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The Thigpen Indian Tribe Family History By Lanette Hill
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Fitzpen/Phippen/Thigpen families of England, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. This genealogical book is filled with lots of information about a family of adventure, hopes and dreams. Lots of... More > Facts and proven data. Researching and typing and recording the data into a Database; then converting the data into book format using the software this author has a book filled with lots of data and family lines. This author takes the line down in Florida area. Check to see if your line might be connected to these Thigpen family members.< Less
The Napoleon of Notting Hill By GK Chesterton
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The dreary succession of randomly selected Kings of England is broken up when Auberon Quin, who cares for nothing but a good joke, is chosen. To amuse himself, he institutes elaborate costumes for... More > the provosts of the districts of London. All are bored by the King's antics except for one earnest young man who takes the cry for regional pride seriously – Adam Wayne, the eponymous Napoleon of Notting Hill. While the novel is humorous (one instance has the King sitting on top of an omnibus and speaking to it as to a horse: "Forward, my beauty, my Arab," he said, patting the omnibus encouragingly, "fleetest of all thy bounding tribe"), it is also an adventure story: Chesterton is not afraid to let blood be drawn in his battles, fought with sword and halberd in the London streets, and Wayne thinks up a few ingenious strategies; and, finally, the novel is philosophical, considering the value of one man's actions and the virtue of respect for one's enemies. Illustrated.< Less
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This book was originally published in 1902 by William Griggs. Mr. Griggs was a missionary in Burma with the American Baptist Mission headquartered in Rangoon. Mr. Griggs has the distinction of being... More > one of the first westerners to ever travel into what is now North Shan State, where he was instrumental in planting churches among the hill tribe people. Here Mr. Griggs learned to love the Shan people, among other hill tribe groups in the area. He learned the Shan language, and translated these stories to capture an understanding of the heart of the people.< Less
History of Company E-Sixth Minnesota Regiment By Alfred J. Hill
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This book relates the history of one of the volunteer regiments in Minnesota. It contains the complete list of the regiment and their rank. It also contains personal accounts of their battles with... More > the Sioux tribes, etc.< Less
Bamboo Leaves Hardback By Brian Taylor
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Bamboo Leaves By Brian Taylor
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Disabled beggars with plastic begging cups; Ferraris, a snow white Bugatti Veyron and a swimming pool filled with ice for New Year's Day; westernised nose jobs, lady boys and budget sex changes;... More > Ghosts and Spirit Doctors; mediums offering lunch to the spirits that possess them; body snatchers lurking below motorway bridges; menus offering one-day dry pig and son-in-law's testicles. Temples thundering out their message that all this is impermanent, not-self and suffering. (248 pages)< Less
The Kachin: Lords of Burma's Northern Frontier By Bertil Lintner
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Remarkable for their military prowess, their receptivity to Christianity, and their intricate all-embracing kinship network, the Kachins are a hardy mountain people living in the remote hills of... More > northern Burma (Myanmar), and on the peripheries of China and India. During the Second World War they strongly sided with the Allies in defending Burma against the Japanese, earning themselves sobriquets such as “amiable assassins” and “Gurkhas of Southeast Asia”. After Burma’s independence in 1948, the Kachins were given their own state, but in the early 1960s they went to war again, this time fighting for autonomy for their homeland. For half a century, funded largely by the world-renowned jade trade they control, they maintained their armed insurgency, playing a key role in Burma’s internecine struggles. In 1994 the Kachins and the Burmese government signed a cease-fire agreement. However, in June 2011 government forces broke the truce and war flared anew in the Kachin hills.< Less
The New Testament and Psalms in Shan By Editor J. Scott Husted
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The New Testament and Psalms in the Shan language. The Shans are a hill tribe people of North Shan State, Myanmar. As such they represent one of the unreached peoples of the world. This New Testament... More > has been printed in the Shan language to bring the light of salvation to the uttermost parts of the world.< Less
Vintage Indochina - PDF postcard and photo album / slideshow By FishesEye Publishing
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Anthology of over 100 old photos and postcards of the former French Far Eastern colonies of Cambodia, Vietnam, Tonkin, Cochin China, Annam and Laos. Daily life - trade, dancers, Hill tribes including... More > the fierce Mois. Major cities such as Hanoi, Saigon and Phnom Penh, plus historic monuments including Angkor Wat. A digital scrapbook album in PDF format, with optional rolling slideshow functions. Nostalgic, entertaining and educational. A snapshot of traditional oriental lifestyles, for anyone interested in Asian history. Also includes tasters from some of our other Vintage Travel Photo titles. ** New 2008 edition revised and improved with dozens more fascinating images! **< Less
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A yearly publication by photographer Michael Beck featuring stories and interviews. In this issue: I Am Fisherman (A Photo essay about a small fishing village in Kep, Cambodia) ///Britney Weinstein... More > (A Taxidermist)///Tattooing Monks (Thailand)///Sydney Costley///Tracy Bryant///Kym Ellery///Alex Knost///Sam The Virgo///A Cambodian Morning///Margeaux Hamrock///Let Them Grow, (A photo essay on a small hill-tribe village in northern Thailand)///Happy Harrigan///Lime Cordiale.< Less