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Outline of Human Biology By Michael A Heintz
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Outline of human biology for general college-level education requirements.
Rise of the BIOLOGS By Alex Oldham
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Helen and Richard Green are travelers in time. Over one thousand years have passed since they were revived from a frozen sleep, to find themselves in perfect and immortal bodies. Biological humans... More > (or Biologs) are retreating to their home planet, where a reclusive and power hungry leader has set them on a course of global conflict. And when Helen and Richard accept an unsolicited invite from him, they discover a nightmare has returned to haunt them. Will the man calling himself Raven lead the human race to extinction, or will the powerful system that controls most of humanity win out. And for Helen and Richard, can their love survive the challenge that threatens to tear them apart. In the future, there will always be surprises!< Less
Rise of the Biologs By Alex Oldham
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Year: 4210, Solar System: Sol, Planets: Earth One to Eighty, Helen and Richard Green are travelers in time. Over one thousand years have passed since they were revived from a frozen sleep, to find... More > themselves in perfect and immortal bodies. Or so they thought, because yet again, they find themselves drawn into a conflict that threatens their lives, in ways only their unique bodies can experience. Biological humans, now known as Biologs, have retreated to their home planet, where a reclusive and power hungry leader has set them on a course of global conflict. But Helen and Richard, in an attempt to discover the truth, accept an unsolicited invite, and discover a nightmare has returned to haunt them. Follow them on their journey - and find out what true mightmares are!< Less
My Tour Guide Through Human Biology By Deanna Ferguson
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A workbook to accompany Human Biology
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These essays offer opinions on whether biology determines the human personality.
Lab Handbook for College Biology By Erinn & Sierra Madden
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College biology laboratory activities that include the study of human anatomy, human physiology, animals, plants, microbiology, and other topics in biological science.
Toxoplasma: Molecular and Cellular Biology By James Ajioka, Dominique Soldati
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Written by internationally acclaimed researchers, this is the first book to provide a comprehensive coverage of this important parasite from both the host and pathogen perspectives. The book is... More > divided into six main themes ranging from pathogenesis in humans to molecular details of parasite motility and invasion. The authors of this book describe in detail the biological characteristics that make T. gondii and related apicomplexans the most common and successful group of parasites on earth. Essential reading for all researchers working with Toxoplasma and related apicomplexans.< Less
Molecular Biology of Streptococci By Regine Hakenbeck, Singh Chhatwal
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The genus Streptococcus is huge and encompasses a large variety of human and animal pathogenic and commensal bacteria. It is not known why some species are virulent and others not, and why even... More > within one species, the virulence potential varies. These and other key questions are addressed in this timely book which draws on the recent advances in streptococcal genomics to provide an up-to-date coherent picture of the molecular and cellular biology of streptococci. With contributions from internationally renowned streptococcal researchers, this comprehensive book reviews all of the important topics. Essential reading for all streptococcal genome, moecular biology researchers and a recommended text for scientists and medical microbiologists working on bacterial genomics and pathogenesis.< Less
Systems Biology of Mitosis By Bashar Ibrahim
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Mitosis can be thought of as a finely regulated and exceedingly complex process. During the process of cell division, a cell's chromosomes are eventually distributed between two daughter nuclei.... More > Molecular biologists typically characterize the activity, aggregation and interactions of tens of cellular elements involved in mitosis, although the relation between such interacting elements and their respective environment remains still elusive. Predictions, therefore, are not straightforward. There is a need for a system-level understating of the regulatory mechanisms involved in mitosis. This might be of major relevance for medical research, as well as for a better understating of other cellular processes. We shall refer to our work as to ``Systems Biology of Mitosis''. Our focus is on human cells, and we benefit from modeling and simulation approaches embedded in a cross-disciplinary framework, in order to contribute to a deeper understanding of mitotic regulatory mechanisms.< Less
An Advance Dictionary: Biology and Microbiology By Dictionary World
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Science and technology have brought numerous new discoveries to our knowledge. Biology and Microbiology are the two branches of modern medical science which have helped a lot to make human and animal... More > life better on this plant. There are thousands of words and terms, including parts of the living organisms, which do happen to be beyond the reach of a layman. In many cases it is found that when two specialists happen to be talking to each other, a layman, due to lack of the knowledge of the specialized vocabulary, merely stands like a mute spectator. The situation of that layman happens to be very precarious, though he could be an expert in his own field of knowledge. This concise dictionary of the words and terms used in Biology and Microbiology provides detailed definitions with appropriate examples of thousands of words and terms specifically used by the experts. With a little effort, you can make it easier in such precarious situations which are created by the experts. ISBN: 978-1-105-11795-4< Less