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Love, Death, and the Witch Doctor By Makinzy Jordan Smith
Paperback: $5.62
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Makinzy was a wonderful person to have in your life. He was passionate in what he believed in. He had strong beliefs in God, family and friends. Makinzy was the type of young man that people loved to... More > be around. He was full of life and always had a smile on his face. He was an angel placed on this earth if only for a little while. On October, 17th, 2013, Makinzy was taken from us all unjustly. The emptiness we are left with in that tragic and avoidable wake is felt every day. This colorized edition of the poetry collection made of Kinzy's writing and Facebook posts is meant to relish the joy he had every day, as well as the love, the kindness, and the undeniable will to get past any obstacles he found. Makinzy will never be forgotten, nor will his humor, intelligence, wit, and creative efforts displayed here and elsewhere. His tracks have left a stain, and we are all better for having had Kinzy in our lives for the time we did. Remember his smile and laugh, and never let God find you frowning for long.< Less
Losing A Loved One By Marsha L Fuller
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Pets give us one thing we almost never get from the people in our lives - unconditional love. Unconditional love makes us feel special, secure, loved, and valued. Losing that love can create a deep... More > sense of loss, depression, and confusion. We know that it is impossible to get through life without feeling grief at some point. Yet, we wonder why losing a pet is so painful. Buy this booklet for yourself, or as a gift for a friend, co-worker, or family member who has lost an animal companion.< Less
Between Now And Then By Bee Adkins & Duane Keeling
Hardcover: $29.88
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In his book “Between Now and Then”, Bee Adkins gives us a compilation of never before published stories relating his hunting and trapping experiences, a myriad of wilderness adventures... More > and a few tall tales. Bee takes us through his life and times with his unique perspective. His wry wit and humor come through in his earthy prose as he recounts his experiences hunting in the desert. Bee’s care and affection for his dogs is unmistakably genuine and the counterbalance for their practical use as ‘working’ dogs. From obstinate government bureaucrats to half-crazed broncos and cagey lions, Bee gives us his insights and opinions on them all. You never know what to expect next. His stories are presented unpolished and largely unedited so that you can get a real sense of the man, his experiences and his values.< Less
Chincoteague Pony Tales - Volume 2 By Lois Szymanski
Paperback: $10.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Readers asked for Volume Two of Chincoteague Pony Tales, and author, Lois Szymanski delivers in this book of inspirational tales about the wild Chincoteague Ponies who live on the Virginia side of... More > Assateague Island. Owned and cared for by saltwater cowboys from the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company, the ponies have captivated people around the globe, since the annual wild pony roundup and sale of foals began over 93 years ago. In Chincoteague Pony Tales - Vol. Two, Szymanski shares stories to inspire the reader. Hear about the orphan foal who was adopted by another mare. Nicknamed Mystery Man, he went on to make a child's pony dream come true. Read about the stallion who took one beating after another to protect a stallion in need. Find out why one foal, dubbed "Dunkaroo" should never have been born on an island surrounded by water. Story after story will keep the reader captivated, and leave them asking for< Less
Paperback: $29.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
In Your Dreams Your God Could Show You 'What IS Real Now' but only if Your God has The RealCourage to do so. The Kontrolling Authoritarians have Konditioned the Old Masses into a 'Huge Mass... More > Hypnotizm' and have gotten them to 'Believe' in something that is unbelievable, because the Invented Gods of Man are actually Make-Believe. Most people are into the 'Demise' of this planet as they go about driving their polluting cars, boats and planes and 'Thinking' in their Little Minds everything is okay and will be okay. YU, The RealU, wants Real Freedom Now! YU have to decide to Be The Real RiskTaker and See Beyond all the Planned Deception that YU have been deceived with for lifetimes. This is NUBook 6, 'YOUR DREAMVISIONS NOW' You can have ALL The Answers to Your Life Now, that is if YU will Take The Risk and do what YU never have before, or YU can stay the same as YU YU can Take The Risk Now and Discover who YU really are and learn to See & Recognize The Whole of Life.< Less
A Magical World By Michelle Raynor
Paperback: $11.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
Alex and his sister Izzy are stuck inside during one stormy, rainy week. But, they still manage to have the most spectacular adventures. They sail the seven seas on a pirate ship, swing on jungle... More > vines, swim through the ocean, roam with the dinosaurs, and visit many other fantastic places! Just how, they never tell a soul. They simply smile and wink and zip their lips, and then disappear into their room. Into a wonderful, magical world.< Less
Dangerous Moonlight By Mel Keegan
Paperback: $24.93
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
In the spirit of FORTUNES OF WAR comes this rollicking, romantic adventure in the world of highwaymen and smugglers. Harry Trevellion would have been a gentleman if his father's estate had not... More > crumbled; Nick Gray is the favorite but illegitimate son of a rich man, fated to work. His brother, Paul, is a scoundrel waiting only to inherit, and Paul scorns Nick, while Nick performs dangerous work. He's a jewelry courier — and it's inevitable that he meet the irresistible rogue, Trevellion. A midnight world opens up before Nick: he's drawn into a realm of chanceries, bawdy houses and glittering mansions, and a stormy affair with powerful consequences. The day Paul has awaited arrives — the old master of Rosewarne Park is gone, and his will plunges Nick into jeopardy. It's an age of swords, duels, deceit and sizzling sensuality. Readers who loved FORTUNES and DECEIVERS will relish this novel. "Mel Keegan's name is a byword for thrilling gay adventure in the past, present and future" - MILLIVRES on AQUAMARINE.< Less
Paradosso Dell'amore By Jordan Hampton
eBook (ePub): $9.99
David Masters, who faces the tedium of another book signing in New York, longs for some new and exciting departure from the norm. Just when he thought he would never get it, he meets Eva Gallows, a... More > woman of staggering beauty and an eerie sense of familiarity. Her very being compels him to get closer to her, but it's when they finally touch that they both uncover the truth: their lives are fragments, reincarnated aspects of their former selves from days immemorial, and for a love they once shared they were cursed to walk this earth until the end of time... “The Lovers of dissociated class, He a noble and she more crass Are thrust henceforth through time and space Forbidden to gaze upon the other’s face Unless the loving man should see It is his writing that holds the key To open doors shut in ages old And reunite the Lovers’ souls. Forever more will they still rise, As many times as they have died. And when the earth blots out the sun Will then this wretched game be done.”< Less
Moon Cursed By Kalan Anara
Paperback: List Price: $12.95 $10.36 | You Save: 20%
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Dance in the light of the full moon, find your body changing and twisting into a new form. The world is alive for fall and Halloween! The sweet scent of new fallen leaves and the round harvest moon... More > beckon to creatures that are set forth to make mischief. Tricks and treats abound within this collection of short stories. A dragon weaves his tale to ensnare his party goers while his maid finds herself in a shape she'd never dreamed of... Werewolves hunt under a clear silver moon joined together by bonds of love.. A young man finds out that there are reasons one shouldn't peer inside sorority windows as the girls inside take their revenge...< Less
Reagan By Jacky Gray
Paperback: List Price: $14.55 $13.10 | You Save: 10%
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Reagan – the chosen boy who decodes the mysteries of white horses, crop circles and ley lines to save his people. Reagan didn’t think he was anything special, lots of boys could sense ley... More > lines and knew the healing properties of plants and trees. Whatever he did would never be good enough for his mother, not even when he won the Garlanding or scored 100% on his graduation tests. With the help of his white horse spirit guide Blaise and a master trainer Kalen, Reagan tries to determine the position of the next white horse. After an unsteady start they were aided in their quest by Reeve, daughter of the leading authority on white horses. Reagan’s mathematical skills help him to decode the complex patterns of ley lines and crop circles but it becomes a race against time as the dangerous accidents in the village lead to more serious casualties. Can Archer help him to find the missing pieces of the puzzle or will Reagan's perilous gift destroy him as it destroyed so many other chosen children?< Less

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