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Irma's House of Numbers (Counting The Kennedy Conspiracy) By Renee Ashley Baker
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An Investigator Turned Novelist Uses Numerology and Discovers Connections between A TV Show, An Airport, A Nuclear Physicist and The Kennedy Assassination....
Random Numbers By Jack Okorn
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What would you do if one day you found that one of your children was somehow possessed by some unknown force? This is a story of a loving family that wanted to move to give their family a better more... More > relaxed upbringing away from the city. While selecting a house price is not the only thing to consider. Houses seem to take and hold many secrets from others that have lived in them before you move in. Always look into the past of the house before you buy.< Less
Number Seventeen By Louis Tracy
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Number Seventeen is a 1932 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, based on a stage play by J. Jefferson Farjeon, and starring John Stuart, Anne Grey and Leon M. Lion. The film is about a group of... More > criminals who committed a jewel robbery and put their money in an old house over a railway leading to the English Channel, the film's title being derived from the house's street number. An outsider stumbles onto this plot and intervenes with the help of a neighbour, a police officer's daughter.After being available only in poor-quality prints for decades, the film was released in high quality by French media company Canal+ in 2005.Detective Barton is searching for a necklace stolen by a gang of thieves. Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
Dirty House By Adeola Adejokun
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He is the black sheep in the family, always out of phase with the family values and principles. In the light of his odd way of life, he leaves his parent’s house for an old abandoned family... More > house. Stepping into the house, things turn around for the mice, rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes and other insects in the house. With a lot of inconviniences, followed by deliberations and evaluations, a union gradually emerges to fight their number one enemy, that is, the only man in the house.< Less
House of Marriage By Klaudio Zic
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How many issues can be found in your 7th house? In terms of numbers, dozens! In terms of quality, variegated classes of objects may lurk within any astrological house; namely giant comets, dwarf... More > planets, reptilian centaurs or dark planets. Already one of those may represent a sleeping agent in waiting only to be triggered by a so-called “direction”; where your naïve astrologer may find no threat at all.< Less
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The House of Pride By Jack London
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Published in 1912, The House of Pride is a collection of six short stories linked by their location in the Hawaiian Islands and a general theme of race and class within the context of a mobile... More > immigrant culture. London was particularly interested in the way in which American money was influencing Hawaiian culture and he was sympathetic to the native tribes in their struggle against exploitation on a number the levels. Another theme here is leprosy, which was present in the islands during the time London was visiting. The disease features in the best story in the collection, Koolau the Leper, in which the eponymous character leads a rebellion of lepers against the police and military when they are threatened with deportation.< Less
A House to Let By Charles Dickens et al.
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"A House to Let" is a short story by Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins, Elizabeth Gaskell and Adelaide Anne Procter. It was originally published in 1858 in the Christmas edition of Dickens'... More > Household Words magazine. Each of the contributors wrote a chapter and the story was edited by Dickens. "A House to Let" was the first collaboration between the four writers, although Collins and Dickens had worked with Procter on previous Christmas stories for the magazine in 1854, 1855, and 1856. The four authors would write together again in 1859's "The Haunted House" which appeared in the extra Christmas number of All the Year Round, the successor to Household Words which Dickens had started after a dispute with his publishers.< Less
House of Sorrows By Shaykh 'Abbas i Qumm
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House of Sorrows is the first ever book in English to detail the last six months of the life of the only daughter of Prophet Muhammad, Fatimah az-Zahra. This book focuses on the status of Lady... More > Fatimah from Qur’anic verses and traditions and delves into the events immediately preceding the death of Prophet Muhammad. There are a number of events discussed in this text such as saqifah, the taking of Fadak, and then, in vivid words, goes through the last months of her life. Be prepared to shed tears as you read the heart-wrenching events of what happened to az-Zahra as recounted and narrated in the major books of the Ahlul Sunnah and the Shi’a.< Less
Tiny Houses By Sean Foley
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Tiny Houses - Tiny House Plans And Constructions - Discover Amazing Space Tricks For Living Big In Your Tiny Home! (FREE BONUS INCLUDED) The technique of building the tiny houses requires more... More > planning than building an ordinary home. The tiny homes are quite tempting, and they are much impractical for a large number of people. This eBook has the complete guide about the constructions of tiny houses and amazing tricks for living big in the small homes. The book is divided into five sections. The first section is about the tips and tricks for building the tiny house. The plans and constructions of the perfect tiny house are given in the second section. The amazing plans for living big in the tiny house are mentioned in the third chapter of this eBook. The fourth section has the tricks and tips for building the tiny houses on wheels. The last section is about the things to avoid in constructing the tiny homes.< Less