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Essays in the History of Medicine By Robert I. Levy
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This third volume, of a five volume series, by Dr. Robert I Levy. “The History of Sinai Hospital in Baltimore Maryland” within the context of the evolution of Jewish Hospitals, from the... More > 19th century on. Chapters two, eight, and nine treat various aspects of Sir William Osler’s work. Chapters include “Robert Boyle’s Experimental History of Colours and lignum nephriticum,” “Pulvis Impecacunanhae et Opii- The Powder and The Buccaneer, Thomas Dover,” Chapter seven is a tribute to gastroenterologist John C. Hemmeter (1863-1931) author of Masterminds in Medicine, published in 1927. Chapter ten titled, “Nicholas Monardes, Guaiacum- the Holy Wood from the New World, and the French Pox” puts in context the discovery of medicinal plants unknown previously to the Europe, and brought back from the New world by explorers in the 15th century.< Less
History of Naval Medicine By Donald Chiarella
Paperback: $8.24
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History of Naval Medicine including multiple cultures of the ancient world and Royal Navy and US Navy Medical. The author worked there for 10 years.
History of Naval Medicine By Donald Chiarella
eBook (PDF): $2.99
History of Naval Medicine including multiple cultures of the ancient world and Royal Navy and US Navy Medical. The author worked there for 10 years.
The Early History of Medicine By Alexander Wilder
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Early medical practice was intimately allied to philosophy and religion, and only in modern times has it become basically a mechanical and chemical practice based on physical processes. Wilder is... More > most widely known today for his Platonic and philosophic writings as well as having been a prominent figure in medicine of his time, so he is ideally suited as a historian of the early paradigms of medicine. Areas covered are early medical practice in Egypt, Assyria, Persia, India and early Hinduism, China, Greece, the lack of serious schools in Rome, Europe in the Dark Ages, the preservation and revival of philosophy and medicine in the Moslem world, and the bright light of Paracelsus and others in the eventual Renaissance of learning in Europe. The Early History of Medicine is the excerpted first third of Wilder's 900 page The History of Medicine, which Wilder was requested to write in 1890 by the National Eclectic Medical Association, and took 10 years researching.< Less
The Art of Medicine By Tito Craige
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A history of Ernest Craige, MD, through stories and his art.
Medicine Heart By John Spencer
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Englishman Jerome Westphal has come to the antebellum Illinois prairies on a hunting excursion, bagging elk, wolf, bear and panther. When a legendary white buffalo calf is born, many see it as a... More > prophetic sign, but Westphal sees only a chance to add to his trophy list. When Lycurgus (Surge) Sherwood confronts Westphal and attempts to protect the calf, the Englishman is undeterred and abducts Sherwood’s most trusted friend, his loyal wolf companion Lupa. Includes the short story Child of the Storm, in which Lycurgus first encounters the wolf, Lupa.< Less
Music and Medicine By Robert I. Levy
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The essays of this book are in the Medical Humanities, specifically Medicine and Music. It is hoped that this book shows how Humanistic inquiry and historical study are informed by science and... More > medicine.This interplay of Music and Medicine sheds light on the Humanities.We show how the Humanities are relevant to medicine making one more sensitive to the needs of others and well rounded. We show how an appreciation of the Humanities can enrich and deepen knowledge of the history of medicine and allied sciences. The book attempts to demonstrate how historical research can increase our understanding and widened perspective of medicine and science. It recognizes the humanistic and cultural dimension of the history of medicine. It attempts to fosters a wider historical context of medicine, elucidated by the Medical Humanities.< Less
Medicinal Herbs By Courtney Soto
Paperback: $8.95
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Medicinal Herbs - For Beginners! - Discover Amazing And Powerful Medical Herbs You Can Grow In Your Garden! (BONUS INCLUDED) Herbs have been used for thousands of years by ancient Native American... More > tribes and in countries with long histories of natural healing. Places like India, China and countries all over Europe have studied these plants for their health benefits. Some medicinal herbs have gone out of fashion over time and are just now being rediscovered for their medicinal value, while others have never ceased to be used as a treatment in one way or another. Using medicinal herbs can be a safer, gentler option for anyone who prefers natural remedies over pharmaceutical ones. However, herbal remedies can be used in conjunction with over-the-counter or prescription medicines as well. As with any treatment, it’s important to consult your doctor before you begin using medicinal herbs.< Less
The Death of Medicine By Piso Mojado
eBook (ePub): $3.99
This is the incredible story of the little-known surgeon known as "The Savior of Mothers", and appropriately so. The doctor who miraculously reduced the death rates from as high as 30% to... More > nearly zero in every birth clinic he supervised has a lot to teach any person who wants to safeguard his or her health and that of his or her family. The discoveries of Doctor Ignaz Semmelweis, predating Lister and Pasteur, and the practices that they spawned, are still saving countless lives every day. Part of the rationale for writing this book was to remind every person who reads it how modern medicine began, how it once died, and how history could repeat itself. This is an inspiring story, an informative story, and ultimately a tragic story from cover to cover. But by describing how one dedicated surgeon solved the greatest medical mystery of all time, each reader (with no need of medical knowledge) will easily understand the basis of the 21st century approach toward human health and disease.< Less
The History of the Practice of Medicine in Ashland County, Ohio By William M. Emery
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The History of the Practice of Medicine in Ashland County, Ohio offers a comprehensive view of mid-American medicine, beginning in 1820 with the arrival of Joel Luther, Ashland's first doctor,and... More > continuing to the first decade of the twenty-first century, as the gains of modern technology and the advent of new business models transform the practice of medicine.< Less

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