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The Hermit By Jeffrey Paul Howard
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What if you could find out information on who you were in your last/previous life? In his debut short story, author Jeffrey Paul Howard writes of how he discovered just such a means to do so, and... More > how he came to learn of his previous self, a man only to be known as, The Hermit. Follow along on both The Hermit’s, and author's, journey, as he shares right along with the reader, how it is he came to be knowledgeable of his prior self, and the story of his oft heartbreaking past life. From his early days as an orphan in New York City, The Hermit’s odyssey of struggles to get by and survive, usually by any means possible, even adapting his appearance in order to do so, leading to a life of isolation, interspersed by recurring brushes with the law, and loves found, how did his life end up? What remnants of his life still exists with the author now? What lessons are to be taken away from, and applied to the author’s current life today? From the life he once lived, the man he once was, The Hermit.< Less
Hermit crabs By John Smith
eBook (PDF): $7.99
-Learning About Your Hermit Crab -The Hermit Crab: The Ultimate Pet -Home Sweet Home: His Cage -The Healthy Hermit Crab Diet -All in the Family: Bringing Your Hermit Crabs Home -Hermit Crab... More > Behavior -The Health of Your Hermit Crab -Breeding Your Hermit Crabs< Less
The Hermit and the Hound By Benjamin Pass
Paperback: $16.96
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Who is the Hermit? He is rarely seen in public, and none know where he came from. He is a man shrouded in mystery whose only companion is a hound named Bo. Meanwhile, a man clothed in pure radiance,... More > the ruler of the entire land of Jirtenyo, rides throughout the countryside seeking this same Hermit. Why is such an enigma desired by the Prince of the Air? And why is the Hermit doing so much to hide from the world around him? Explore the land of Jirtenyo and discover the journey of a lifetime. Enter the world of the Hermit and the Hound.< Less
Hermits Revenge By Nathanael Reed
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When Calvin McBride travels north to help his aunt run a resort, little does he suspect the adventures that await him. On an excursion down the Blanche River with Willis Hamilton, Joel's Ojibwa... More > friend, the boys notice signs of human activity at the long-abandoned Baldwin Mine. Shubel Chase, an old hermit, living nearby, tells the boys he believes someone is dumping chemicals into the Baldwin mine. Later that night Shubel Chase interrupts prowlers at the Mine and is knocked unconscious. The boys soon discover the seriously injured hermit and rush him to the hospital. In the meantime Calvin's aunt is becoming increasingly discouraged by these events, and considers selling the resort. Adventure and misfortune continue to follow the boys when they are almost killed by a deliberately-set forest fire. It turns out that the key to this mystery lies with the old hermit, and the boys realize that it's only through what this man reveals that they are able to unravel the mystery.< Less
A Hermit's Grove By Christina Dansby
Paperback: $15.70
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A short book of selected poems
Hermit The Crab By Kathryn Al Aswad
Paperback: $13.60
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Hermit the Crab is on a journey to find a new home but before he can begin his friend the Sea advises him to search for what he is 'very good' at doing. Along the way he meets a whale, a turtle and... More > a stingray who help him figure it out. This interactive book allows children to be apart of the story and brings an awareness through the message that true happiness lies in finding ourselves.< Less
The Associate Hermits By Frank Richard Stockton
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Arthur Burdett Frost (January 17, 1851 – June 22, 1928),... More > was an American illustrator, graphic artist and comics writer. He was also well known as a painter. Frost's work is well known for its dynamic representation of motion and sequence. Frost is considered one of the great illustrators in the "Golden Age of American Illustration". Frost illustrated over 90 books and produced hundreds of paintings; in addition to his work in illustrations, he is renowned for realistic hunting and shooting prints.Frost was born on January 17, 1851, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the eldest of ten children; his father was a literature professor. Excerpt from:< Less
Hermit and Fly By Tracy Douglas Neil & Gio Bodhi
Hardcover: $29.99
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A hermit does not need any friends. But what happens when an annoying fly disturbs DoDo the hermit’s peace? Will they become enemies or... ... friends ... ...
The Village and the Hermit By Patty Wallis
Paperback: $8.97
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A young sister and brother in the 1830's went up to a remote mountain lake to ice skate, never imagining the turn their lives would take from their misadventure. Luther, Katrina and their village... More > were forever changed by the hermit that the children encountered.< Less
Hermit's Weblog By Joel Wendt
Paperback: $8.60
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a collection of blog entries, mostly concerning politics and social life, written from the summer 2002 to the summer 2008. This written blog has now become a video blog on YouTube.

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