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Silence By Mikyla Jamison
Paperback: $14.51
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Megan Hanslynn, a deaf girl who is going to 10th grade ready to have another great year, but she does not want to go to the back to school party everyone is going to. But her best friend Avery makes... More > her go. Instead of a fun bash with her friends and the new hot guy, she is taken within 20 minutes of the party. Will she make it. How will she communicate. Will these be her last days?< Less
How to Make a Dress out of Silence By Janice Windle
Paperback: $9.61
Prints in 3-5 business days
In this second collection Janice Windle presents forty-five of her poems, written between 2010 and 2012, in an eclectic mix of the sublime and the slightly ridiculous, which, she maintains, mirrors... More > much of her life. Thoughtful and sometimes thought-provoking, she draws on a varied experience as artist and teacher, expatriate in the Far East and child of the mid-twentieth century. Her poems are honest, direct, sometimes funny, always constructed with the listener in mind. Janice Windle lives in Guildford, Surrey, with her partner, poet Dónall Dempsey.< Less
Pistol Silencer Manual By Birgir Runar Saemundsson
eBook (PDF): $19.95
Pistol silencer manual.How to make silencer for your pistol,revolver,automatic or single shot. Complete instructions and illustrations with blueprint drawings.Silences very well with subsonic... More > ammunition.Complete muzzle flash hiding. This gun silencer design has been used for over 35 years with good results. The very best hearing protection for shooters. Can be modified to shooters need as to diameter and length,due to the unique design of pistol silencer.Simple to make and clean.Excellent for PaintBall guns.62 Pages. ISBN: 978-9979-9867-9-9< Less
Silence is the Way: The Teachings of Buddha By Swami Dhyan Giten
Paperback: $12.20
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is a work of art, and a pleasure to read. This book is a compilation of lectures during satsang with spiritual teacher Swami Dhyan Giten on the teachings of Buddha. Giten is a master in... More > transmitting the light and joy, without too many words. Buddha's greatest message, his gift to humanity, is the message of no-self, anatta, silence and emptiness, says Giten in this book. Through using Buddha's wisdom as a jumping board, Giten gives life to words that has the power to change how se see the world. Satsang with Giten is a direct insight and realization of being. I was so afraid that I would lose the silence that I had found during satsang in India, but I found the silence again in satsang with Giten. This book is for everybody that wants to find a new dimension of awareness in their live, which will make you endlessly enriched and blessed. Delight in the call of the ocean. Capture the silence and allow yourself the fragrance of truth, joy and light. From the foreword by Satyama Padma< Less
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Double Action Silencer & Muzzle Brake By Birgir Runar Saemundsson
eBook (PDF): $24.95
Double Action Silencer & Muzzle Brake! By combining a silencer and a muzzle breake,I have succeeded in making a one piece unit Silencer+Muzzle Brake,which is a breakthrough invention ,for rifles... More > and pistols.Many problems are solved for rifle shooters,since gun shooters,target competitors,varmint hunters and big game hunters,had only one option.The Muzzle Breake takes out up to 50 %, off the rifle and pistol recoil.The Silencer completely silences,with subsonic ammunition.Muzzle flash hiding! For rifles and pistols in cal.22 lr ,22 mag,22 Hornet cal.222Rem,cal.223 Rem, cal.22/250 Rem, cal.243 Win ,cal.6mm PPC,cal.6.5mm, cal.7mm Rem Mag, cal.308 Win,300 Win Mag, 8MM Rem,cal.338Mag, cal.375 Mag,cal.458 Win Mag, cal.460Mag.Pistol calibers,9 MM,357 Mag,38 Special,44 Mag,45 ACP. Adobe pdf.With drawings 18 pages.E Book. Copyright.Certified.Patent Pending USPTO,UK IPO,EPO. Supported Languages:Russian,Chinese, Dutch,French,German,Greek,talian,Japanese, Korean,Portuguese,Spanish,Arabic.ISBN 978-9979-9867-1-3< Less
Gun Silencer Manual.For Rifles and Pistols. By Birgir Runar Saemundsson
eBook (PDF): $14.95
Gun Silencer Manual for rifles and pistols in cal.22 lr,22 mag,22 Hornet,222 Rem,223 Rem,22/250 Rem,243 Win,6mm PPC,6.5mm,7mm,308,300 Win,9 MM,357,38,44,45,and larger rifles and pistols.Complete... More > blueprint drawings and illustrated instructions,on how to make gun silencer. Installation guide for muzzle end of barrel. Silences completely,with subsonic ammunition.The only sound you hear is the click of the firing pin! Simple and easy to make and install. Download Adobe 25 pages,eBook with blueprint drawings,and instructions to have on your workbench.Warning! Utilization is only allowed in countries where the use of silencers is legal. Use only for,varmint,tactical,target and hunting purposes. BRS Custom Rifles. Copyright 2008. All Rights reserved. Supported Languages: English,Russian,Chinese,French,Arabic,German, Japanese,Korean,Italian,Portuguese,Spanish,Dutch Finnish,Danish,Swedish,Norwegian,Croatian,Polish, Czech,Bulgarian,Romanian,Greek. ISBN 978-9979-9867-0-6< Less
Shut Up! Silencing the Negative Voice Within By Greg Smith
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Everyone has an evil, negative voice within that spews doubt, self criticism, and negativity. Learn how to make yours SHUT UP!
Making Money With Storage Auctions By Edward Busoni
Paperback: $18.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
It is a little known fact that all across America each month, thousands of storage units are auctioned off because the tenants have failed to pay the rent. The vast majority of these units will be... More > sold well below what they are worth. This creates an opportunity for the ambitious, risk taking investor. It is possible to buy these units and profit from the sale of the items they contain. I, personally, have seen profits in one day that put a years worth of stock market gains to shame. You might ask yourself why you have not heard about these opportunities before. Well, the answer is that auction buyers know how much money they can make and are careful not to reveal their secrets. Inside this book, I break this code of silence. Learn how you can take part in this great opportunity!< Less
Fanning the Flames: How Saul Alinsky Taught the Radical Left to Use Ridicule, Slander, and Intimidation to Silence Conservatives and Advance Its Radical Agenda By Peter Christopher Pappas
Paperback: $24.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Radical leftists will stop at nothing to silence conservatives—even if it means engaging in slander, ridicule, and intimidation. In Fanning the Flames author Peter Christopher Pappas, a popular... More > political theorist, makes the case that radical leftists are intent on achieving their goals “by any means necessary.” Although they may not know it, these leftists follow the tactics prescribed by Saul Alinsky, whose 1972 book, Rules for Radicals, codified the revolutionary tactics he used to organize unions, minorities, and the poor in a bid to redistribute the nation’s power and wealth. Today, gay rights radicals such as Dan Savage, extreme feminists like Catherine MacKinnnon, and race agitators like Al Sharpton carry on Alinsky’s crusade by hoodwinking the masses into believing that conservatives are homophobic, sexist, and racist. If you want to know why the radical left viciously slanders and defames conservatives, you need to read Fanning the Flames.< Less

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