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Happy Holly'Day Adult Coloring Book By Dawné Dominique & D. Thomas Jerlo
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An adult coloring book filled with 41 delightful Christmas themed designs. Give yourself a break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and enjoy some good old fashioned coloring book fun... More > and relaxation with the whimsical & unique designs by Dawné Dominique and D. Thomas Jerlo.< Less
Slave Graves By Thomas Hollyday
eBook (ePub): $0.00
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Dr. Frank Light, archaeologist, is vastly annoyed. He’s settled into a plush life - cushy department-head job at a university, suave girlfriend, book in the works. Now he’s been ordered... More > into the sludgy, back-water marshes of Maryland to fend off hordes of mosquitoes, all because of an inconsequential find at a bridge construction site. Maggie, the outspoken state archaeologist working the dig, insists the shipwreck has historical significance. Pastor Allingham is even more vehement, insisting the decaying timbers hide a rumored, long-lost slave graveyard. Real estate tycoon Jake Terment is furious that his construction project is held up by the growing concerns of Frank and his team. Jake cranks up the pressure for a quick resolution. When several attempts are made on the team members' lives, Frank draws on lessons from his Vietnam vet past. He has to decide on which side of this battle to stake his claim - and if he is ready to risk his life again for his beliefs.< Less
Dogs in the Beach By T.I.F fotos the Ibán
Calendar: $34.99
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Photo Wall calendar - Dogs in the Beach -, to see how happy are dogs and their best Friends in the beach. More beaches for dogs are needed. The TIF Fotos' photo wall calendars are not only... More > decoration: the calendars have the moon calendar and days of equinox indicated, and all international solidarity days, days to ponder, funny world dates and geek celebrations annotated to felicitate special friends on their special dedicated day.< Less
Popotnik By Andrej Vospernik
Hardcover: $43.52
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Photo album of travels made from 1992-2008 all arount the Europe and part of Asia (Turkey).
Christmas in Outer Space By Jean Goldstrom
Paperback: $19.28
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Get in the Christmas mood with 30 HOLLY-day stories that take you on a holiday tour around the galaxy! Christmas is just too big and beautiful a holiday to be confined to only one planet.
Poor Memory By Stan Dotson
eBook (PDF): $9.99
The old folks say Memory is quair. A young preacher boy discovers that she is that and a whole lot more. Uncovering the mystery of Memory is the only way he will resolve his own crisis of calling.... More > Praise for Poor Memory: Dear Stan, The best I can say is that your book reads like Will Cambell’s—with its absurdities, its celebrations of the red-necks, and its exposure of organized religion. —G.McLeod Bryan, author. Dear Stan, We drove to Asheville and I took five manuscripts to respond to, intending to skim each one. I began with yours and didn’t skim. Read every word. . . It is obviously something Baptists ought to read. Not many reading Southern Baptists left, however. . . Anyhow, it’s good preaching and should be heard. —Will Campbell, author. Dear Stan, Your novel. . .makes me wonder why the South seems to turn out so many writers in a sort of “ain’t--life--strange--cruel--funny” Flannery O’Connor/William Faulkner/etc. genre. (That was a compliment.) —Joyce Hollyday, author.< Less

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