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Karen Marie Hoy Strohmeier By Judy Hoy
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You light up a room by your very presence. You put people of all ages at ease with your congeniality. You are outspoken and assertive without being domineering. From early on in life, your siblings... More > and friends looked to you for leadership and direction. You address the challenges of parenting while balancing your roles of wife, grandmother, homemaker and career woman. What a fantastic role model you have been to all who know you. Dad and I are so proud to have you as our daughter.< Less
Wayne Paul Hoy By Judy Hoy
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Wayne Paul puts one hundred percent into all his endeavors and undertakings as his “Wings of Steel” are coated with quiet confidence, inter discipline, respect, sincerity and honesty. And... More > as Commander at the Bureau of Investigations at the Indio District Attorney Office he is spreading those wings even further.< Less
Philip Allen Hoy By Judy Hoy
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At an early age Philip started putting his talents to use, at first for the entertainment of himself and his siblings. Then he proceeded to enhance our home as well as our Church with his God-given... More > skills. He grew up creating, carving and painting swords, banners, shields, piñatas, mosaics, murals, sewing costumes and Santa Elf’s caps, building backdrops for plays and party games, as well as furniture and much, much more. He painted the picture on the front and back of the Processional Cross used at Mass at Our Lady of Soledad and built four candle stands for Advent. I can’t forget the drums. Oh, how he loved to play the drums, letting the melody and sound bounce off his bedroom walls. He even got together with a group of his high school friends to form a small band.< Less
Theresa Susanne Hoy Ysiano By Judy Hoy
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You have let your faith and trust in God carry you through the hard times and always put your family first. You join Nicco in addressing the challenges of parenting. While balancing the role of wife,... More > mother and homemaker you have supplemented the family income by undertaking all the responsibilities involved in running The Gymnastic Academy. Recognizing Katryana’s gymnastic abilities, you have encouraged and supported her in developing her talent to the fullest. You set goals for yourself and are your own taskmaster in seeing that they are met.< Less
Steven Mark Hoy By Judy Hoy
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I remember one day you were outside playing and the Florist delivered flowers to the house. You came in to ask why I had been sent flowers. I told you they were from your father as it was... More > Mother’s Day. You went back outside and came in a few minutes later with a handful of marigolds which you had picked from the front garden, handed them to me with your own salutation―“Happy Mother’s Day.”< Less
Jonathan David Hoy By Judy Hoy
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On Dad’s ordination Jon carved a candle with a flame out of wood and painted the words “May our light shine before God” on it. Jon, you have no idea what a light you have been.
Rita Kathleen Hoy Duran 1 By Judy Hoy
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Rita Kathleen Duran is God’s present to this earth. Reaching out in love like the roots of a tree, you nourish the lives of all those who know you. God is breathing through Rita. God loves... More > others through Rita, and all who have contact with Rita are blanketed in His love because of her very existence.< Less
Bernice Hoy Ramirez Last one By Judy Hoy
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Throughout your life you have never hesitated to take on challenges participating in multiple 5Ks, one half marathon, one triathlon, one figure competition and even a Mud Run at Camp Pendleton. You... More > have always been your own person not caring if you didn’t conform. You have not let mistakes or making the wrong decisions keep you from rising above your problems. You set goals for yourself and continually strive to meet them.< Less
Steampunk Fairy Coloring Book By Mary Hoy
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Color your own Steampunk Fairy Oracles! This Coloring Book includes all 36 images from Mary Hoy's Steampunk Fairy Oracle Deck based on the Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand Oracle concept from the... More > 1800’s. All images are from the original hand drawn renditions and ready to be colored in by crayons, colored pencils, etc! Fun for all ages!< Less
A Good and Faithful Servant By Judy Hoy
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Reflections on the Law Enforcement Career of Wayne Mark Hoy. Compiled by his wife, Judy Hoy, from personal journals and letters. "When he rode in the patrol car for the first time, he said he... More > thought, 'They are going to pay me for doing this! I’d do it for nothing!' He did not come home that first day until midnight as the officer on afternoon dispatch had called in sick."< Less