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A HOLE IN ONE By B. J. Palmer
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The purpose of this talk on A Hole In One (hio) is to educate the patient about what Chiropractic is, what it is not; what it does, what it does not do and how it does it, so that patients may... More > intelligently ascertain a competent chiropractor by what equipment he may have in his office and how he talks and with what he ascertains the subluxation and adjusts it. It is the patient's right to insist upon Chiropractic and nothing more-if he desires to get well. -B.J PALMER< Less
Speculative Risk By Catherine Carson
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The attraction she has had for some time is once more felt by Doctor Francesca Baldini as she dances with Grant Marsh at her brothers wedding. Wagering with friends that it will annoy her father he... More > asks Francesca to dance. Before the evening is over he regrets hios actions. The mutual attraction grows until Francesca discovers Grant's wager.< Less
Ashley By Roy Chisnell
Hardcover: $22.99
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Ashleys birthday. She is finally 26 years old and is off of her parents insurance. Welcome to reality young lady. This is a cold and harsh world and you are in for a... More > surprise. fsanks;io;nvjidfouisofudiosa;ujiof;dujinsoa;dfiosa;jidfo;jaiofujdisoa;jhfido;jsdioa;jifoa;jiof;jianojiiiiiisdfaiojnfodiandasko;hivohuwqio;hweio;hajiof;hdiksoa;fhioeda9o;hegifoeabghiodb;aioq;betioe;whqvioethieow;biowqhievhrfeklahje;wIVO;VHJEvo;hjfkl;biovewuio;h8qrgvui8eiahwfiBOEawroqv;ab;dvncio;njasdg ocunJ'BODPSJOAIN JojdfvbjsfnioAOB;VUSO;S FAOAHBHEDIO;AHIO;T8IEWO;HERTIOA;WHQV8WER9TWRIO;HIT;HEIAO;HFSDVKS;AFHFK;Hio;hfjedioHKJEVFHDIs;yidoehjklhdfs;siao;hjkads;hikl;fhjkasl;hjdfs;ahioerh;yitoy;weriaqo;yhiwefod;hai;yhdfisk;hfkjashfdiosahjdfi;shfasijk;dasdfhkasl;vbijeo;s;jnaonp'jfodps'ajop'njdfospa'njonp'fjosdnap'jfdsonpa'jdofs'pnjfop'jfopd'jaop'fjdopas'jfop'jfodpsa'jop'joap'jfosdp'jaofp'jsdopa'jop'sdsafdsaf< Less