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Homeopathic Morphine By Cecily Ann Variance
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Three months of online status updates, compiled.
Homeopathic and Diabetic Fitness Bootcamp By Christopher Dixon
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The book gives you everything you need in a fitness book like natural remedies, fitness routines, exercises, and safe, and gentle answers for health problems that have been here for thousands of... More > years. This book taps into that older knowledge and gives you safe, healthful answers.< Less
Homeopathic Case Taking By Kristie Karima Burns, Mh, ND, Ph.D.
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This is the text for Homeopathic Case Taking 601, which is a course at This text is only available to students.
Homeopathic Combination Remedies By Robert Davidson
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A comprehensive collection of Homeopathic Combination Remedies collected over the last 35 years. That's it.
Homeopathic Therapeutics in Sports Injuries By Dr. Sajid S. Khan
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The homeopathic treatment of any individual patient should be carried through using the defined classical homeopathic methods described in the Organon. That is the prescription should always be-... More > based on homeopathic convention- that remedy which best fits the case by holistic symptom analysis whilst remaining unbiased of the “common” or most often prescribed homeopathic medicines and those symptoms recognized solely by physical indication. But it follows that in an acute situation and without any major differentiating or strikingly unusual symptoms, any athlete with a sprained ankle will likely be given that remedy which was prescribed for any other athlete with the same chief complaint. It is without a doubt that classical homeopathy can be effective in the acute relief or chronic recovery of any sports induced injury.< Less
Homeopathic Hair Loss Treatment By Brian Davis
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Homeopathy is one of the big booms in the field of complementary, alternative and integrative medicines. Even the British family has been a big fan of homeopathy and has been practicing it for... More > generations. The media has once again put them in the spotlight when Prince Charles, heir-to-the-throne next to Queen Elizabeth II had showered support to the royal homeopathic hospital. Just like many other CAM Medicine, Homeopathy can cater to a lot of diseases and health issues. One of the well-known is to cure hair loss.< Less
Homeopathic Treatment a Boon for Children By Lasse Andreasen
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Homeopathy has been proven to cure almost anything there is. Such methods of treatment have been recognized by even by the most renowned persona. Starting from the German nation to the introduction... More > and support by the British Empire, homeopathy has been used for generations and has spread to millions of people around the world. Experts in this field are claiming that homeopathy is the kind of treatment that can cure diseases and ailments that can’t be reached by medicine.< Less
Über Remedies: Homeopathic Medicines to Cure a Sick Planet , Volume I By Classical Homeopath Dr. Robert Lee Dalpé
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Dr. Robert Lee Dalpé's first groundbreaking homeopathic work in print is a practical, modern materia medica designed for practitioners of all therapeutic disciplines. Dr. Dalpé has... More > practiced Homeopathy for over 20 years largely through his e-Clinic for chronic conditions and life-threatening diseases. Dr. Dalpé brings the 14 most commonly needed homeopathic medicines to life for today's healers who want to make a real difference in the world by helping to cure some of Man's greatest pathologies which hold our species back today and even threaten our collective existance. He is the author of many independent homeopathic research studies for diseases and conditions such as: mercury poisoning, TSE Diseases (like CJD), HIV/AIDS, SARS, breast cancer, West Nile Virus, remedies for Smallpox and more published on his website, Uber Remedies, Volume I, marks Dr. Dalpé's début in print.< Less
Questions, Questions: Materia Medica for Homeopaths By Neil Slade PhD
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Over 900 questions and answers about materia medica covering 178 remedies derived from plants, animals, elements, minerals & metals, acids, nosodes and bowel nosodes. This book is written as a... More > self-learning adjunct to most courses on homeopathy and also as a knowledge refresher for busy homeopaths.< Less
Homeopathic Haiku: Aides Memoires In Brief By Christopher Day
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NEW! 20 homeopathic medicines briefly described in an attempt at the Japanese literary form of Haiku. The succinct form inherent in the Haiku tradition presents a real challenge.