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Fabricated Frames Patterns 8 Table Photo Frame Sizes In 4 Ways By Kristie Hubler
eBook (ePub): $10.00
8 Fabric photo frames sizes in 4 ways: Washable, sewn * Washable, no sew, sew, fabric or paper card stock * Non washable, fabric, chalkboard, vinyl, wallpaper, leather & mat board pr cardboard -... More > try wood, clay, metal! Removable, bendable, strut leg. Use a felt piece to back strut leg parts, for panel frames * Non washable board frames, strut leg attached with ribbon thread through 2 holes on easel back & top of strut leg Great for displaying photos, artwork, poems, cards, signs, use as holiday ornaments, badge, or wearable art, with removable / interchangeable, strut legs attached with ribbon plus hook & loop, metal brooch pin backs held in place through 2 holes on the easel back. For photos 1 1/2" x 2 1/2", 2x3", 2 1/2" x 3 1/2", 2 sizes for both 4x6 & 5x7", plus 8x10" Use varying amounts of fabric, Ultrahold inkjet printable patterns, mat board or cardboard, ribbon, & acid free, sheet protectors for photo sleeves, to make these frames. All supplies can be bought in a craft store!< Less
The Ultimate Teacher Planner & Organizer By Real Me Books
Paperback: $15.99
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Stay organized this school season with the Ultimate Teacher’s Planner and Organizer! This Planner includes 220+ high-quality pages (110 sheets) with journal and planner layouts that cover... More > everything you need to be organized and prepared. Sized at 8.5" x 11", professionally printed on high-quality interior stock with white interior pages and spiralbound bookbinding. Sections in this Teacher Planner & Organizer: - 11-monthly spread from August until June (monthly notes pages, monthly schedule page) - Weekly Planner and weekly lesson planning page for every week (55 weeks) - Year-at-a-Glance Overview (2-page spread) - School Holidays Overview - Parent Contact Pages - Parent Contact Log Pages - Student Birthdays Page - Monthly Classroom Expenses - Monthly Class Project Page (2 per month) - Parent-Teacher Meeting Pages BONUS: - Things Kids Say Pages - to write down all the funny, wise or outrages things your students sat - Inspirational Quotes and Coloring Pages to lower the stress< Less
You Need to Believe In the Hand of God to Really Understand Christianity By Ken Kapreilian
eBook (ePub): $14.99
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There have been many questions regarding the Creation narrative. The first is trying to understand how God did what He did? I feel that this is the wrong question to ask because we will never be able... More > to fully comprehend how He did it because the Bible says He spoke things into existence. This type of ability is far beyond anything that any human being can ever imagine. Is the "day" a twenty four hour day or is it an unspecified period of time. One of the translations for the Hebrew word "day" is Yom. Within this translation Yom can mean either a 24 hour day (such as the holiday of Yom Kippur the Day of Atonement) or Yom can mean an age of unspecified duration. You don't try to quantify how God did what He did, just accept that He did it. Now why would I say that? You have to understand that there are limitations regarding the abilities of human beings. Human beings have a finite mind and language is finite and yet we are trying to use both of those things to understand an infinite God.< Less
Hallel The Sword of Our Mouths is in Our Hands:Who said this Hallel?:When Did They Say to Sing It and How to Sing It:Machberet Avodat HaShem Volume One:Él-Ad Eliovson, Editor By Él-Ad Eliovson
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Most of us know Hallel as a special prayer that we sing on Rosh Chodesh and Holidays. But did you know the Prophets actually prescribed when to say Hallel–on other days!? And it is all in the... More > Talmud Pesachim Page 117A! When did they say we should sing it? Read inside to find out! Did you know that singing Hallel can avert a looming disaster? Can the Seder with its Hallel allow one to reach a state of clarity approaching or even touching Prophecy? Inside one will learn the three times the Prophets said to sing Hallel, tremendous insights into the nature and fabric of Hallel and the very song of Israel stretching back through time, generation to generation all the way from Song of the Sea. Browse the Key Concepts at the end of the volume for a glimpse of what can be found inside, all from the deepest knowledge of our Sages. Included as well is a special section in the Key Concepts for the Haggadah towards making one's Passover and Seder a source of ultimate growth and a whole new experience like never before.< Less
Self Improvement and Motivation for Success By Anthony Ekanem
eBook (ePub): $3.99
We all have formed our own definitions of happiness right from childhood. A lot of these perceptions are because of conditioned development, that is, they are a part of our habits due to repetitive... More > inculcation by parents, teachers and the society in general. That is why none of us has actually pondered about what exactly makes us feel happy! This feeling has been left to our sub-conscience and we simply feel the happiness according to the situation we are in. A lot of small things can give happiness to us. For instance, just the thought of shopping or spending money tends to excite us and makes us feel happy. Opportunities and new ideas also have a similar effect on us. This excited state makes us imagine things related to these incidents. For example, the perspective of going on vacation while getting an office bonus would not only make us excited, but also make us plan and imagine the holiday. This book is all about ‘you’ and how you can change dimensions in order to look ahead to a better future.< Less
Cheerfulness as a Life Power By Ramiro Rodriguez
eBook (PDF): $2.55
Lift Your Spirits and Banish The Blues People complain that God put thorns on the roses. Would it not be better to thank God for putting roses on the thorns?Learn to Look on the Sunny Side of Things!... More > Inspire Yourself to a Happier Disposition by Reading..Cheerfulness ss a Life Power Cheerfulness Lengthens the Life of Human Machinery the soul-consuming and friction-wearing tendency of this hurrying, grasping, competing age is the reason for Cheerfulness as a Life Power. Is it not an absolute necessity to get rid of all irritants, of everything which worries and frets, and which brings discord into so many lives? Cheerfulness has a wonderful lubricating power. It lengthens the life of human machinery, as lubricants lengthen the life of inert machinery. Life's delicate bearings should not be carelessly ground away for mere lack of oil. What is needed is a habit of cheerfulness, to enjoy every day as we go along; not to fret and stew all the week, and then expect to make up for it Sunday or on some holiday.< Less
Metaphorm By Pamela Turton-Collens
Paperback: $8.45
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A Potent 10-Part Process for Creating Your Happy Life-Story The Metaphorm programme was created by the author and is a unique, holistic approach, incorporating elements of life-coaching strategies,... More > NLP, EFT and current thinking in applied positive psychology. The title, Metaphorm, is made up from some of these elements: 'Meta' refers to a higher level of learning, where we can bring about change easily when we deal with our core beliefs and values. 'Metaphor' is about the way we represent our experience; the ‘stories’ we tell ourselves. When we create a new metaphor for ourselves, it is a powerful way of accessing our unconscious mind and activating change at that level. 'Metaphorm' is a play on the word ‘metamorph‘ i.e. something transformed. You can hear more about NLP, EFT and the Metaphorm programme with details of online programmes and holiday packages. which will guide you towards your Happy Story. See .< Less
Money, Power, Sex By Kern Frost
Paperback: $49.71
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Essential reading if you want to influence your significant other, or any other insignificant for that matter. Ever wondered how to use language to gain more money, power or sex, well here you are.... More > All the secrets the top power persuaders use to influence clients, partners, relationships, associates, the public or anyone else you want to. How to get what you want, when you want it. An incredible amount of information that will put you ahead of the game 1000%. So if you've ever wondered why other people have more money, bigger houses, more holidays and more fun than you do out of life, here's the why, and the how, it's just up to you when and where your start to use this information to get what you want. Taken from the worlds of political influence, power persuaders, sales, NLP, hypnosis, psychology and much, much, more, the book includes step by step training in all aspects of influence as well as case examples. Great for entrepreneurs, players, salespeople and businessmen.< Less
Grieving Your Losses By Linda Griffin
Paperback: $17.00
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A book for finding life after losses In the U.S. each year 800,000 men and women are widowed and 400,000 children do not reach 25 years old. Massive changes happen in all our lives that leave us... More > helpless and hopeless. Here is help and hope. Here is a book to help with your recovery from losses including death of a loved one or friend or significant other, pet, relocation, and job loss. There is a chapter on the nursing home that helps to understand and heal the nursing home experience. In the hands of family members or individuals in need Mrs. Griffin gives clear, concise, and nurturing information, and advice on how to process your own grief and loss. Many people experience grief is the result of loss. This book describes what happens to us when we lose someone or something important to us. The book also covers how to deal with holiday in general grief. You’ll love this easy to read and simple to follow book.< Less
From Lindos with Love (Deutsche Ausgabe) By Josephine Kelly
Paperback: $15.04
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Träumen Sie von weiß getünchten, griechischen Häusern, goldenem Sand und türkisblauem Meer? Wünschen Sie sich, dass sie den Rest ihres Lebens dort verbringen... More > könnten? Dann könnte diese Geschichte von Ihnen handeln. Sie erzählt von Menschen, die sich jeden Sommer in einer griechischen Bar treffen. In diesem Buch entführe ich Sie auf die Insel Rhodos. Sie erleben eine Woche Urlaub in Lindos, einem Ort, der in eine atemberaubende Küstenlandschaft eingebettet ist. Wenn Sie sich auf dieses Abenteuer einlassen, spüren Sie die Lebensfreude der Menschen dort und nehmen an den sanften Überraschungen teil, die den Urlaubern in der zauberhaften Landschaft widerfahren. Ein rührendes, bedeutendes und erfrischend britisches Buch für jeden, der Griechenland liebt< Less

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