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A story about the roads we take in life.
The Highway By David Morgan
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Imagine a highway, with millions of lanes. For each lane, there is a YOU.
The Highway By C.J. Stratton
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The Highway is a compendium of short stories and flash fiction written over the course of several years. With styles ranging from first and third-person narratives to flow-of-thought and diary-type... More > entries; and subject matter ranging from crime drama to abstract this book has something for everyone.< Less
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This is my project of the truck 60712 on the highway. An everyday life of a trucker. What they see and what they do. The life of a trucker and the truck is amazing to experience. Sitting front row to... More > all that is thrown at you was an experience on it's on. So a different life and culture is built within these truckers and trucks. A family is created and a bond is formed! Supplying all that we need. I to have been on the highway wanting to cut truckers off for being to slow and always wondered as a passed them by what it must be like in that trailer, and that's exactly what I intended to do. So with the support of local trucker, Anthony Bryant, I was able to have first hand experience of what is to be on the highway as a trucker. I tell you once you've actually ride with them you see there is a lot more to it. The technology and daily routine one must do before even leaving the work site, than to pick up a trailer and ship it off. You wouldn't even believe!< Less
Highway By Krystina Sorwell
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Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) for Highway Bridge Substructures By Federal Highway Administration
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For many years, engineers have designed foundations, walls and culverts for highway and other applications using allowable stress design (ASD) methods. In ASD, all uncertainty in loads and material... More > resistance is combined in a factor of safety or allowable stress. For most highway design, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges represents the primary source document for ASD of substructures. In 1994, AASHTO approved Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) in the LRFD Highway Bridge Design Specifications. In LRFD, the uncertainty in load is represented by a load factor and the uncertainty in material resistance is represented by a resistance factor. Due to the fundamental differences between the substructure design process by ASD and LRFD, this course has been developed to present the fundamentals of LRFD for the geotechnical design of highway bridge substructures.< Less
Geotechnical Engineering Circular No. 6: Shallow Foundations By Federal Highway Administration
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This document is the sixth in a series of Geotechnical Engineering Circulars (GEC) developed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). This Circular focuses on the design, procurement and... More > construction of shallow foundations for highway structures. The intended users are practicing geotechnical, foundation and structural engineers involved with the design and construction of transportation facilities.< Less
Shallow Foundations By Federal Highway Administration
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This book is the Federal Highway Administration’s primary reference of recommended design and procurement procedures for shallow foundations. It presents state-of-the-practice guidance on the... More > design of shallow foundation support of highway bridges. The information is intended to be practical in nature, and to especially encourage the cost-effective use of shallow foundations bearing on structural fills. To the greatest extent possible, the document coalesces the research, development and application of shallow foundation support for transportation structures over the last several decades. Detailed design examples are provided for shallow foundations in several bridge support applications according to both Service Load Design and Load and Resistance Factor Design methodologies. Guidance is also provided for shallow foundation applications for minor structures and buildings associated with transportation projects.< Less
Hydraulic Design of Energy Dissipators for Culverts and Channels - Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 14 (Third Edition) By Federal Highway Administration
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Under many circumstances, discharges from culverts and channels may cause erosion problems. To mitigate this erosion, discharge energy can be dissipated prior to release downstream. The purpose of... More > this circular is to provide design procedures for energy dissipator designs for highway applications. The first six chapters of this circular provide general information that is used to support the remaining design chapters. Chapter 1 (this chapter) discusses the overall analysis framework that is recommended and provides a matrix of available dissipators and their constraints. Chapter 2 provides an overview of erosion hazards that exist at both inlets and outlets. Chapter 3 provides a more precise approach for analyzing outlet velocity than is found in HDS 5. Chapter 4 provides procedures for calculating the depth and velocity through transitions. Chapter 5 provides design procedures for calculating the size of scour holes at culvert outlets. Chapter 6 provides an overview of hydraulic jumps...< Less
Urban Drainage Design Manual - Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 22 - Third Edition By Federal Highway Administration
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This circular provides a comprehensive and practical guide for the design of storm drainage systems associated with transportation facilities. Design guidance is provided for the design of storm... More > drainage systems which collect, convey, and discharge stormwater flowing within and along the highway right-of-way. Methods and procedures are given for the hydraulic design of storm drainage systems. Design methods are presented for evaluating rainfall and runoff magnitude, pavement drainage, gutter flow, inlet design, median and roadside ditch flow, structure design, and storm drain piping. Procedures for the design of detention facilities are also presented, along with an overview of storm water pumping stations and urban water quality practices. This edition presents a major change in the methodology discussed in Chapter 5 for designing channels and in Chapter 7 for calculating energy losses in storm drain access holes.< Less

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