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Lucifer's three Hairs By John Herbert
Paperback: $12.82
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Why is a soldier lying under a bed waiting for the chance to pluck three hairs from Lucifer’s backside? What will a young man do when a troll tricks and mutilates his two brothers? How does an... More > attractive widow deal with the attention from three unwanted suitors? What happens when a newly married man tires of being bossed around by his wife? How is a beautiful young woman helped by three goddesses after she falls foul of a witch’s curse? All will be revealed when you read “Lucifer’s three Hairs and other stories.” “Lucifer’s three Hairs and other stories” contains 27 folk and wonder stories retold from Denmark’s rich canon of traditional stories.< Less
Absalom's Hair (Illustrated) By Bjornstjerne Bjornson
eBook (ePub): $1.99
There are some people who always will hold aloof. They are as irresponsive as a sooty kettle when you strike it. They are like peevish children who say "I won't," or surly old dogs who... More > growl at every one. But HE was so exceedingly genial, a capital fellow with the highest spirits. He had looks as well; he was six feet high; and all those six feet were clothed in perfect taste. He had large flashing eyes and a broad forehead. He was practised in making clear to others all in which he was interested, and at such times how handsome he looked< Less
Love, Peace, and Hair Grease By Katherine Henderson
eBook (ePub): $8.99
There are approximately ten million multiracial haired individuals in the United States. Multiracial hair is unique and beautiful. No two heads of multiracial hair are alike. All multiracial hair... More > will be different in length, texture, strength and health. It can be tightly curled, loosely curled, very wavy, slightly wavy, or straight. This guidebook provides practical and specific hair care solutions for all the many different multiracial hair types and textures. Learn how to: keep multiracial hair clean, healthy and manageable. select the right moisturizing method for multiracial hair. pick and use the correct tools to care for multiracial hair. Love, Peace and Hair Grease promises to make multiracial hair beautiful, soft and manageable by offering “Love” for diversity, a little ”Peace” of mind, and a general understanding of the power of “Hair Grease”. For Professional and Non-Professional use.< Less
Hair Loss Prevention By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Are you noticing that your hair starts to drop? Losing your hair every day, or start having a bald patch on your head? No matter if you are male or female, hair loss sometimes is unavoidable. Or... More > not? In the past, people can't help losing hair. There's nothing much they can do except to accept the hard fact. However, with now medical improvement and technology, hair loss prevention is no longer a myth. There are many ways you can do to prevent hair loss, and even regrow your hair back in no time! This ebook compiles tons of tips teaching you how you can prevent your hair from dropping, and grow back your hair! If you care about your image, get this ebook today!< Less
Classic Readers: Absalom's Hair By Bjornstjerne Bjornson
eBook (ePub): $2.99
(1 Ratings)
The novel "Absalom's Hair" by Bjornstjerne Bjornson, opens with a large amount of static description. First Harald Kaas, and then his home, and then a female guest, are all described in... More > meticulous detail. The writing is very smooth, but the flow of the novel is staunched before it has even begun. This is a great shame, because Harald Kaas is an appealing character as he is described. Early on, Harald Kaas abandons his bachelor life to marry Kristen Ravn, a wealthy socialite with a penchant for writing purposefully shocking short stories. She is much younger than Kaas, and the talk of the town is that their marriage cannot be happy. How could it, when people 'had heard something of how this husband and wife lived, one in each wing of the house, with different staffs of servants, and with separate incomes; that she had furnished her side in her own way, at her own expense, and had apparently conceived the idea of a new kind of married life.'?< Less
Simple Steps to Hair Braiding By Bukola Oriola
eBook (PDF): $14.99
Simple Steps to Hair Braiding is a guide designed to teach you how to create painless and simple braiding styles. It reveals the various steps involved in natural hair braiding with extensions. You... More > will also be able acquire the technique to braid extensions into natural (virgin) or processed hair in a professional but simple way. It is also important to braid with hair cream or grease. It is both soothing and healthy for the scalp. The four beginner styles, including single braids, cornrows, weaves and kinky/rope twist, are the main focus of this book.< Less
Aroma Hair E book By melanie vonzabuesnig
eBook (PDF): $13.95
This book leaves the reader feeling as if they’ve just completed a crash course in aromatherapy, especially as it applies to hair and scalp. The author shares her obvious love for aromatherapy... More > in a delightful and concise manner. Many aromatherapy books contain recipes for hair care with no explanation of the inner workings. This book explains exactly how essential oils work to get the scalp and hair in the best condition possible for healthy hair growth. There are over 100 recipes for various scalp and hair conditions, including formulas for children. Thirty different essential oils commonly used for hair care are intimately profiled. Precise blending information, along with step-by-step instructions allows the reader to safely and effectively create customized blends. Three reference charts are included to make it easy to decide which essential oils to use when creating customized formulas. This book will become a valuable resource for any person wishing to use aromatherapy for hair care.< Less
Hair is MY Business By Tamara Wagner
Paperback: $34.95
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Whether you are in school, just out of school, or wanting to make a change and take your career to the next level,this book can give you the tools you need to facilitate your journey. Hair Is My... More > Business book will help you think about the kind of career you want,help you plan to achieve it,and show you how to transform your personal passion into business success. From the stories, to the insights, to the quotes that will inspire, you will find this a useful tool to refer back to through the years.< Less
Naturally Straight Hair By DeShond Barnes
Paperback: $11.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Many people press their hair regularly, but most people who press their hair don’t like the intense heat exposure that goes along with it as heat exposure can cause severe damage to hair. Most... More > people who press their hair could never imagine a way of getting pressed hair without heat exposure. But what if that were possible? What if you could press your hair in a way that does not involve the use of heat? Well you are about to learn how to do just that, so say BYE-BYE to COARSE, UNMANAGEABLE HAIR... and say HELLO to “naturally” STRAIGHT HAIR! This book uncovers a revolutionary new method of pressing your hair without the use of pressing combs or blow dryers. The method combines a special shampoo, hair oil and special hair combing techniques that will leave your hair so ultra-silky soft and smooth that it will look and feel as though it has been pressed with a pressing comb, and will eliminate the need for pressing combs and blow dryers - thus eliminating the potential for hair damage.< Less
Hair Thinning!! The Simple Truth By Iris Trussell
eBook (PDF): $11.50
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Find out some of the common causes of hair thinning, and how illnesses, medications, and other factors play a part. Millions of Americans, both men and women, suffer from hair loss. This is not a... More > black or white issue, it's universal! In this book, you will find a list of medications and illnesses that are known to cause hair thinning. You will also find charts to help you select the right products for your hair, including shampoo's, conditioners, permanent waves, relaxers, and styling aids. In addition to these charts, you will learn what you can do to help provide better care for your hair and scalp. This book is short and simple to understand, but full of vital information. Don't let the size fool you.< Less

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