomes exceptionally intelligent, but cruel, the other - very kind, but not very smart. The intrigue gets hot when there is a beautiful girl and the inheritage getting in-between the boys. Will the brothers find a good way to deal with it or not? What is more important Mind or Heart and can you live without one of them? One word - is it a lot or not? These and other questions the Author invites you to think about. Enjoy!!!< Less
Kokoro By Soseki Natsume
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From Wikipedia: Kokoro (こゝろ or こころ) is a novel by the Japanese author Natsume Sōseki. It was first published in 1914 in serial form in the Japanese... More > newspaper Asahi Shinbun. While the title literally means "heart", the word contains shades of meaning, and can be translated as "the heart of things" or "feeling". The work deals with the transition from the Japanese Meiji society to the modern era, by exploring the friendship between a young man and an older man he calls "Sensei" (or teacher). It continues the theme of isolation developed in Soseki's immediately preceding works, here in the context of interwoven strands of egoism and guilt, as opposed to shame. Other important themes in the novel include the changing times (particularly the modernization of Japan in the Meiji era), the changing roles and ideals of women, and intergenerational change in values, the role of family, the importance of the self versus the group, the cost of weakness, and identity.< Less
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Association "From Ischia The Art - DILA" GAME OF LOVE IN SERMONETA by ANGELA MARIA TIBERI Vice President of the Association New Cenacle of Poetry of Aprilia Translation of Liga Sarah... More > Lapinska Entering in the world of the writer Angela Maria Tiberi and how to desecrate a tabernacle and lay bare her thoughts, her heart, her soul. Her world is inner made of dreamed and realistic relationships where passion and love intertwine to sciorination a great connection from she is lived and then lost in the street we do not know how and why. Her prose and her poems gather in a whirlwind of expressive desires that can never be reached for a great, timeless but unambiguous love. That is to say that the world you, the writer, makes it turn around and sing the praises and desires for a man who certainly was his de facto, but now is far, distant also with the heart. A very special love situation.< Less

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