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This book is inspired by women all over the world who are suffering from fibroid tumors and cysts. So I took the time to learn about Holistic Health and become certified in the field along with... More > gaining the knowledge of how to use herbs that will help improve the lives of women like myself who don't see surgery as a option. My purpose in life is to give back so with the information that I was blessed in receiving I choose to share it with you. I do hope that you enjoy the information within this book and that it comes in handy in your journey to living a healthier longer life Hotep.< Less
Holistic Health Basics By Kristin Merizalde
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Are you interested in learning how to live a more natural lifestyle? There are so many views on the "right" way to live out there and it gets quite overwhelming. This book sticks to 5... More > basic tips that will help get you on your way to holistic living. You'll learn how to reduce your toxin load, manage your stress levels, heal your gut, find your ideal diet, and learn about mineral balancing.< Less
Holistic Health with Rayna G. By Rayna Gangi
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From the host of the Holistic Health Hotline and author of Forget the Cures Find the Cause.
A Holistic Program for Health Care Facilities By Linda Appelbaum Schneider
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"A Holistic Program for Health Care Facilities" is a tried and true approach of integrating Eastern practices within a Western based medical model. NYS Award winner for her work in this... More > area, Linda Appelbaum Schneider gives a simple explanation as to how to accomplish this melding in any Western based practice. Author of the book "East Meets West; A Contrast in Medicine" and "Take me to Happy".< Less
Creating A Successful Holistic Health Practice By Dawn Fleming
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Create a successful holistic health practice or expand the one you already have. Make more money while you help people find success in reaching their goals of health and well-being. Here is the... More > complete book for creating success written specifically for Holistic Health Therapists and Energy Workers by a successful Holistic Health Educator and Practitioner. Creating A Successful Holistic Health Practice guides you through the inner and outer processes of creating and sustaining a successful Holistic Health Practice. Discover how to align your vision and goals to support the practice that you want. Learn how to effectively market, network, obtain referrals, run a business, set healthy boundaries, use the Internet to generate clients, set fees, and more. Dawn Fleming, Holistic Health Educator and Practitioner, has been working in the field of energy medicine since 1989. She teaches a workshop based on this book and mentors other Holistic Health professionals to find success in their fields.< Less
Holistic Healing By Mary Hart
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If you decide to see a holistic practitioner, one of the things that you need to realize when you get started is that this is not the passive medicine that you may have experienced in the past. The... More > practitioners are there to guide you as the patient, however you will need to make an effort and work with your practitioner to determine the best treatments for you and to increase the effectiveness of the treatments. Many patients find that taking an active role in treatment makes the effects more immediate and tangible. Consider a whole body detoxification program. The environment, stress and even the foods that we eat can affect every cell in the human body negatively. A whole body cleanse will give you the ability to remove toxins from your intestine, organs and even your skin. Consider working with a holistic physician to see if a detox program could help you.< Less
The Emerging Woman A Holistic Guide to Health & Transformation By karema mcghee
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The Emerging Woman is WOMAN's guide to health, strength, power and peace. Full of detox programs and journaling work the emerging woman is more than just a book but more like a transformation kit in... More > a book form.< Less
Heartwise - Towards Holistic Heart Health - Book 1 By Tony Hayman
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This series of books provides a holistic approach to healing and strengthening your heart. The writer himself suffered a heart scare which led him to look more deeply into every way the heart's... More > health can be ensured. He discovered far more than he expected and so he has gathered together this treasure trove of knowledge so that everyone can benefit. These books lead you to a better appreciation of the true power of your heart. They enable you to better understand why the heart is at the center of every philosophy and belief system as well as being fundamental to our very existence. Book 1 looks at practical elements of heart health and diet - the starting point for strengthening the heart. Take this first step to improving your heart's health.< Less
Basics of Massage By Health
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A short text on the basics of massage, with photos. Includes: Massage Strokes : Effleurage – Petrissage – Friction – Tapotement – Vibration Massage Routines : Back Massage... More > – Foot Massage Basics of Massage : 15 Laws of Massage – Posture, Positioning, and Hands – Definitions of Direction Terms< Less
Holistic Home Remedies By Cynetha Latiyah Stevens
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This pamphlet is an abbreviated version of remedies Cynetha Latiyah Stevens (Certified Holistic Heath Counselor) has learned and accumulated over the past 15 years. They have helped many of her... More > family, friends and others who have tried these holistic remedies. It is a compilation of techniques, herbs, and pressure points etc. that Cynetha has personally experienced or have shared with others that have received benefits from their use. It is called holistic, because the essence of the techniques used in healing (natural remedies of the Earth, and the stimulation of moving stagnant energy in the body through pressure points, breathing etc.) have a unique way of stimulating a process that addresses the whole person spiritually, emotionally, psychologically as well as physically.< Less