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Agraulis Vanillae Incarnata By Sears L Barnett Jr.
Hardcover: $24.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Life is on her. Wife is on her cell phone. Azul light reflects just her round Cheshirey face. Her eyes shuttering around, two beady little marble balls. Nikon camera lenses clicking. Her stare could... More > make our pet cats, "Anocha" & "Twinkie" grin green with hippies. She loafs there on the sofa, like The Toilet of Venus, mumbling about strippers on Cardi B's Bookface, and Queen Nicki's Twitter. She sound like them adults on the Charlie Brown holiday cartoons, "Waah-wanh!", Making nonsensical shit. I'm just enjoying great tuunnnes, listening to Michael, toes pedicured by Koreans, twerking my butt cheeks to the funky pulse of, Caribbean heat. Suddenly the demon appears. And she knows me by my Hacker name. She says that they call me, "The Demon Slayer", SeVen. In game. I'm exhausted. Yet the battle is over. Back to Mobile she flies on her broomstick. Life is on her. Our ancestors are proud. We bring my Father back from the dead, he lives again in my older brother's head. Life is on her. Thank you for reading.< Less
Tangents By J SPRACK
eBook (ePub): $1.26
The novel centres on two characters who met and fell in love who then part because–life happened. It opens with them both in their 50s. Michael is interrupted on his PC by an invitation from a... More > program to take a memory holiday. He is drawn into the opportunities that this offers to re-live memories. His selections are haunted by his perceived failings and his sense of guilt over decisions he has made. Alongside Michael’s story, there is Niamh’s. Hers is a love story of mothers and daughters rediscovering through shared maturity how to love those we love and how to smile. They select photographs from an old box that have stories to tell. Ultimately, Niamh knows that the one story she has to tell is what happened in Amsterdam. The revelation offers a resolution for both strands of the novel, but it is left for Michael’s son to be his witness. Aideen learns of her father, the man who tried to kill Niamh, for the first time. Tangents investigates love and disillusionment attempting a balance between the two.< Less
Eat Teach Sleep Repeat Teacher Planner 2019-2020 By Love Sunday
Paperback: $9.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
NOT BULKY - LIGHTWEIGHT TO CARRY- Spiral bound A WEEKLY SPREAD ON TWO PAGES WITH ROOM FOR DAILY LESSON PLANS A MONTHLY SPREAD WITH an inspirational teacher quote, great for class schedules Simple... More > but cute, everything you need inside. Great for teachers, home school teachers, first year teachers. Buy one for each year and keep a record of lessons, schedule, and thoughts. Inspirational quotes- because as teachers who inspire others, it’s nice to be inspired. A weekly prompt to summarize the week, this is not a blank planner where you have to fill in the dates, year in review spread, monthly calendars, days of the week with dates & holidays included. CLASSROOM EXPENSE TRACKER STUDENT BIRTHDAY PAGE Makes a great teacher appreciation gift Available in 25 different prints to appeal to everyone. Created by Love Sundays™ an eclectic group of artists, and teachers. Let’s face it as teachers we all love Sundays! Love Sunday is a group of friends who love ART. Art comes in all forms.< Less
From Me to You While You Are Away By Jackie Jacobs
Paperback: $4.61
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book brings to light the many differences in our lives before and after a significant change. It is comforting to note that the Saviour of the world remains constant in all of our life... More > changes. Being “away” can be as promising as being in school, as exciting as being on holidays, as traumatic as being hospitalised or as heartbreaking as being in prison. We may look forward to the return home with excitement or fear or great anxiety. What changes lie in store for me? Will I be welcomed? Is there anything of my past life that is left? Depending on our circumstances while “away”, we may need an invitation from others to encourage us to take that first step, yet at other times the first step must be made out of our own desperate need for a positive change. Thanks for this timely reminder that all we need can be found in Jesus. He knows us all personally, cares for us all individually and loves us all unconditionally. Londy L Esdaille Nevis< Less
Peripherial Vision By Norman Norton
Paperback: $12.27
Prints in 3-5 business days
We live in uncertain and worrying times. The Middle East remains in turmoil and the various factions that seek to impose radical Islamic fundamentalism are the real enemy. David Grant was a happily... More > married man, with a good professional career since being invalided out of the Army and enjoying his busy metro lifestyle, overseas holidays and active with sports. But, he finds himself drawn back into a hand-to-hand battle with evil and radically driven men, right here, on his doorstep. Taking us from leafy golf courses, scuba diving in Egypt and set in Syria, Pakistan and Europe, Peripheral Vision has a gripping plot that may make you feel differently about the people we share our streets with, the guardians of our peace and those who may now help them. Evil people want to harm and damage our communities, our safety, and our security. With his peripheral vision, David Grant is one man that can stop these evil terrorists, but is he up to it and can he actually win through?< Less
Earn money with Google Adsense “Unpublisheds Articles” By Antonio Silva
eBook (PDF): $12.50
Table of Contents -3 Reasons Why Adsense Is Essential For Content Sites -5 Ways To Improve Your Adsense Earnings -Don't Get Caught With Google Adsense Click Fraud -The Easiest Money To Make... More > Online? -How to Explain the Google Adsense Program to Others -Computer Knowledge and Direct Deposit -Computer Knowledge and Direct Deposit -Don’ts for Using the Google Adsense Program -Dos for Using the Google Adsense Program -Familiarize Yourself with the Google Adsense Preview Tool -Google Adsense Themed Ad Units Can Brighten Up Your Holidays -Having Multiple Sites For One Account and Buying Google Adsense “Secrets” -How Much Money You Can Make and URL Channels Explanation -How to Apply for the Program and Important Info on Paying Taxes -How to Write Great Blogs and Watch Your Adsense Dollars Add Up -Keeping Your Account From Being Disabled and Useful Books About the Program -Learning About the Program and the Most Important Rule -Rules Surrounding Invalid Clicks and Being in Control . . .< Less
Forums By Nishant Baxi
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
1. 7 Reasons Why You Should Join A Forum Today 2. A simple smiley face… or not? 3. Building Web Communities With Free Forums 4. Creating Online Communities 5. Forum Essentials: Dress Up Your... More > Site For The Holidays 6. Forum Posters for Hire 7. Forums - Talk And Make Money 8. Give Me a One,Two,Three, and a Forum - Online Forum Etiquette 9. How can I monetize my forum and start making money with it? 10. How to Become a Successful Freelancer Designer on the Contest Forums! 11. MSN & Yahoo Communities (The Basics) 12. Online US & Canada Shopping Forum 13. Selling Yourself on Forums 14. The Demise of EZBoard 15. Using forum posting to drive traffic 16. Warhammer Online 17. Web 2.0 tag based forum 18. Web Site Promotion Secret Revealed 19. What is the PayPal forum for? 20. Why Do Some Websites Have Message Boards? 21. You Can Double Your Website Traffic And Sales Using Relationalship Forum Marketing< Less
Now you can change your life using the exact same system that's made hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last few months for me. By aps aps
eBook (PDF): $40.00
Now you can change your life using the exact same system that's made hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last few months for me. Just imagine...Instantly creating a job crushing income from... More > less than 40 minutes a day... Quit your job within 7 days. No longer having to get up early in the morning when the alarm clock sounds Been able to spend more time enjoying yourself... See more of your friends or family. No experience required... This system is so easy it doesn't matter if you've never made a single cent online. You can be up and running today. Take holidays when you want... You no longer will have to ask your boss for time off, go when you want Doing this from anywhere in the world... This system generates money on autopilot so you'll earn even when on vacation< Less
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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
Paperback: $19.00