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HBSA Journal - Vol 3 No 5 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
eBook (PDF): $12.51
Vol 3 No 5 (November 2003) Contents: The Development of Rapid-Loading Devices for Revolvers (Part Two) by Gordon Bruce, European developments, Prideaux, Watson, Lindsay & Stanbridge, Wagner,... More > Pipan & Bangerter, Smith & Wesson, Garfield & Larson, Whiting, Hawley, Rast & Gasser, Neal, James, Wesson, Pomeroy, Garay Y Silva, Wilson, Nelson, Milmore, Wallace, Milano, Kempf, Pilaume, Kuprlyanov, Woodhead, Campbell / Captain JBL Noel by Edward Leslie, Noel's books & manuals: How to Shoot with a Revolver, The Automatic Pistol, pistol range construction, moving targets, circular bivouac tent / Training in the Revolver by Captain J Noel The Small Arms School, Cavalry Journal 1921, battle strategy< Less
HBSA Journal - Vol 3 No 6 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
eBook (PDF): $12.14
Vol 3 No 6 (2004) Contents: The Pistol of Baron d’Est by Jean-Pierre Bastié, John de Burgh Marquis of Clanricarde, fragmenting bullet / The Hall Breechloader; an early example of... More > Concurrent Product and Process Design by David Williams, Harpers Ferry Armory, John Hall, artefacts v written sources, design process for manufacture by machine / Le Système Transformé 1867, Dit ‘à Tabatière’ (The System Transformed 1867, called ‘Snuffbox’) by Guy and Leonard A-R-West with the assistance of Jean Mallet, Fusil d'Infanterie Transforme 1867, Cartouche 1867, handling and shooting, bayonet / William Ellis Metford by Dr C H Roads, introduction / Memoir of William Ellis Metford May, 1900, life, firearms design and development, Metford rifle / The Metford Letters 1882-3 / The Resurrection of an Old Gibbs-Farquharson Action by the makers George Gibbs, Limited, for their Canadian Representative by Jonathan Kirton, Ross telescopic rifle sight< Less
HBSA journal - Vol 2 No 6 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
eBook (PDF): $12.51
Vol 2 No 6 (May 1993) Contents: Maxim's pistols by Dr. GL Sturgess, Initial designs, British Patents 1885 & 1886, the .45" M.P. cartridge, later pistols Maxim & Silverman's 1896 patent,... More > surviving pistols / The mysterious JJ marks by Mr R Milner, JJ marks on English retailed Colt pistols and revolvers / R.K.Wilson and the Schoenberger-Laumann by Mr CL Bryant, Laumann's Mechanical Repeating Pistol, the arrival of true automaticity, Laumann's Self-loading Mechanism, The Laumann Self-loading Pistol, the Schoenberger-Laumann, Ammunition, a Rival Claim, Dimensions of Laumann & Schoenberger Pistols, A note on RK Wilson / The .455" Cartridge in British Service by C Valentine, First Article, from .450" up to .455" Mk 1 / Patents for Inventions, Class 119 (Small-Arms) 1855 - 1929 / Book Reviews, Markku Palokangas: Sotilaskasiaseet Soumessa 1918-88 by Arms Historic Society of Finland 1991, The Lee Enfield Number 1 Rifles and The Lee Enfield Number 4 Rifles (Excalibur Publications) by Petrillo / The Metford Letters 1878< Less
HBSA journal - Vol 3 No 1 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
eBook (PDF): $12.51
President's Address, Heritage Pistol scheme / Bavaria's Forgotten 'Lightning Rifle' Ruckladungsgewehr M/69 by Leonard & Guy AR West, Bavarian 11 mm rifle, Johann-Ludwig Werder, M/67 Werndl... More > cartridge, rifle & action described, accessories, bayonet, shooting / Revolver Practice with the Wax Bullet, Small Arms Committee 1921 / Metford Letters 1881-82 / Book Reviews: Swift and Long Branch Non-Firing Training Rifles of Great Britain and Canada by MacPherson, Carbines of the U.S. Cavalry 1861-1905 by McAulay, British Falling Block Breechloading Rifle from 1865 (2nd Ed) by Kirton, Bulgarian Military Cartridge Review 1876-Present by Munnery, Machine Guns of World War 1 by Bruce, Collector's Guide to Colt .45 Service Pistols Models of 1911&A1 (Rev.Ed.) by Clawson / Pollard Annotated by Edward Leslie, JOM Ashton annotated copy of Pollard's Automatic Pistols / The Mauser Model 1896 Pistol-Carbine by Alan Christmas, solid stocks, wood forend / HBSA 25th Anniversary Exhibition (1998) of Target Arms at North London RC< Less
HBSA journal - Vol 3 No 2 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
eBook (PDF): $12.51
President's Address, new quarterly "Report", Heritage Pistol sites, Ad Hoc Committee on Historic Arms, FESAC / The Comblain Rifle - an early Falling Block Breechloader (Part One) by... More > Jonathan Kirton, chronology, rifle bores cartridge chambers & cartridges, early beginnings, markings, production, Belgian Gards Civique M.1870 rifle, serial no.s, bayonet / The Metford Letters 1882 / Book Reviews: Fighting Submachine Gun, Machine Pistol, & Shotgun by Mullin, Non-Fiction Writer's Guide: writer's resource to firearms and ammunition by SAAMI, For Collectors Only: M1 Garand 1936-1957 by Poyer & Reisch, American Beauty: Prewar Colt National Match Government Model Pistol by Mullin / Gun Iron & Mild Steel by HJ Swinney, wrought iron, cast iron, blister steel, shear steel, crucible steel, Marshall iron, Bessemer, barrel rolls mill / Antique Firearms - Ammunition & the Law by Bill Harriman, opinion, Firearms Law - Guidance to the Police / The Gun & Rifle Ledgers of Edwinson C Green by Richard Milner, 1881-1947< Less
HBSA journal - Vol 2 No 8 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
eBook (PDF): $12.14
Royal Arsenal Woolwich by Wesley Harry, history, buildings, Royal Laboratory, Royal Brass Foundry, Great Storehouses, Mallet's Mortar, Chemical Laboratory, Shell Foundry, Royal Arsenal Railway,... More > Machinery, Departments / Obituary John Walgrave Halford Fremantle, Baron Cottesloe (1900-1994) by Dr Christopher Roads / Farquharson Extractor by Molly Milner, Farquharson Patent Breech-loading Action, letters to "The Field" 1873 / Book Reviews: 100 Greatest Combat Pistols by Mullin, Canadian Military Handguns 1855-1985 by Law, Military Bolt Action Rifles 1841-1918 by Webster, Remington-Lee Rifle by Myszkawski, The Number 5 Jungle Carbine by Petrillo, The 'Montenegrin' Revolver by McDowell / The Metford Letters 1879-80 / The Gabbett-Fairfax Mars Pistols by Dr GL Sturgess, Patents 1895-6, The First Mars Syndicate, Transitional Designs 1898, The Webley Collaboration, Model 1900 Mars Pistol, Model 1905 Mars Pistol, Military Trials, Gabbett-Fairfax and the Mars Auromatic Pistol Syndicate, Mars Ammunition, The Hamal Mystery< Less
HBSA journal - Vol 4 No 3 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
eBook (PDF): $12.49
Jägerbüchse M/65 - Prussian M.1865 needle-fire rifle by Guy & Leonard AR West, Prussian light infantry Jager troops, M.49 M.54 M.65, mechanism features accessories bayonet ammunition,... More > handling & firing / Making Cartridges for the Dreyse by David W Chappell, Leichte Perscussions Gewehr M.1841, Dreyse breech loading bolt action needle rifle, paper cartridge tubes, sabot bullet primer blackpowder / Development of British Signal Pistols 1882-1919 by Molly Milner, naval trials, flare colours, colour codes, visibility, Webley pistols No.1 Mk 1 & No.2 Mk 1 / Match Rifle Experimental Committee 1919-1933 by Mr Cecil Mack Mick Kelly & Ian Patrick, .303" Magnum, streamline & Bisley bullets, Bisley trials / Turbiaux’s Protector Pistol by Jean-Pierre Bastié, 6mm & 8mm CF palm pistol, patent 1883, self-protection / Winchester Firearms Exports to France in World War I by Michael F. Carrick, M.1894 30-30 carbines, M.1907 & M.1910 / Active Service Revolver Training by Captain Percy Vollmer (1918) by David Penn, moving targets< Less
HBSA journal - Vol 2 No 5 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
eBook (PDF): $12.14
Vol 2 No 5 (May 1992) Contents: The Sharps in England 1853-1881 by De Witt Bailey PhD, Part 1 Percussion rifles, Sub-Committee on Smallarms 1854, School of Musketry Hythe 1855, Sharps Breechloading... More > Carbine, testing and accuracy, Ordnance Select Committee / Borchardt'sche Selbstlade Pistole by Dr GL Sturgess, Early history, Loewe & Luger, DWM, The Borchardt C93 Pistol, prototypes, Loewe production, DWM production, Military Trials, Borchardt Ammunition, Patents / The Metford Letters 1878< Less
HBSA journal - Vol 2 No 7 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
eBook (PDF): $12.14
Vol 2 No 7 (May 1994) Contents: The BSA Pistols by Dr GL Sturgess, least successful BSA project, .45 ACP .34 Belted .32 ACP pistols, BSA Pistol Ammunition, Conclusion / Book Reviews: Military... More > Handguns of France 1858-1958 by Medlin & Huon, The Owen Gun by Wardman / The Sharps in England 1853-1896 by DW Bailey PhD, Part II: The Metallic Cartridge Period, Tipping & Lawden's (and Webley's) Licensed Copies 1860-1879, The New Model 1866, The 1867 Ordnance Select Committee Trials, Design Developments 1868-1877, Sir Henry Halford and His Sharps, Model 1878 or Sharps-Borchardt, The Webley Connection, The Sharps Shotgun, The English Catalogue, Frank Hyde, Conclusion / The Vernier/Ventometer Sight Gauges by Major George Geear, Manufacturer's Instructions on How to Use the Vernier 1889, Parker's New Vernier and Wind Gauge / The Metford Letters 1878< Less
HBSA journal - Vol 4 No 5 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
eBook (PDF): $12.49
Repetiergewehr Schmidt-Rubin System Modell 1889 by Guy and Leonard A-R-West, Schmidt 1832-1898, Rubin 1846-1920, smokeless powder, M.1889 M.1889/96, manufacture mechanism markings accessories... More > bayonet, handling and firing, 7.5mm ammunition / The Schönberger Pistol. The Delayed Blowback of Josef Laumann - Revisited by Clifford Bryant, Laumann's self-loading pistol patents, specifications functioning & nature of mechanism / Machine Guns before Maxim by Peter Smithurst, volley gun, mitrailleuse, mechanical repeater, Gatling, Hotchkiss, Gardner, / Forward to The von Oppen Letters by Richard Milner, Tony Taylerson archives, Colt's Pall Mall London Agency letters 1859 / The von Oppen Letters, Baron F von Oppen, Frederick Von Oppen, 1854-59 to Col.Sam.Colt Hartford Connecticut USA< Less

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