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Alien For Hire By Christopher Osman
Paperback: $12.00
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And you thought your layover was bad . . . Five billion light years from home. Stuck on a spaceport that engulfs half of a small planet. With a seven year layover and a two million cred chartering... More > fee, Ao, a lone Grey alien, takes his gun in hand and makes his money the only way he knows how: killing stuff. This is our hero. This is the world of ALIEN FOR HIRE; an illustrated, science-fiction, comedy, novella set in a unique and bizzare universe in the vein of "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" and "Discworld." All illustrations were created by the author.< Less
How to Get Hired Quickly 2017 By Randall Scasny
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Getting hired quickly isn’t as easy as it once was. While the traditional cause of unemployment is grouped under the heading of a "bad economy," there now exists a new impediment to... More > getting hired: online recruitment. Why has Internet job hunting or online recruitment made it so much harder to getting hired? Before the widespread use of online recruitment, employers usually received a handful of job applicants per job posting. Today, it’s quite common for employers to obtain 200 applicants per job posting! With increased competition, the difficulty of getting hired increases. You can overcome the roadblocks that online recruitment places in your path to a new job. The goal of this book is to teach you a simple, divide-and-conquer method that will help you use online recruitment successfully. In addition, it will also teach you how to write a highly searchable online résumé and how to correct problems when they arise in your job search campaign.< Less
10 Steps To Hiring & Keeping The Right Employee By Donald Griffith
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Hiring the right person for the job at hand is important to the smooth operation of your business and to the morale of other employees. The ability to hire the right person for the job is not... More > something most managers are born being able to do, it is a learned process. Some of the 10 steps: * Understanding the position Job description Salary Team dynamics * Conducting the interview Before Ask Listen Observe Questions from the applicant Comments from the applicant Plus so much more…< Less
tips for hiring a suitable android app developer - Semidot Infotech By Rohan Singh
eBook (PDF): $0.00
We are the apex of top android app development companies who provide the gateway for successful online businesses. Our android developers have immersed work-experience in developing android apps for... More > various business verticals. Join hands with us today!< Less
Hands On Public Relations: The Workbook for You if You Want to Get Publicity and Don't Have a Clue Where to Start By Kathleen Dixon Donnelly
eBook (ePub): $8.99
This is the most basic workbook you'll find that explains how public relations is different from advertising, the mysteries of writing a press release, how to create a media list, and other nuts and... More > bolts information. And it includes interactive exercises that will get you started on your PR plan for your small business or non-profit organization. After working through this book, if you still feel you need to hire a PR professional, you will know what he or she is doing. Dr. Donnelly has worked in and taught public relations for almost 30 years.< Less
Tales From a Second-Hand Wand Shoppe- Book 4: A New Hope By Robert P. Wills
Paperback: $17.56
Prints in 3-5 business days
It is a time of celebration as Julesville plans a Victory over Halfling Day. The V-H jubilee planning committee does NOT need Grimbledung’s help. Across town, Big Julie is having a theft... More > problem. Wands are disappearing at an alarming rate from her students. At wit’s end, she hires Grimbledung to go undercover at the school as a transfer student to ferret out the thief. Grim Noir is on the case! It doesn't go as planned. Love is in the air! Chéri settles down with her long lost love. Akita sets his eyes on the mysterious Elf, Maca. Then, just when there couldn't (or shouldn't) be more romance- two Dwarfesses arrive in town. They’re interested in Grimbledung and Drimblerod. Really, really interested. Of course that probably isn't what it seems. However, as Akita says “Every pot has its lid”, so maybe it will work out in the end. Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t.< Less
Shapes, Sizes, Minds By Aliya Zenab
eBook (ePub): $5.00
This short story depicts how hiring decisions affected the overall success of certain organizations. Human mind is no doubt complex and brilliant but with its close proximity to the heart, we human... More > beings often get trapped in their likes, dislikes, idiosyncrasies and pre conceived notions. While we don't like to be governed by our prejudices, we do succumb to their powerful influences without even knowing they exist. Time moves fast but so many of us refuse to change. So, have you ever been a character in this story??? Overlooked as a candidate when you knew you could do the job or worse, hired for a wrong job and left on your own??? This story will take your hand and lead you inwards.< Less
Dirt Farm By Orrie Hitt
eBook (ePub): $1.99
It's 1961. Butch Hagen is a hired hand on a farm, working for the slave-driving owner. Butch is described in the book as "a massive man, six inches over six feet, and weighing in at an even... More > two hundred. In his twenty-five years he had been in any number of brawls but nobody ever licked him." The farmer's niece, a curvy young vixen who relishes sex, wants the farmer dead so she can inherit his land and money. Will she convince Butch to do the deed? Will the well-endowed farm beauty with the soft, sultry figure finally be the one to "lick" Butch?< Less
Caleb's Price By Troy D. Smith
eBook (PDF): $4.99
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Cattle vs. Sheep... Grazers vs. Squatters... Life vs. Death... Joey, a nine-year-old orphan, leads a lonely existence. His uncle and aunt have an impending range war on their hands and don't take... More > much notice of him. Then a mysterious stranger named Caleb enters his life. Caleb, a gunman who can be alternately tender and brutal, has a deadly secret... Will he save the settlers, or is he there to destroy them? Joey's life will never be the same. And what will be the price to Caleb?< Less
Farmers' Guide to Farm Internships: Federal and Minnesota Labor and Employment Law By Farmers' Legal Action Group, Inc. (FLAG)
Paperback: $22.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
This guide is intended for small-scale, family-run farm operations that gross less than $500,000 per year and rely to some extent on farm intern labor. Internships are an increasingly popular way for... More > aspiring farmers who lack the practical experience needed to start their own farm operations to gain needed skills and knowledge. In exchange for hands-on training with an experienced farmer, an intern provides labor for the farming operation. Farmers and interns may not stop to consider whether there could be legal obligations that affect the arrangement; this guide is intended to inform both farmers and interns about their legal obligations. The Farmers' Guide to Farm Internships covers federal and Minnesota laws on topics such as minimum wage and overtime laws, labor standards specific to agricultural workers, workplace safety laws, mandatory workers' compensation insurance, employment (payroll) tax and withholding laws, anti-discrimination laws, and workplace posting and recordkeeping requirements.< Less

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