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America is CRAZY COOL! By Mysterious Q
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I LOVE AMERICA! It just rocks, but stupid jerk-bag politicians and other idiots are trying to destroy it! Instead of helping them by voting for the next fat cat that runs for offer, I have decided to... More > go on the attack... Well, anyway, I have one talent and it is writing. I am NOT a good writer, just an impassioned one and sometimes that enough. Let me inspire you to stop electing idiots and start fighting the power with your words and deeds. Inspire others to vote for the little guys that represent the real America, not the one occupied by Gzillianaires who have never had to worry about their bills or what their family will eat because mommy or daddy is paying the bills. Go to rallies and question the people who the powers that be put up for election: Ask them how they can relate to you and other average Americans?< Less
Mysteries That Changed History By Stuart Matranga
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A detective's case book for six of the most shocking mysteries in history, six assassinations that truly changed the course of civilization; Cain, King Tut, Alexander the Great, Anne Boleyn, Archduke... More > Franz Ferdinand, and Mohandas Gandhi. Each chapter includes an investigator's notes, a forensic report, interviews with suspects and witnesses, a summary judgment, and further unanswered questions. A fun and exciting way to get into the blood and guts of history.< Less
The Mysteries of my Life's History By Samuel Mason
Paperback: $8.38
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A collection of autobiographical poetry from Samuel Mason. The poetry covers a range of topics, love, friendship, faith, pain and hardships and more.
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Poison Mysteries in History, Romance and Crime By C. J. S. Thompson
eBook (ePub): $5.95
POISONS, those silent weapons capable of destroying life mysteriously, secretly and without violence, have ever had a peculiar fascination for mankind. They have played so large a part in history at... More > various periods, in romance as well as in crime, that the subject is one which claims the attention of every student of human nature.< Less
The Simple History - Old Mysteries Reviewed By Ulf Brånell
eBook (ePub): $19.50
 This simple story is about a planet with accessible minerals, gold and silver, that once was discovered by a number of space travelers. For them minerals were in short supply. Not least,... More > they needed gold that is irreplaceable in some space technology, eg as protection against strong UV radiation. Their problem - was to achieve the necessary exploration and mineral mining without having to do the job themselves, for example, with huge amounts imported labor. No useful labor was found on the planet, the closest you could get was some small humanoid tribes who lived by hunting, fishing and they could collect in the jungle. …Thus was born the so-called civilization on Earth. This book reveals irrefutable evidence, right before our eyes to see, for a history we are taught to believe to be too fantastic to be true. Consider the evidence and wake up to another world! Also published as Paperback.< Less
Japan Unveiled: A Militarist History and a Mysterious Language By Terry Nettle
eBook (PDF): $1.99
This book aims to demystify Japan by explaining the many poorly understood aspects of Japan. In the section on the genesis of the warrior nation, the origin of the name of Japan and its people as... More > well as the genetic lineage of Japanese people are discussed. The significant absorption of the ancient Emishi people into the Japanese gene pool is highlighted. In the militarist history of Japan, the Samurai class is seen to play a central role in in the ruling elite and in many critical historical events. Although the Samurai class was abolished in the eventual transformation of Japan into a modern nation state, it is quite clear that modern Japan still carries the baggage of its militarist past, and it is seen that its militarist elite continues to hold sway. Finally, the book reviews the unique and mysterious Japanese spoken language and written language, and provides useful guidance on how to learn this difficult language.< Less
IN OUR IMAGE: The History and Mystery In Our Look at Life By Debra Marie Albaugh
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Also available in economical Study Guide version with full text, and Digital Edition in full color. This is the Teacher's edition, full color, 8 1/2" square, 343 pages. Worldviews are a... More > significant part of the way we view the world. They impact our perception of reality. They impact our perception of the environment. And they impact our perception of ourselves. They relate, as I had seen, as I adventured through worldview study and interaction, writing college papers and identifying events in history that led to the current views in the world. The writing does not only contain evidence relating to the spirit, it also contains the unveiling of mysteries I discovered during study, personal accounts, and includes steps that followed in understanding how these mysteries seem to form the world. The study, relaying the way the views impact theology, philosophy, the world, and the unborn, continues unveiling, but I must put this much down on paper for now--a compilation from my A papers in Biblical study.< Less
In Our Image: The History and Mystery In Our Look at Life By Debra Marie Albaugh
eBook (ePub): $11.99
Digital edition, full color. This compilation is from my A papers in Biblical and theological study, includes insight from art study, and adventures from other personal Bible study. For example I had... More > gone to the library to search on a topic, had been urged by the Holy Spirit toward a book, picked it up and began to leaf through the pages. A wind blew and immediately it opened to an excerpt. It told a story of a society of men in ancient Egypt who practiced a bazaar ceremony. In the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza it was discovered all that remained was dust of the ages and a stone sarcophagus, on walls hieroglyphics. Translation told the story. Candidates for priest and pharaoh were placed in the stone sarcophagus, sealed with wax, experienced a near-death encounter with an angel of light called “Osiris”—whose appearance is depicted in hieroglyphics, and they were initiated into an ancient mystery cult of “Osiris”—stronghold of “MYSTERY BABYLON.” Color, photos, charts, graphs 300-400 pages< Less
The Monsters of Loch Ness (The History and the Mystery) By Malcolm Robinson
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There are mysteries and then there is Loch Ness. You would be hard pushed to find a person on the planet today who has not heard about the Loch Ness Monster, its part of modern day culture and feeds... More > into the very fabric of society. Thousands of sightings have been made at this Scottish Loch over the centuries and are still being made today. But can they all be genuine? If as some believe, Loch Ness harbours a species of unknown creatures then why haven’t they been found and catalogued? In this sophisticated day and age where satellites in space can read the print of a newspaper held by a man in the street we still don’t know what secrets are held in this deep Scottish loch. UFO and paranormal researcher Malcolm Robinson takes a look at one of Scotland’s biggest mysteries, that of the Loch Ness Monsters.< Less