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Mastering The Art Of Attraction By Elizabeth Moreen
Paperback: $15.48
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This book has been written for those guys who want to make full use of their life in making love with different girls. This book provides you with the basic skills of how to become a charmer and... More > great seducer and how you can attract any woman or girl you happen to come across.< Less
How To Make Women Like You By Kevin Young
eBook (PDF): $7.99
There’s not some big secret when it comes to attracting women, every guy just needs to make certain changes regarding himself and the way he approaches life. Once this is accomplished, it... More > becomes immensely easier to attract the women you want. How To Make Women Like You, provides you with detailed information needed to make the changes necessary to attract women.< Less
How to Get Women to Approach You By Jack Beck
eBook (ePub): $25.00
This is simple , yet a mighty way of getting ladies to mob you with attention. If you have been looking for a cheap way to get dates,then read this book today.
Dating and Mating: The Power of Attraction By Darren G. Burton
Paperback: $17.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
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What is the power of attraction between men and women? How can we develop it and emanate more of it? Dating and Mating: The Power of Attraction helps you develop your powers of attraction through... More > learning what attraction is, how to make yourself more attractive, practising the art of successful flirting and developing your body language skills. Whether male or female, learn how to increase your sex appeal and master the art of magnifying your attraction factor. Become highly irresistible, admired and desired by the opposite sex.< Less
Attract Date Models By FanCheng Zhang
eBook (PDF): $1.99
How to easily approach, attract and seduce models! Finally, you can discover the "insider" secrets of attracting models -- the hottest, sexiest and most desired women in the world...even if... More > you don't have the money, success or "looks". Imagine walking up to a super hot, stunning model, and getting her "hooked" on you within seconds -- while everybody else stares in shock, confusion, and even jealousy ... including your friends, other men, and even other women... Yes... these stunning beauties are the epitome of "hotness" and attractiveness in our society. It's every man's dream to walk into a room with a gorgeous, sexy model in his arm...and make everybody wonder about how you landed such a hot babe... and know that this goddess will be going home with you, at the end of the night...< Less
How To Talk To The Women Of Your Dreams By Günther Staszewski
eBook (ePub): $11.02
We use daily only a fraction of our mental and psychological resources. And unfortunately this is also the case if men want to attract attractive women. The eBook "How to talk to the woman of... More > your dreams" describes an effective method by which men, women can successfully appeal - completely free of inhibitions. The response of dream women is therefore as simple as daily bread Buy at the bakery. Since even the shyest man loses his fears and receives numerous contacts with women of his choice. The method cracks the main problem of many men: the fear to approach a beautiful woman. The book therefore differs from the numerous flirting counselors who spread only clumsy pick-up lines or cheap flirting tips that there is anywhere to read< Less
How to Get and Keep Sexy Women By Alex Youssefi
eBook (ePub): $25.00
In this book, I have simply used the adjectives attractive, beautiful, gorgeous, and sexy interchangeably for the sake of word variety. Please understand that a lot of what is written is serious,... More > but you should also be aware that there is a lot of humor in this book as well (or at least I would hope that my attempt at humor is funny). In addition, all people mentioned in this book have had their names changed to protect their identities and private lives. I hope you enjoy this book, and I honestly hope it helps you get and keep the woman or women of your dreams: a gorgeous woman (or gor-geous women).< Less
Paperback: $24.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book will teach you how to: 1. Develop your skills & confidence so you have choices with the type of women you want to meet, date, have sex and share your life with; 2. Help you address and... More > overcome fears, loneliness, stress and anxiety, and help you grow and live a more powerful abundant life; 3. Learn what women really want in a man and how to become this man; 4. Create a truly powerful, enriched life filled with direction, great friends, fun, passion and adventure; 5. Overcome fears of approaching women and create a life filled with women. You will learn how to date and experience the type of life others could only dream of; 6. Becoming proud of you... loving your own uniqueness and sex appeal; 7. Lighten up and become more fun, and attract more wonderful people into your new socially-adventurous life; 8. Become available for love and a have a great woman in your life; It's time to become a superhero with the ladies!< Less
Sexual Attraction - How to Trigger Sexual Attraction In Any Woman and Multiply Her Desire to Be With You - For Men By Francisco Bujan
eBook (ePub): $19.00
Creating sexual attraction in a woman is an art - The thing is that so many guys believe it is just luck! They believe that some guys have it and some don't! - That's so far a way from the truth -... More > You take a man who has been systematically failing with women and you give him the right tools and you will see that man suddenly be VERY successful with any woman! Why is it like that? Because women ARE predictable! They respond to VERY specific signals and communication patterns - In this book, I tell you exactly what these attraction elements are and how to manifest them in your dating life - ANY man should know these things! Women want YOU to know because they are frustrated about going on dates with men who underperform - They see a guy coming to a date and blowing it within the first 5 min! - It is NOT complicate but you ABSOLUTELY must know what works and what doesn't when trying to connect with the women you are attracted to.< Less
Taking the Mystery Out of Becoming a World Class Pick-Up Artist: Learn How to Be a Player & Attract Women Quickly and Easily! By Little Red Books
eBook (PDF): $24.99
Just imagine how much your life will change once you are able to meet, date and make love to the women of your choice? How much more would you enjoy life if you could be around beautiful affectionate... More > women who really wanted your company and were willing to express that desire in the most passionate ways possible? Can you see where I'm going with this? Simply apply the techniques and skills presented in this book and you'll be on your way to a more exciting, fulfilling, sexual lifestyle in no time flat.< Less

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