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The Mornings After By Ali L. Hall
Hardcover: $17.68
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In my mind, pregnancy would be a time of reading The New Yorker aloud to my baby in utero, Bach streaming gently in through a pair of Bose headphones laid tenderly over my belly, as a doting husband... More > shopped at Dean & DeLuca’s to satisfy my every craving. Instead, I endured pregnancy with psychotherapy, Reiki, and hikes with my dog Buddy. My pregnancy came on the heels of a short marriage and a quick divorce while I was living in Salt Lake City, Utah. The father of the baby wanted nothing to do with it, proclaiming that he was done with the “World Series of Pain,” his name for our relationship. The Mornings After is an account of my nine-month journey during which I prepared emotionally for motherhood, faced the mistakes of my past, and lived a life in stark contrast to that of my conservative, religious neighbors. My family and friends were thousands of miles away, but their love and support never wavered. This is how it felt to bring someone new into the world, and how it changed my life.< Less
Luckier Than Most By Harry D. White
Hardcover: $29.95
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This is Harry's story who was raised during the Great Depression and spent his childhood struggling and sacrificing. Uprooted 19 times by the age of 16, Harry spent his childhood on freight trains... More > and hitch-hiking around the country, being sent out to beg for food to feed his family, working the fields of California and living out in the open under an old oak tree. His determination to distance himself from an unhappy childhood led him to a life in the Army and into two war zones (World War II and the Korean Conflict). His decades-long career in bomb disposal and the U.S. Army Infantry exposed Harry to more danger than one can imagine. But when it mattered most, good training, luck and God always seemed to be on his side. Through it all, Harry held on to his steadfast belief that life is what you make it, determined to find happiness and by golly, he did! Reading Harry’s story - which in many ways is his generation’s story - you’ll realize why Tom Brokaw called this “The Greatest Generation.”< Less
Thriving & Surviving in San DIego By Gianna Butterfield et al.
Paperback: $12.00
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This book is the result of our inquiries regarding dichotomies in San Diego. The 7th graders at High Tech Middle Media Arts set out to hike all the way from Border Field State Park to Cabrillo... More > National Monument-23 miles! On the journey, we observed and inspected our personal dichotomies by finding images that showed them in our city. In the beginning of the project, we were stuck on dichotomies that were a little more shallow like Water vs. Land and Mountains vs. Beach, but upon deeper investigation we were able take our learning to the next step. We began to notice things that weren’t as obvious, but were more interesting and figurative like Freedom vs. Entrapment, Peace vs. Chaos, and our group’s collective dichotomy-Wealth vs. Poverty. Through this project, we came to find that Thriving and Surviving is one large difference that is very prominent in San Diego. Inside this book, you will not only see our journey through San Diego, but our journey of learning and growth.< Less
How Online Quiz Maker Can Make Your Coaching Business Successful? By saket singh
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Long gone are those days when coaching institutes were limited in number and attracted sole dependency of students upon them. These day coaching centers have drastically increased in number, making... More > this business a “not so lucrative” deal anymore, the only way to excel is by making your approach technologically forward. The thought of making your coaching center stand out from that of others can take you a long way into earning profit out of it. Online Quiz Maker is one such tool that can give you a lot of scope to transform your regular classes into an automate wonder. Attracting students through technologically backed learning and teaching techniques is a sure way of giving hike to your coaching business. Through this informative guide, you can get a detailed idea of how Online Quiz makers are your one shot scope to success. To get a secure Online Quiz maker software, visit -< Less
From Everton Vale to Rivington Pike By Edith Amy Pierce
Paperback: $17.45
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Most people in their late 80’s settle for an easy life. Not so Edith Amy Pierce! Something of a rapscallion in her youth, she lived through the horrors of the Second World War in Liverpool. She... More > had to wave goodbye to her husband Harold, only four days after their marriage, and had to wait nearly four years before seeing him again. Read the fascinating story in her autobiography, From Everton Vale to Rivington Pike. After Harold’s death in 1981, she moved nearer to one of her three daughters, in Horwich near Bolton, just a short walk from Rivington Pike. She immersed herself in voluntary work in order to overcome her grief, and has continued to find many ways over the years ever since to make other people’s lives more comfortable. Later she married again, and enjoyed 10 years of life with John, experiencing a host of adventures and scrapes on their long hikes through the Lancashire countryside. Now, approaching her 90th birthday, she is celebrating life with this highly readable autobiography.< Less
Kauai Rare Moments By Scott Hanft
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Kauai Rare Moments is a collection of fine art photography shot by award winning photographer Scott Hanft. Scott has lived on Kauai for 20 years and has put together and amazing collection of rare... More > moments. After graduating from California Institute of the Arts with a degree in fine art photography, he moved to Kauai with a method and formula to work on a body of work. The ocean and Kauai itself is full of drama which provides endless inspiration. There is never a shortage of beauty on Kauai but to make great shots there must be several elements coming together. Scott has captured the true essence of Kauai and also the surreal that can happen regularly on Kauai. He has used the medium of film and lately digital photography to portray the many moods of the island life and create some unique views of the island. Scott shoots from boats, helicopters, ultralights, and Cessna airplanes and also hikes all over the island. Underwater and in the waves is also a huge part of his work.< Less
Anything But Average, an Autobiography By David Boyce
Paperback: List Price: $17.95 $12.57 | You Save: 30%
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David was always meant to explore the back roads of the American southwest. For him, the more remote, the better; and the more beautiful, the more intellectually enticing. He always wanted to see... More > for himself what those empty places on the map actually looked like. As a teenager, he hiked across Yosemite, harvested crops up the coast, and climbed major peaks in three states. As a Navajo speaker, he spent many years on the Indian Reservation, as a missionary and as a trader. Back in Utah, he began studying the geology of the Colorado Plateau. He has worked many jobs, including small business owner, miner, prospector, and assayer. But the job of geologist/tour guide for the local university was meant for him. A visitor on one of his tours described him as “…an inspiring example of a person following his interests until he found his calling.” True, David feels that sharing the southwest is his destiny. If he could live anywhere he wanted, he would choose southern Utah.< Less
Fighting the odds By Therese Leignel
Paperback: $10.22
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All proceeds will go to Cancer Research “Thérèse Leignel hitch-hiked her way to London to escape the taboos and oppressions of mid-1970’s France but, in August 2008, her... More > world falls apart when she is diagnosed with a one-in-a-million form of cancer. While convinced she will pull through, she tells her life story through flashbacks and we are overwhelmed with admiration to see her turn this and other setbacks into comebacks. She inspires the reader and tells us to find our strength by searching within to seek “where we turn our tragedies into hopes and the spirit of life heightens the magic in us, to keep on fighting for those hopes to be fulfilled as we carry out our journey” In a world so full of confusion she concludes “In life, we do not possess anything except our story” and her undying joie de vivre comes to life throughout the pages of her first novella.” Catherine Beaufort< Less
Soldier's Reunion By Mary Stamper
Hardcover: $32.49
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Violently beaten raped at 9 watched him beat rape & kill my 2 best friends Left home soon because abusive parents not believing me about incest from uncles cousins watching my older brothers... More > brutally rape my little sister rape by an uncle resulted in a baby my parents took putting me back on highways Pentecost oneness preacher went into New Mexico court house to blow his brains out-my dad many members of my family died horrific deaths eg sister dismembered Years hitch-hiking across states attacks rapes with knives or guns Years sleeping in snow on concrete alleys riding with biker gangs across the states ending when one biker gang took my baby told me they would kill me if I come around Again & again violently beaten raped in knee deep snow running from one man all day and night Baby was born with double pnuemonia broken collar bone they thought I did this It belonged to a member (Albino) Married a war hero with prostetic arm heroes beat abuse women too prostetic arms hurt Violent rapes before & after< Less

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