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Athens: The Hidden Gems By Helen Partovi-Fraser
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A travel memoir that takes you straight to the heart of Athens. In this new book, the author returns to the post-Olympics capital and unveils the fabled city as it really is. Taking the reader... More > behind the scenes, she muses on Athens' turbulent history and legends of the past. We explore: - The ancient city - Byzantine Athens and its glittering gems - Local traditions and the old Turkish quarter - Street markets and live Zorba's dance - The modern boulevards Fascinated by a city, created 2500 years ago to last for eternity, the author captures the soul of Athens and its charismatic people. With a seductive mix of Antiquity and the East, still present in modern, everyday life, the book evokes a transformed capital, throbbing with atmosphere.< Less
Hidden North Norfolk By Mark Igoe
Paperback: $10.07
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Around North Norfolk looking at the unexpected side of this famous area; its less known monuments, its intriguing churches, its pubs and poets, its history and hammer beams, its fonts and folklore,... More > pulpits and priories, famous phantoms, archaeology and more pubs, and linking to over 150 interesting websites. Developed from Hint of Secrecy, of which Simon Knott of the Norfolk Church Site wrote: This wholly excellent book is an account of a journey around north Norfolk by bicycle. As all civilised cyclists should, the journey stops regularly to take in the medieval churches and village pubs, and to stand and ponder the events of the past. Mark Igoe's writing is vivid and engaging, and I can think of no better way to enjoy a virtual tour of God's Own County than in his affable and intelligent company< Less
Hidden In Plain Sight By Blair Hawkins
Paperback: $9.99
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After the riot at Lee Park on August 12, 2017, President Donald J. Trump said he wanted to study Charlottesville's history to find out what happened. Mr. President: This book is your study... More > manual. Chapter 1 is my citizen's report to the President. Countdown to the first anniversary. What events lead up to the riot? In the short-term and the long-term. The book is a resource for local history. Chronicles the events leading up to August 12. Summarizes the historical milestones that create the Charlottesville we know today.< Less
Dillinger, The Hidden Truth - RELOADED By Tony Stewart
Paperback: $28.40
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He outsmarted every lawman in the country and became the most celebrated bank robber and master escape artist of all time. He was a man of cleverness and originality. During his career, he... More > participated in three gangs and was involved in a string of bank robberies across the country. He successfully escaped several police and FBI traps, broke out of two jails, raided three police stations and helped to mastermind the biggest escape ever from the Indiana State Prison at Michigan City.< Less
The Hidden Root Causes of the Holocaust By Colonel John T. Somerville USMC (Ret.)
Paperback: $14.99
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Today, many churches are silent when Israel and the Jews are attacked vocally or physically. Many congregations don’t know a thing about Israel being related to God’s Word. That is how... More > pernicious Replacement Theology has been and what it has become. This book clarifies how Replacement Theology, Anti-Semitism, and the Holocaust are horribly and intricately linked to each other. We must realize that the demonic forces which caused the Holocaust are still alive and at work. Are we going to learn and address the hard lessons of the past? Will the church remain silent and cowardly again? In order not to be impacted and overwhelmed by Replacement Theology, we must understand where it came from, recognize its disguises and take a vocal, personal and unwavering stand against it.< Less
Hidden Secrets of "Many, But One" By Donald Ryles Ph.D
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( Non-Fiction) After a lifetime of unusual, inexplicable and often terrifying supernatural contacts, a book was spiritually sent to serve as a guide to a better life for us all. It revealed its... More > true purpose and importance when the author was spiritually guided to discover that seventeen warnings, messages, and connections to 9-11, the war that followed, and events beyond that— connections to the very flight numbers of the planes used in the attacks, and a vivid description of the feelings of the world on 9-11-2001—were numerologically encoded in its pages. That book is Many, But One and is/was FULLY COPYRIGHTED FOUR YEARS BEFORE THE EVENTS!!! A journey through the author’s often terror-filled early years spent in a haunted house, through many unexplained paranormal events and a touching and inspiring story of life after death, to the transmission of Many, But One with its seventeen findings and much more. Author website at .< Less
The Hidden Universe of Cyclone By Carter Preece
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A young astronaut and his crew embark on a treacherous rescue mission to Pluto. Set off course by the dangers of space, they find themselves stranded in a distant universe. From deciphering... More > secrets to fighting deadly monsters, the crew stumbles into discoveries and dangers that will change the history of space exploration and possibly keep them from ever going home.< Less
The Hidden Treasures of Arizona By Jesse Horn
Paperback: $14.03
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One of the most fascinating parts of the history of our American south west is the countless tales of lost and buried treasure. This is a rich part of Arizona’s history and in this first... More > collection from the Mogollon Connection Series The Hidden Treasures of Arizona we explore the legends and myths of bandits, betrayal, and the search to fulfill the dream of riches. From the Fabled Adams Diggings, and the Lost Dutchman Mine, to obscure tales of a lost and magical golden bell hidden deep in the Arizona desert, the Hidden Treasures of Arizona is filled with adventure, revenge and cautionary tales of what becomes those who succumb to the lust of gold.< Less
The Hidden Secret Of Shelbyville By D I DRABBLE
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A town located inside a thousand acre forest, protected by a barrier but why would the town need protecting. A Mayor who forbids his towns people to enter the forest and denies his only daughter's... More > love. Delve deep into this seemingly picture perfect town, to discover its turbulent history and uncover its hidden secret.< Less
2000 Questions for Grandparents: Unlocking Your Family's Hidden History By Josiah Schmidt
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Unlocking your family's hidden history has never been easier, with this ultimate guide to family history interviews. This book will teach you how to prepare for, conduct, and learn from interviews... More > with family members. Includes 2000 useful, creative questions to get your relatives' fascinating memories and thoughts flowing on such topics as: childhood life; previous generations; world events; outlook on life; love, marriage, and family; career and hobbies; spirituality and politics; likes and dislikes; travels and migrations; military service; and more!< Less

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