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The “People Power” Job Superbook: Book 15. Outdoor - Green - Eco - Environmental Job Guide (Natural Resources, Conservation, Parks, Forestry - Lumber, Recreation, Firefighter, Green Energy - Building) By Tony Kelbrat
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Outdoor jobs generally go in five categories: 1.) Outdoor recreation and outdoor guides. 2.) Environmental and ecology. 3.) Agriculture. 4.) Parks and government natural resources. 5.) Other... More > jobs where being outdoors is incidental to the job. The pay is not extremely high in any of these jobs but if you get to be outdoors and you get paid for doing something you love doing then an outdoor job is way better than any office job. Many local vocational schools offer technician type courses for outdoor work. General outdoor recreation books are at #796 to #799 at the library. Books about agriculture are at: 630. Agriculture. 631. Farming. 632. Plant science. 633. Field crops. 634. Orchards, small fruit, forestry. 635. Horticulture, garden crops. 636. Livestock and domestic animals. 637. Dairy and related industries. 638. Insect culture. 639. Nondomesticated animals.< Less
The “People Power” Family Superbook Book 10. Garden-Farm Guide (Gardening for Fun, to Grow Food, Agriculture Jobs, Farming Business) By Tony Kelbrat
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Gardening is the creation of life. Most states and some counties have agriculture departments. If you go to local government websites, they might have agricultural knowledge on them. Many people... More > start growing plants indoors then hardening them which is to take them outside for a few hours and increasing the time spent outside each day. Many books and magazines are available at your local library. Most gardening books are at #635 or SB126. 630. Agriculture. 631. Farming. 632. Plant science. 633. Field crops. 634. Orchards, small fruit, forestry. 635. Horticulture, garden crops. There is also a gardening design section at #712 to #717 or SB473 covering garden architecture, landscaping, topiary (#715), fences (#717), etc. Some periodicals are: American Horticulturist. Fine Gardening, Horticulture, National Gardening, Plants and Gardens, Organic Gardening. Some common gardening topics are as follows: African Violets, Alstroemeria, Amaryllis, Apple Trees, Artificial Plants & Rocks, Asian Vegetables,< Less
The Global Gardener By Michael Scott
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Foreword by 'Botanic Man',Professor David Bellamy: This gardening book is the most unusual I have ever read. Really a biography of Michael Scott, who was born in New Zealand. It contains many good... More > tips (and trips) to increase one's knowledge of gardening. An easy read, very slick and full of interest to those who love gardening - or who decide that this is a great way to pay one's way around the earth. ---- 'I blame it on Abies magnifica,' says the author of his decision to leave New Zealand and embark on a horticultural and botanical journey around the world. Taking gardening jobs as he goes, Michael Scott seeks out the plants and gardens he knew previously only from textbooks and observes the flora and people he encounters with a keen, incisive and often caustic wit. From Chapter 22 'The Rugrat'(Gardening in Los Angeles): 'His hairpiece was hopeless. If he'd picked up a squashed rodent from the road and plonked it on his head, it would've looked more authentic.'< Less
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When, by an unlooked-for sequence of events, I became manager of "The Garden with House Attached" (as an important preliminary) along with "The Third Son"[1] I went over from... More > Cambridge to take account of its possibilities. And here be it stated that from the time of his first trousers "The Third Son" had been my assistant gardener; and in all my horticultural enterprises, might still be counted in as "aider and abettor." "Mother," said this astute young person—on our return from this inspection—"It is a big job; but there is yet another week of my vacation. Let us make a beginning." In shaping the ground plan of this quaint old garden, its long-dead projectors had shown a capability which came within an ace of genius itself! Hence, so far as laying out went, there was absolutely no call for improvement. All had been so well and effectively outlined, that the landscape gardener himself must have approved.< Less

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