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A Date to Die For By Wendy Soliman
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When investigative journalist, Alexi Ellis, falls victim to the Sunday Sentinel’s cutbacks, she and Marvin, her anti-social feral cat, head for Lambourn. But this idyllic country paradise... More > harbours secrets. A woman has gone missing under mysterious circumstances and Alexi still has a nose for a story. So too does ex-Metropolitan Police detective turned private eye, Tyler Maddox. Driven out of the police by a vicious press campaign that accused him of racism, Ty hates all journalists on principle. But Natalie Parker had been using his sister’s online dating agency and Tyler needs to find her before his sister’s business gets dragged through the mire. Reluctantly, Alexi, Tyler and Marvin join forces. As they delve deeper into Natalie’s past, they are left with more questions than answers. Is Natalie still alive and, if so, what can have made her turn her back on her comfortable life and thriving business? Someone doesn’t want Alexi and Tyler to find out and will do whatever it takes to ensure they don’t…< Less
How to Stop Gambling & Make Money from British Horse Racing By Joe Bovenzi
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Understand the difference between a gamble and a calculated investment. This book is a guide to making regular profits on Betting Exchanges form Britsh Horse Racing.
You Bet Your A** : Tips to Win at The Races By Denny Chu
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Are you a horseracing fanatic, or just love the Sport of Kings? Well this is for you. Tips from the "horse's mouth". How to spot a winner! Make the toteboard your friend! How to spot the... More > "Smart Money" How to read between the "racing lines" Remember that knowledge is power. You are betting against the other punters. The more insight you have the better your chances of cashing at the windows. You have nothing to lose, but you could be a winner... over and over again.< Less
The Heart of Dixie An Autobiography By Dixie G. Westall
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Dixie Pauline Greene was born to Thelma and Landon Greene in the mountains of North Carolina in 1923. Follow Dixie's story from birth through early adulthood. Share her childhood joys and tragedies,... More > coming of age friendships, and the cross country adventures of her first marriage. Explore the family dynamics and her struggle to escape farm life and find her place as an independent woman in the 1940s.< Less
Horse Racing Tracks Chart By David Mark
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One of the most important elements to winning at the thoroughbreds is to understand how a different track has an impact on how well the horse may or may not do. It is no question that the trainer... More > intent is most important to see when trying to figure a horses current form. Because we can not read a trainers mind we need to concentrate on the facts that we can find. With Race Track Conversion Chart, you will be able to see how a horse will compare when going from one track to another. You can also compare them at different distances. The advantage of knowing what a horse could run at a track today is a big plus in any handicappers arsenal of weapons to play the races. Trainers don't simply ship horses to other tracks for no good reason. They have a pretty good idea just how their horse will perform on the racing surface they are being asked to race on. Any information that can gain you an edge is invaluable and these charts will measure up to that for sure. Print any or all of them. 74 in all.< Less
Share and Share Alike By Hannah Hooton
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Finalist in the Washington Writers Marlene Contest 2014. Tessa thought buying a share in the dysfunctional Ta' Qali Racehorse Syndicate would be the perfect distraction from a life best forgotten.... More > Some are willing to distract her with words of woo, while others are able to distract her with just a nonchalant look. But neither Hugh's flirtations nor Sin's disregard are diversion enough when their horse, Ta’ Qali, is found deliberately injured. Someone close is responsible and Tessa finds herself questioning the innocence of everyone around her. With his nobbler still at large, the race is on to get Ta’ Qali fit and on course in time to prove himself the champion Tessa’s always believed him to be. But he isn’t the only one up against the clock. Love is threatening to leave without her; and win, lose or draw, Tessa’s in for the ride of her life...< Less
Dangerous Moonlight - hardcover By Mel Keegan
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For the jacket notes to DANGEROUS MOONLIGHT, please see the softcover edition, here at; but to read 25% of the novel online, plus interviews that put you inside the author's mind, meet us... More > online at Subscription is FREE, and there's more than a quarter million words of online reading, also free, plus rafts of artwork. See you there!< Less
Dangerous Moonlight By Mel Keegan
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In the spirit of FORTUNES OF WAR comes this rollicking, romantic adventure in the world of highwaymen and smugglers. Harry Trevellion would have been a gentleman if his father's estate had not... More > crumbled; Nick Gray is the favorite but illegitimate son of a rich man, fated to work. His brother, Paul, is a scoundrel waiting only to inherit, and Paul scorns Nick, while Nick performs dangerous work. He's a jewelry courier — and it's inevitable that he meet the irresistible rogue, Trevellion. A midnight world opens up before Nick: he's drawn into a realm of chanceries, bawdy houses and glittering mansions, and a stormy affair with powerful consequences. The day Paul has awaited arrives — the old master of Rosewarne Park is gone, and his will plunges Nick into jeopardy. It's an age of swords, duels, deceit and sizzling sensuality. Readers who loved FORTUNES and DECEIVERS will relish this novel. "Mel Keegan's name is a byword for thrilling gay adventure in the past, present and future" - MILLIVRES on AQUAMARINE.< Less
Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track By Mallory Neeve Wilkins
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Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track - sports crime romance novel. The 1960s marked the rise of a new generation, Canadian horse racing and courtroom drama when Hot-Walker Frannie Harrison witnessed the... More > violent murder of her fiance at Woodbine racetrack. She was the youngest child of a wealthy but alcoholic and dysfunctional family who set out to find her own life in the turbulent 1960s. Ultimately, Frannie finds herself in Yorkville, Toronto's hippie community, filled with drop-outs and American draft dodgers. Young and innocent, she falls in love with an ambitious American who works at the racetrack and convinces her to take a job there. Suspecting he is into drug dealing, she is by no means prepared for his death. Grief-stricken, she struggles with denial and complicated relationships before escaping to Europe. When petitioned for trial, Frannie returns to Toronto to deal with the painful ordeal that produces devastating testimonies about life on the fast track, a murder trial that shocks Toronto community.< Less
A Horse racing System With Consistent Profits By paul coleman
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A horse racing system that produces consistent profits year after year. Includes the 10 golden rules of horseracing and free staking plans