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The History of Checkers (Draughts) By Govert Westerveld
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The modern game of chess started around 1475 in Spain when the queen and bishop got a much more powerful move. It was called "Mad Queen Chess". These new rules quickly spread throughout... More > western Europe and in Spain. The enhanced move for the chess queen started after the coronation of the powerfull queen of Spain Isabella I. The historical records duly note that Queen Isabella I was crowned with the sword of justice raised in front of her, and the sceptre and throne were given to her. This allusion to the real-world event is so clear within the Scachs d’Amor poem to Isabella’s actual coronation that the inspiration of Queen Isabella for the new chess queen and powerfull dama of the draughts game is unquestionable. The Spaniards like the Moors, played a game on the board of lines and called it alquerque. The game became modern draughts through being transferred to the chessboard around that time. This book is the result of at least 30 years investigations in the Spanish archives< Less
Checkers with Gandhi HB By Larita Kenney
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A biography of Doug Kenney from Leicester who served with the RAF in the first Burma campaign of World War Two.
A Guide To Mastering Chess And Checkers By Edward Lasker
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Chess offers many benefits to those who learn to play it. It cultivates the logical quality and imaginative power of the mind, helps to develop concentration and strength of character, teaches us not... More > to be hasty in our decisions, to accept the consequences of our actions, and to search for fresh resources. “A Guide to Mastering Chess and Checkers” is a digital reproduction of an original book by Edward Lasker, published in 1918. It presents solid, proven steps to help you learn how to successfully play chess and checkers. This 218 page e-book includes a history and rules of the games of chess and checkers, and contains 118 chess and checkers board game diagrams appearing in the original book with detailed analyses of game plays, techniques, openings, moves and endings, illustrative games and problems. Download your copy of “A Guide to Mastering Chess and Checkers” today and start enjoying the benefits of becoming a better chess or checkers player.< Less
Career Success Secrets for CREDIT CHECKERS By Imtiaz Syed
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Credit Checkers Investigate history and credit standing of individuals or business establishments applying for credit. Telephone or write to credit departments of business and service establishments... More > to obtain information about applicant's credit standing. Sample of reported job titles: Credit Manager, Credit Processor, Credit Investigator, Credit Administrator, Credit Representative, Commercial Credit Reviewer, Commercial Loan Reviewer< Less
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The History of Alquerque-12. Spain and France. Volume I. By Govert Westerveld
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Scholars did not consider it necessary to grant Spain the honour of being the creative country of the game of draughts and of the new modality in the chess game with the new dama. Both the... More > alquerque-3 as the alquerque-9 games were known in Roman times. Completely different is the situation for the alquerque-12 game. It is said that the alquerque has its origin in Egypt. Perhaps this is the case for the alquerque-3 and alquerque-9 games, but never for alquerque-12 game. Some authors claim that the alquerque-12 game is a Greek or Roman game, but the great expert of these games, Dr. Ulrich Schädler, discards it. This book is the first proof that the alquerque-12 game was not popular at all in France, but much more in Spain, where the new chess game and draughts game were invented.< Less
The History of Alquerque-12. Remaining countries. Volume II. By Govert Westerveld
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The first Spanish books about the game of draughts have a very high standard and date from the XVI century, while the first French book comes from the XVII century and the game description is very... More > basic. Contrarily to this evidence scholars did not consider it necessary to grant Spain the honour of being the country of creation of the game of draughts and of the new modality in chess with the new dama. Both the Alquerque-3 and the Alquerque-9 games were known in Roman times. The situation is completely different for the Alquerque-12 game. It is said that the Alquerque has its origin in Egypt. Perhaps this is the case for the Alquerque-3 and Alquerque-9 games, but never for Alquerque-12. Some authors claim that the Alquerque-12 game is a Greek or Roman game, but the great expert of these games, Dr. Ulrich Schädler, discards those theories. The first volume of the Alquerque-12 game unravels France and Spain. The second volume deals with the remaining countries of the world.< Less
Spinning Blues Into Gold: The Chess Brothers and the Legendary Chess Records By Nadine Cohodas
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Chess Records was the record label of Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Chuck Berry, Etta James, and Bo Diddley-and in this critically acclaimed history we learn the full story of this legendary label. The... More > greatest artists who sang and played the blues made their mark with Leonard and Phil Chess, whose Chicago-based record company was synonymous with the sound that swept up from the South, embraced the Windy City, and spread out like wildfire into mid-century America. Chess Records--and later Checker, Argo, and Cadet Records--was built by Polish immigrant Jewish brothers who saw the blues as a unique business opportunity. The story of the Chess brothers is a very American story of commerce in the service of culture. They changed what America listened to, and the music they waxed is still influencing music today. This illustrated eBook includes active links for all songs and albums still in-print, giving the reader the ability to sample and purchase some of the most important music of 20th century America.< Less
Pushing the Hack By Andrew Bayroff
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A conversation with a 100-year-old retired New York City taxi driver on life, family, and working behind the wheel for 40 years. Read what a 100 year old retired NYC taxicab driver has to say when... More > asked straight forward questions about his family, career and life behind the wheel In New York City. Book Includes: Q&A, trivia, history and fun facts about NYC and its famous taxis and much, much more! Please Note: For some reason the Preview of the book online (cover and back) looks distorted. I assure you the printed book is beautiful.< Less
De Spaanse oorsprong van het Dam- en moderne Schaakspel. Deel II By Govert Westerveld
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Met dit werk heeft de lezer in zijn handen het allerdiepste documentaire onderzoek dat ooit gedaan is aangaande de geschiedenis van het dam- en schaakspel. In dit monumentale werk zijn liefst... More > 1000 Europese boeken van vele landen onderzocht. De Spaanse konining Isabella van Castilië (1451-1504) was de oorzaak van een diepgaande verandering in het schaak- en alquerque-12 spel. Plotseling had de Koningin in 1475 meer macht als de Koning en dat kwam op doeltreffende manier meteen tot uiting in de nieuwe schaakdame van het schaakspel en de nieuwe dames (dammen) middels de gepromoveerde pionnen van het oude alquerque-12 spel dat overgezet werd op het schaakbord. De vele Engelse, Duits, Franse, Spaanse, Italiaanse en Nederlandse teksten worden afgewisseld met vele illustraties. Dit boek richt zich, in eerste instantie, tot onderzoekers op de universiteit, maar het boek is eveneens nuttig voor de damliefhebbers die zich met de geschiedenis van het damspel bezighouden.< Less