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Gossip Rehab: How To Stop Gossip By Annette Adams
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IF THEY GOSSIP TO YOU THEY GOSSIP ABOUT YOU...GIVE THIS TO A FRIEND WHO DOES BOTH...A history of the word gossip. Twelve steps and why to take the high road. Games, stories, and art. Etymology,... More > words and definitions. Buddhist and Christian rules. Annette Adams has investigated the history of gossip for a decade. Growing up in a family of nine daughters, and attending an all-girls Catholic Preparatory High School (Mercy Burlingame), gossip came naturally. This is a book to give to the friend who gossips to you and about you.< Less
The Gossip Stall By Amy Van Sant
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All girls have had to deal with drama throughout there teen years and there are many different ways of expressing it. In this short story, a clique takes control of the fourth bathroom stall by... More > writing gossip on the inside door. And when Olivia Greenmore the innocent new student arrives, she has to deal with the drama with the help of her new friends. How will she handle it? Find out in this young adult short story that has a lesson to teach younger girls.< Less
Gossips et Manipulations By Vaniliane
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Two people of the opposite sex, get to know and love through social networks. But a third person requires them silently and stealthily. I do not want anyone to meet people who say "our... More > friends" and we gently manipulate the intent to harm us, no matter how .. Prepare to read the worst plots.< Less
Astro Gossip - Sympathy for the "Astrologer" By Klaudio Zic
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? There are two types. ? The toddler who divines by heart in the street – you shoeshine boy. ? The fat prevaricator at his desk who never divines anything. ? The first type learned it all in... More > twenty minutes. The second never learned anything. ? The first type has to know how to count to ten in order to tell the moment of your next marriage. ? The second type dies from “sudden and unexpected” death. ? Now, what happens when they meet? The shoeshine boy of course immediately predicts the moment of death of his client – not knowing said dead man’s trade. ? The client of course has no idea how said shoeshine boy divined for him.< Less
Astro Gossip - Ascendant By Klaudio Zic
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EASTERN ASCENDANT Why is it called the ascendant? There are many constellations rising = crossing the horizon at the selfsame time. Only the ascendant rises at due east. Nobody wants you to know... More > this, of course: because they don’t know and because it is simple and observable with naked eye. There are 16 ascendants for the current epoch. TRIUNE ASCENDANT How many ascendants you can have? Up to three.< Less
How to Avoid Rumors & Gossip: A Critical Advice for Business and Everyday Life By Dr. Vivencio Ballano
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Have you been bothered by rumors and gossip lately? Have you received an incredible gossip on Facebook that you died in an accident? Are your employees, students, colleagues or loved ones being... More > targeted by nasty rumors and gossip? Is your school, business firm or social organization prone to intrigues, hoaxes, and urban legends? If your answer to one or more of these questions is "yes", then this critical guide is for you. This book clarifies the nature and source of rumors and gossip in social organizations and provides some critical advice to people on how to deal with unverified information in public life. Rumors and gossip do not only "kill" millions of people psychologically but also literally through depression and suicide. Thus, rumors and gossip, if not properly handled and avoided, can become “weapons of mass destruction”. This book is, therefore, a must read to students, teachers, parents, managers and all people who are affected by rumors and gossip in business and everyday life.< Less
5 Smart Ways To Totally Enjoy Workplace Gossip By ify chinedum O
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This e-book will help you learn how to handle office gossip, rumors or any other workplace squabble. Don't let any office colleague or co-worker frustrate your work life!
Gossip and Other Stories: Four Erotic and Romantic Tales By D. Jackson
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The four stories in this collection are written for an ADULT audience as they may contain graphic descriptions of sexual behavior. The stories in total contain in excess of 15,000 words. Gossip: A... More > wife gets a lesson in how to be more accepting and a wee bit shocking and thereby becomes a better wife and a better friend. By the Pool: What does a married man gain by turning down an affair that his wife would never have known about? Gutsy: A wife thinks her husband is clueless about her affair. But maybe she's the clueless one. The Girls: A story of emerging sexuality. One young man's journey along the road to himself.< Less
Effective Management of Workplace Gossip Issues: Guide to Minimizing and Handling Toxic Talk By Tina Nacrelli
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Gossip in the workplace…it’s just a harmless by-product of corporate life, right? Wrong. If left unchecked, toxic talk can wreak havoc on your organization. In fact, workplace gossip... More > is counter-productive and a morale killer. It breeds resentment and becomes a roadblock to effective communication and collaboration. But it’s human nature to complain, everybody gossips. So, if gossip is here to stay, how can you minimize its damaging effects? Introducing Effective Management of Workplace Gossip: Guide to Handling and Minimizing Toxic Talk – a no-fluff, plain-English report you can use to take control of the situation and end negative gossip and rumors in the workplace. This comprehensive, 90 page guide gives you all the details and support materials you and your managers need to minimize and eliminate gossip in the workplace.< Less
Good Lord... Do You Have Anything Better to Do Than to Gossip About Me By Tyrone Short
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Tyrone Short paints a vivid depiction of the victimization of gossiping. Any victim of bullying will be able to share that gossiping was a weapon that was used to further cut at the heart of the... More > victim. In his newest book, Tyrone Short shares his outlook on some of his recent bouts of becoming a target of gossipers and how to look at the positive side of these encounters. In, ‘Good Lord Are You Still Gossiping About Me’ Tyrone Short continues in his ‘thinking out loud’ commentaries, this subject being gossiping. This book is especially geared to those who can relate to becoming a victim of gossip and slander. In Tyrone Short’s own words, “Gossiping is a form of bullying, and once you know how to recognize the true value and self-worth of these persons in your life, then you will be able to see the positive side of these trials and feel more optimistic and empowered to walk through them emotionally unscratched".< Less

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