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Horse Agility By Koikka Loikka
eBook (PDF): $7.70
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THE WORLD’S FIRST AND ONLY ROOKIE GUIDE Jumps, pole bending, tarps, water obstacle, beam, rest square, tunnel, loop jump, free loading. Can we attain the same unity with a horse as with a... More > dog? Can a horse be lead the same way without a physical connection—without a bridle, without a lead rope, without a rider? Are horses capable of clearing the same kind of obstacles being directed from close up or further away?< Less
Red Horse By M.J. Logue
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October 1642, and when idealistic young poet Luce Pettitt volunteers as an officer in the Army of Parliament, he expects to take up arms in the cause of liberty against the King, Charles I. What he... More > takes up instead is a post with a scruffy ex-mercenary who doesn’t care who he’s fighting for so long as he gets paid. Captain Hollie Babbitt doesn’t expect the world to do him any favours, based on previous bitter experience. He’s lost everything once already - his wife, his good name, his career, his hope. He doesn't expect to regain it, in a war that he doesn't care about, with comrades he doesn't want. All he’s got against the might of the King’s Army is a posh poet, a bad-tempered horse, and a troop made up of every rebel, dissenter and horse-thief the rest of the Army didn’t want. And his best friend, the charming ruffian Rackhay, who's covered Hollie’s back since they were both sixteen years old. Dame Fortune isn’t done with Hollie Babbitt yet. But he's got nothing else to lose... has he?< Less
Just Horses 2010 By Twin Wranglers
Calendar: $16.00
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Just Horses is a compilation of photographs taken by Kim and Kari Baker - the Twin Wranglers at their ranch near Libby, Montana.
Naturally Horses 2015 By Twin Wranglers
Calendar: $14.99
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A full year of beautiful Montana scenes that depict ranch horses at liberty. Quarter Horses and Appaloosas in snow, seeking shade from summer sun, and grazing on autumn pastures. Horses just being... More > horses.< Less
2011 Solace Pointe Equine Calendar By Betsy LaMere
Calendar: $14.50
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Solace Pointe Studio 2011 Equine Calendar. Featuring the photographic images of award winning international artist and photographer Betsy LaMere. Twelve stunning black and white and full color images... More > of horses at liberty and in harness.< Less
Equestrian 2014 By Karen Broemmelsick
Calendar: $16.99
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Equestrian 2014 is a calendar of beautiful horse photography - horses at liberty, horses in action, and artistic equine portraits.
American Hero By Stuart Matranga
Paperback: $17.76
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THE HISTORY OF AMERICA like you’ve never learned it before! From First Contact in 1492 to the Conquest of the West in the 1890s! REAL PEOPLE: Columbus, Sacagawea, Franklin, Washington,... More > Lincoln, Sojourner Truth, Teddy Roosevelt, Crazy Horse, & More! REAL EVENTS: Massacres, Witch Trials, Pirates, Revolutions, Indian Wars, Slave Revolts, Civil War, Civil Rights, & More! REAL WORDS: From Letters, Speeches, & Testimony! JOIN! An Immortal Teenager as He delivers Magic Gems to Champions of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness in AMERICA. AMERICAN HERO is the American adventure filled with passion, drama, action, romance, comedy, intrigue, and, because sometimes it is not self-evident, The Truth!< Less