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Buying My First HDB Home : A Guide on HDB Purchase Process By Peter Tan
eBook (ePub): $2.99
During our hunt for a HDB unit, we were confused and we had many questions that need to be answered. Some of our questions are, as follows : (a) Should I buy new HDB units or resale? (b) How much can... More > I loan? (c) Where should I loan from (i.e. HDB or bank)? (d) What are the interest rates for the loan? (e) What portion of my salary should I set aside for monthly loan repayment?(f) How could I utilize my CPF? (g) Should I utilize all my CPF? (h) Am I entitled to CPF housing grant? How much of it? (i) How should I proceed to buy my house? (j) What is the house buying process like? (k) How much are the renovation works? (l) Are there any money saving tips?Hence, if you do also have the above questions, you are not alone. We would like to share our knowledge and experience with you in this book. It is recommended that you finish reading this book, prior to house hunting. This will make your house hunting process a less stressful one. Enjoy your house hunting! Best Regards, Peter & Clarri< Less
To His Loving Mother By Donald Noble & Trevor Purchase
Paperback: $7.08
Prints in 3-5 business days
In 1953, Donald Noble left Newfoundland for Europe, as part of the Second Regiment of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. In an age before instant messaging, Donald kept in touch with his family... More > back home in the old-fashioned way - handwritten letters sent through the mail. Over a two-year period, Donald sent forty-five letters back home to his mother in Newfoundland. The letters recount his experiences in the military life, his adventures in travelling around Europe, and his ponderings over the things he missed from back home. Here the letters have been collected and combined with over fifty photographs from that era, many taken by Donald himself on his travels, while other photos were taken by family back home and sent to him in Europe, giving him glimpses of his home so far away.< Less
Gardens of Profits Volume 2: Purchasing for Resell By Rachel Wheeler
eBook (ePub): $2.99
In this fun and easy to follow Volume 2 book, you will learn the basics for purchasing for resell. Gardens of Profits Volume 2: Purchasing for resell will take you on the hunt for those low priced... More > items that increase your profit margin greatly. How and what to look for are extremely important when reselling plants for profit. This guide shows you avenues that are low cost and can be achieved without the expense of wholesale ordering. Are you the stay at home parent looking to increase extra income for your household? Are you the gardener who just loves to garden and share, but could use extra income to buy more plants? Do you have a community garden and are looking to earn extra income to donate? Then this is a great and easy tutorial to quickly and easily grow your own garden and checkbook. Let's get to gardening for profit. This very easy to follow guide is a great companion to Garden of Profits Volume 1: Gardening for Profit at Home.< Less
Purchase Your Website Business With Full Training. By John Milligan
eBook (PDF): $0.00 offers you an amazing opportunity to run your very own website business. Training starts from Day 1. We are a phone call away, or email if you prefer. Even come and visit us... More > at our offices in South Wales. Too far? No problem. We can, with your permission, access your computer remotely and you can watch as we show you on your own screen at home just what you need to do for your own success. Our promise to you? You will not be disappointed. We are the real deal for making money online whilst working from home. Check us out now either on screen, by phone or in person.< Less
A Guide to Purchasing Your Home!: Get Ahead: Increase Your Wealth and Retire Sooner By Get Ahead Pty Ltd
eBook (ePub): $9.99
How To Save Thousands Of Dollars Purchasing Your Home ...In Less Than 8 Hours Are You Willing To Follow 16 Chapters Of Outstanding Home Buyer Information To Learn How To Purchase Your Home, Have... More > Confidence, Negotiate, And Save Thousands Of Dollars Off Your Home Purchase? • Have you ever wondered how to purchase a home but you're just not sure of the process or steps that are required to be taken? • Are you excited about purchasing your home but the fear of not knowing where to actually start is stopping you? Here's Just Some Of What YOU Will Learn: 1. A detailed step by step process of how, when and what you need to do to purchase your home 2. Where the hidden fees are that no-one ever tells you about 3. How to knock thousands of dollars off your home purchase How would you feel knowing that you have the confidence in understanding exactly what you have to do, how to do it, when to do it and become an expert yourself in purchasing your home?< Less
The Homebuyer's Guide: Everything You Need To Know When Purchasing Real Estate By Pettreminah Hodge
Paperback: $96.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Homebuyer’s Guide includes every move you need to know before you buy your new home. It will act as your complete guide … like a lamp unto you in time of despair. For it is your... More > lucky 6. Keep lucky 6 beside you and it’ll guide you like the KJV Holy Bible because it’s PM Hodge Real Estate Bible. Also keep in mind that my 12-Move System means you could apply & then complete the steps in this book in a matter weeks, OR even in a few seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or even years. Either way it is your choice and this book, The Homebuyer’s Guide, is here to do just that … Guide you to becoming a homeowner. Thank you for your purchase and best of luck to you.< Less
The Christian Home By Samuel Philips
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The Library of Alexandria is an independent small business publisher. We specialize in bringing back to live rare, historical and ancient books. This includes manuscripts such as: classical fiction,... More > philosophy, science, religion, folklore, mythology, history, literature, politics and sacred texts, in addition to secret and esoteric subjects, such as: occult, freemasonry, alchemy, hermetic, shamanism and ancient knowledge. Our books are available in both print and as digital books. All of our books have been revived by being scanned by people who have passion for knowledge. By purchasing this book you are helping restoring a piece of history for many generations to come to enjoy the fine ancient knowledge that is made available through our modern technology. We sincerely hope you enjoy these treasures in the form of digital books.< Less
Generic Strategies of Home Depot By Homework Help Classof1
eBook (PDF): $5.99
"1. First, identify which of the five generic strategies Home Depot employees. Provided evidence that supports your response. 2. Conduct competitor analysis and identify the competitive... More > challenges confronting Home Depot. 3. Discuss the significance of the competitor analysis with Home Depot's generic-business strategy 4. In assignment 4 you identified Home depot's generic Business-level Strategy and conducted a Competitor Analysis. Using the model A Framework of Competitor Analysis, discuss the Market Commonality and Resource Similarity of Home Depot's two biggest competitors: Lowe's and Menards. 5. Identify which market cycle Home Depot competes within. Support you response with evidence. 6. Lastly, discuss two advantages and two disadvantages of the market cycle that Home Depot competes within. Life –cycle(Embryonic, Growth, Shakeout, Mature, Decline) (Pressures arising from the shakeout phase would point to consolidation as means to save funds for the approaching mature phase.) "< Less
HOME GYM EQUIPMENT By buddu george
Paperback: $7.05
Prints in 3-5 business days
What you wish to achieve will be a huge determining factor in which equipment to purchase. You can save a huge chunk of cash by opting for a home gym equipment as opposed to joining a fitness club,... More > but you can drop a whole lot of money too.< Less
Home Computer Security On the Cheap By Lance Jeffery
eBook (ePub): $1.00
Every day we browse hundreds of websites hoping to make a purchase, interact with friends, read the news, watch movies or explore the next big thing. Unfortunately the Internet is ripe with... More > information, movies, and pictures that we should avoid in order to keep our identities, our children and our computers safe. Learn how to implement the free tools mentioned in this book and keep your family and computers safe from Malware, Pornography, and other online threats.< Less

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