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Clones By Ryan Somma
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Your cloned child is a mirror, simultaneously reflecting who you are and what you might have been. It's potential was your potential. Can your clone achieve the dreams that fell to the wayside in... More > your own life, or is it doomed to repeat your mistakes? Clones is a collection of speculative short-stories that explores the relationship dynamics between parents and their cloned children. It inspires speculation as it entertains, probing issues we will face in our lifetimes.< Less
Should Humans Be Cloned? By Keltik Excalibur
eBook (PDF): $13.12
800 words essay/tutorial to answer the question: Should Humans be Cloned?
Clones of God By Michael Inuit
Paperback: $13.37
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Reader, you may wonder: Is this a science fiction story with human clones? Or is this a spiritual novel related to God? It is both. Two ETs come to Earth, for a vacation. They analyze and they worry... More > about what is happening on our planet. They don’t understand why the elite control the lives of people. They don’t comprehend why ordinary Humans so feebly react to that. But the beginning of the 21st century was a time of Great Awakening. The pivotal moment was the subtle split of Earth's magnetic field. It allowed the creation of two densities, two worlds. Follow the thrilling events that lead to that moment. Read the story of people who softly act and change their worldview. Read about Humans as spiritual beings in a material world. Those two ETs teach them to have a dialogue with the Divine Self Within. They help Humans to be aware, like themselves, of being clones of God. Then they can be empowered and change the world for good. With those two ETs and enlightened Humans, embark on this odyssey!< Less
Clones and Malcontents By Joe Wood
Paperback: $9.99
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"Clones and Malcontents" is a fascinating surrealist pageant of the contemporary condition. Part satire and part condemnation, the thread is woven by the poet's own reflection and... More > analysis, a lens through which topical and transient details are integrated, into one study of the dark side of the artist, and of human nature. By Midwestern poet/artist Joe Wood (2011)< Less
The Cloned Mammoth By Martin Reyto
Paperback: List Price: $14.99 $11.99 | You Save: 20%
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Martin Reyto's diverse heritage is revealed in poems which, while contemporary in image and idiom, range into unfamiliar modes of vision, thought, and musicality. An unexpected array of freaks,... More > beasts, prisoners, heroes, lovers, soldiers, fools, and other human and inhuman oddities inhabit Reyto's verse like the gargoyles and statues in a Gothic cathedral. Amidst landscapes that recall the paintings of Bosch and Breughel stands the mysterious figure of the poet as conjuror, pulling mammoths out of extinction into the light of consciousness and inhabiting that archetype of our time, the two-headed man.< Less
Do Clone Have Birthdays? By Alan Baggett
eBook (ePub): $8.99
This next part of the sales spiel came right out of the NAGENCO training manual. "A clone is something that YOU own and that YOU can do with what YOU wish and cloning… well, it can be... More > profitable. Very profitable.” He said this in the quiet voice of the conspirator passing on a secret of great importance after first glancing quickly around to make sure that no one was eavesdropping. “Now don’t look so surprised now. After you’ve stripped all the parts you need from your purchase any parts left over can be sold to others in need. Improving the quality of their lives, And of course the clone don’t mind. And even if they did? Well, they’re not really human anyway. So let’em mind all they want I say. We buy them and we pay for them so we can do with them and profit from them as we please. Damn what anyone else thinks.” Much to the delight of the Human Being, the human clone can do, and be, anything. Anything but Human that is. clone. A noun. A verb. An adjective. An insult. Anything but Human. Alan Baggett< Less
Hidden Dragon: A Clone Mystery By Anna Charles
eBook (ePub): $4.66
Veteran journalist, Mike Noble and Liz McKendrick, his photographer assistant, travel to the north of England to cover the funeral of the Founder of a stem-cell research facility. Hidden Dragon... More > delves into the high tech world of cloning, where human beings are treated no better than Dolly the Sheep.< Less
The Seven Clones of Barack Obama By Bensa Magos
Paperback: $19.99
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In his latest book “The Seven Clones of Barack Obama”, occultist author Bensa Magos returns to expose the ancient origins and fearful hegemony of the bloodline of Obama clones. Spawn of... More > Annunaki breeding of Akhenaton's alien DNA, the Obama clone-line produced seven failed clones, each horrifically disfigured as they are wicked. Effectively applying the often-discredited practices of 19th century mesmerists, Magos reanimates the obscured chronicles of the first six Obama clones and revealing the Seventh Obama Clone still alive beneath the ocean. The current President of the United States, the Eighth Obama Clone is systematically unveiling his cyclopean designs: Unleash a Hitlerian "Creeping Death" of Monsanto force fed Eugentics, a Moloch satiating Cult of Abortion, under the all-seeing-eye of the NSA Panopticon, enforced by the "Final Solution" control grid known as Obamacare. What abomination lurks in the feud between the Seventh and Eighth Obama clones as they vie for totalitarian control over humanity.< Less
Nothing More Human By Sarah Anne Locus
eBook (ePub): $8.99
In the not-so-distant future of 2089, America has discovered the secret to successful human cloning, but in the spirit of capitalism the ability was quickly reserved only for the very wealthy and the... More > entertainment industry. These clones, referred to by the public as Projects, are believed to be the reincarnations of politicians, musicians, athletes, and actors, synthetically constructed for no other purpose than the entertainment of the American people. In their time away from the public the Projects are kept in Port Mercy, a pseudo-city in Southern California, and although the property seems as glamorous as the Projects themselves, the city holds dark secrets. Trouble is brewing, but very few know it, and the lives of a young Project, a protester, a hacker, and a never-will-be cop are tied to the city whether they like it or not.< Less
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