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Training a Pitbull for Beginners By Teresa Number
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Contrary to the usual image of an aggressive breed that pitbulls have these dogs are actually very social. They love people and pleasing their owners is their top priority. It's not just the pitbull... More > but any animal if not handled properly by its owner can become ill behaved and difficult to control. The pitbulls are however at a disadvantage when it comes to reputation with respect to their behavior. This book covers several aspects of training a pitbull such as: - Dog Obedience House Training How To Go About It - A Guide To Behavior Training - Dog Obedience And Socialization - Being The Boss - Dog Obedience On Come Or Recall Command - Basic Commands For Dog Obedience - Developing A Well Trained Dog - Dog Obedience Classes What You Should Know - How To Master Dog Obedience and so much more! Scroll up... and click on "Buy Now" to deliver almost instantly to your iPad or other reading device.< Less
Irma's House of Numbers (Counting The Kennedy Conspiracy) By Renee Ashley Baker
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An Investigator Turned Novelist Uses Numerology and Discovers Connections between A TV Show, An Airport, A Nuclear Physicist and The Kennedy Assassination....
Dirty House By Adeola Adejokun
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He is the black sheep in the family, always out of phase with the family values and principles. In the light of his odd way of life, he leaves his parent’s house for an old abandoned family... More > house. Stepping into the house, things turn around for the mice, rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes and other insects in the house. With a lot of inconviniences, followed by deliberations and evaluations, a union gradually emerges to fight their number one enemy, that is, the only man in the house.< Less
House of Marriage By Klaudio Zic
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How many issues can be found in your 7th house? In terms of numbers, dozens! In terms of quality, variegated classes of objects may lurk within any astrological house; namely giant comets, dwarf... More > planets, reptilian centaurs or dark planets. Already one of those may represent a sleeping agent in waiting only to be triggered by a so-called “direction”; where your naïve astrologer may find no threat at all.< Less
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The House of Pride By Jack London
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Published in 1912, The House of Pride is a collection of six short stories linked by their location in the Hawaiian Islands and a general theme of race and class within the context of a mobile... More > immigrant culture. London was particularly interested in the way in which American money was influencing Hawaiian culture and he was sympathetic to the native tribes in their struggle against exploitation on a number the levels. Another theme here is leprosy, which was present in the islands during the time London was visiting. The disease features in the best story in the collection, Koolau the Leper, in which the eponymous character leads a rebellion of lepers against the police and military when they are threatened with deportation.< Less
A Doll's House By Henrik Ibsen
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[SCENE.--A room furnished comfortably and tastefully, but not extravagantly. At the back, a door to the right leads to the entrance-hall, another to the left leads to Helmer's study. Between the... More > doors stands a piano. In the middle of the left-hand wall is a door, and beyond it a window. Near the window are a round table, arm-chairs and a small sofa. In the right-hand wall, at the farther end, another door; and on the same side, nearer the footlights, a stove, two easy chairs and a rocking-chair; between the stove and the door, a small table. Engravings on the walls; a cabinet with china and other small objects; a small book-case with well-bound books. The floors are carpeted, and a fire burns in the stove. It is winter. A bell rings in the hall; shortly afterwards the door is heard to open. Enter NORA, humming a tune and in high spirits. She is in outdoor dress and carries a number of parcels; these she lays on the table to the right. ...]< Less
Downwicke House By Paul Curran
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In 1709 Downwicke House was destroyed by a fire that killed Lord Downwicke and every one of his twelve guests. These were all men who were the leading aristocracy, judges and Members of Parliament of... More > their day. The fire was said to have been started by Romany gypsies and a number of these were hanged for this supposed crime. The truth was that Lord Downwicke and his coven had been attempting to perform the abominable Satanic Rite of the Crucified Child with an abducted Romany gypsy boy in an attempt to raise and enslave Satan himself. Three hundred years later Josh Kellen brings his wife and two young children to, what they believe, is the house of their dreams. Instead Satanic forces are awakened and rise up to kill the innocent and hunt for a new victim to finally complete the abomination that is the Rite of the Crucified Child.< Less
The House of the Octopus By Jason Colavito
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In “The Call of Cthulhu” (1926), H. P. Lovecraft described a global cult that worshiped the octopus-headed extra-terrestrial god Cthulhu, his minions, and the megalithic undersea city in... More > the Pacific where they rested dead but dreaming until the day of Cthulhu’s glorious resurrection. While Lovecraft’s undersea monster drew on a number of mythic sources, surprisingly and unbeknownst to Lovecraft, there was a real religion in the Pacific that reproduced with uncanny accuracy the major details of the Cthulhu myth as given in the story. In Samoa the war god took the form of an octopus, lived in a great stone palace called the House of the Octopus, and was periodically reborn in a glorious resurrection. His followers prayed to him for blinding red rage. This book collects five essays on the octopus god of the Pacific and his cult, including the startling details of the real-life Cthulhu cult of the Pacific.< Less
Numbers: For the Person in the Pew By Jim West
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This commentary on the book of Numbers is part of a series of commentaries, each to be published by Quartz Hill Publishing House, and each to be in a concise format. The textual base of the... More > commentary is the venerable American Standard Version of 1901. This English version is really one of the best ever produced and it continues to be valuable even now, over 100 years later. There are no frills here: no extensive footnotes, no lengthy outlines, no overbearing introductions—just the text and what it means.< Less