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SCIENCE-FICTION & FANTASY CINEMA: Classic Films of Horror, Sci-Fi & the Supernatural By John Howard Reid
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Science-fiction, fantasy and horror movies cover a broad canvas including Frankenstein and Tod Slaughter, Dracula and Donald Duck, moon men and mad doctors, gorillas and crazy scientists, talking... More > mules and helpful angels. Other categories covered in this book include Alien Encounters, Lost Worlds, Space Travel, Monsters, Creepy Old Houses, Phantom Killers, Mystery Thrillers, Animated Cartoons, and Horror Spoofs such as "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein".< Less
O.A.Z By Matthew Bellingham
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a short zombie story with a twist.
FIRST BITE...! By Paul Weightman
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This is a Spoof horror Novel. Set in York, England. It tells the comedic story of four vampire covens. Each of these covens are based at the Park & Ride Bus Service Sites around the City of York,... More > and the staff of this bus service (First Group Bus Service York) make up the characters in this story. The story contains Bad Language, and descriptive graphic sexual exploits. It is primarily a comedy, and most of this publications content is of a comedic nature, however; there are also graphic scenes of violence. This should not be shown borrow, lent or sold to any child, or anyone under the age of 18 years of age. A warning of this nature is also printed inside this book.< Less
Book 18 Matrix Brisco Star Trek Buffy Angel Eerie Nether Elvira By Jim Fenn
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Join the hilarious adventures of Kneel and Morphing Us of 'The Megaplex;' fight Clean Gones with Jonathan Harker and the Fulcrum, Top Awe; the sci fi Western Brisket Country Jamboree costarring Lard... More > Blower; learn Spock's real name in 'Star Wreck 3: the Search for John Brown's Body; laugh with Seldom Cooler, Eh Me Fairer Fouler, Ho Wad Wallow Wits and Leaner Half Stutter; revisit 'Busty the Vamp, er, Slayer,' with Cherub, Gander Harass, and the Scuba Gang; then Amble, Dowel, and Carnelian; See Timmy and Lassie's mom as a werewolf; Hare Pottery, Rubenesque Hybrid, and Drano Mouth Boy; plus many more; also we pay several visits to my muse, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.< Less
The TV Murder Mystery By Jim Fenn
Paperback: List Price: $9.96 $5.98 | You Save: 40%
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Join the adventures of Mild Manner of 'Screamer,' Loo Loo Loo Loo and Carbine Dullest of 'The Filthy Elephant,' Commodore Benji Man Sis Cool of 'Deep Space Dive,' Clonk Ken and La La Lean of 'Smell... More > Fill,' Lory Big Ones of 'Freddy vs. Jason,' plus Harvey Pewter and Her M. Irony of 'Harvey Pewter and the Sorcery Scone,' and many more. (Don't worry, I put the real titles in parentheses).< Less
Terrifying By Eilidh McDonough, Malcolm McDonough
eBook (ePub): $1.49
"Relentlessly terrifying from beginning to end." It's no exaggeration, because this eBook repeats the word 'terrifying' over and over from the first page to the last. Do you dare read every... More > terrifying word? 'Terrifying' is a hilarious gift to give anyone who likes the horror genre. It's perfect for Secret Santa gift exchanges, also known as Kris Kringle or White Elephant exchanges. You can also give it as a joke birthday present or April Fools Day gift. At an age when many girls are still afraid of the dark, Eilidh McDonough co-wrote the most terrifying words ever to be included in an eBook. Her father, Malcolm, has been a professional writer all his adult life. Together, late one night they had the terrifying idea that became this eBook. Download it if you dare.< Less
The Children of Little Thwopping By Oli Jacobs, Howard Williams
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“The year is 1952, and the town of Little Thwopping is prospering. The menfolk are working hard, the womenfolk are keeping the homes in order, and literally nothing can go wrong. In fact,... More > things go horrifyingly right when every woman in Little Thwopping falls pregnant. Sure, the resulting children are 15-feet tall with bone-crunching long limbs, scream inhuman roars, and shoot lasers from their eyes, but every child goes through teething problems. Written by Wilthaven’s resident author, Howard Williams, The Children of Little Thwopping is a fun tale that will leave you rolling on the floor, and nodding with much thought.” - The BPD would like to clarify that this book is a piece of material found in conjuncture with their investigation into P1983, and brought to publication with the help of Oli Jacobs. As always, the BPD wishes you to remain safe.< Less
Chav: The Knifing: The Play By Ian Warner
eBook (ePub): $3.10
Acting ain’t just for poncy Bloodsuckers homiez! You can gives it a good go an’ ya never know you may be the next Noel Clarke or Billie Piper! Chav: The Play is a PROPA GANGSTA story of... More > bare wacky shit! Hold on ta ya beanies bluds…< Less
Bloodsucker: The Play By Ian Warner
Paperback: $10.48
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Bloodsucker: The Play is the first in a series of Theatrical adaptations of the Shadow World Spoof Horror Roleplaying Game. It follows Short Dave XIV and Cedric Simmons as they take on the corrupt... More > Bloodsucker Parliament of Canterbury< Less
Terrifying By Eilidh & Malcolm McDonough
Paperback: List Price: $18.99 $15.19 | You Save: 20%
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This book is relentlessly terrifying from beginning to end. Because in fact, the entire book is the word 'terrifying' repeated over and over. It's the ideal fun gift for any reader who likes horror... More > fiction and also has a sense of fun. Perfect for birthdays, April Fools Day and Christmas gifts.< Less