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Medicinals By Alan Engelberg
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Stories gleaned from a career in internal medicine
Medicinals By Alan Engelberg
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Stories gleaned from a career in internal medicine
Medicine By Samantha Clout
Paperback: $9.07
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"I feel like I am falling apart, and maybe this is why they call it lovesick." A collection of poetry and prose written to heal hearts and soothe souls. Medicine takes you on a step by step... More > journey to understanding the human condition we call love.< Less
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Medicine; Science; Physiotherapy
The Ship’s Medicine Chest and Medical Aid at Sea By U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
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The need for medical care has been a constant since the day the first merchant ship sailed centuries ago. Concern for the health of merchant mariners has, from the beginning, been a part of our... More > nation’s history. In the 1700’s, legislation mandated that a Medicine Chest be carried on each American Flag vessel of more than 150 tons, provided it had a crew of ten or more. By 1798, a loose network of marine hospitals, mainly in port cities, was established by Congress to care for sick and disabled American merchant seamen. Called the Marine Hospital Service, later the Public Health and Marine Hospital Service, and finally the Public Health Service, these federal entities continued to provide healthcare to merchant seamen until 1981. The Ship’s Medicine Chest and Medical Aid at Sea has been a part of much of this maritime history. This edition has evolved through many previous editions. The Public Health Service published the first Medicine Chest in 1881 under the title, Handbook for the Ship’s Medicine Chest.< Less
Music and Medicine By Robert I. Levy
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The essays of this book are in the Medical Humanities, specifically Medicine and Music. It is hoped that this book shows how Humanistic inquiry and historical study are informed by science and... More > medicine.This interplay of Music and Medicine sheds light on the Humanities.We show how the Humanities are relevant to medicine making one more sensitive to the needs of others and well rounded. We show how an appreciation of the Humanities can enrich and deepen knowledge of the history of medicine and allied sciences. The book attempts to demonstrate how historical research can increase our understanding and widened perspective of medicine and science. It recognizes the humanistic and cultural dimension of the history of medicine. It attempts to fosters a wider historical context of medicine, elucidated by the Medical Humanities.< Less
Oriental Medicine By Carlos Febres, DOM, MS
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The basic theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine describe the physiology and pathology of the human body, disease etiology, diagnosis, and differentiation of symptom-complexes. This includes the... More > theories of Yin-Yang, Five Elements, zang-fu, channels-collaterals, qi, blood, body fluid, methods of diagnosis, and differentiation of symptom-complexes. Welcome to the holictic world of Oriental Medicine< Less
Dead Medicine By Jarrod Rowe
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Dead Medicine is my first attempt at writing a novel, and it was such a rewarding experience. This story follows Anna Sabino, a psychiatrist who has developed a drug to help cure certain types of... More > mental illness. She stages a clinical trial at a hospital in Chicago, but during the trial something goes wrong. The patients have a reaction to the medicine that kills them, and causes them to reanimate and have a need to eat human flesh. It's a race to find sanctuary, and stay alive with the small group of survivors she has found. The need to stay alive, is almost as deep as the need to unburden herself of the secret she carries in regards to the beginning of the end of the world.< Less
The Death of Medicine By Piso Mojado
eBook (ePub): $3.99
This is the incredible story of the little-known surgeon known as "The Savior of Mothers", and appropriately so. The doctor who miraculously reduced the death rates from as high as 30% to... More > nearly zero in every birth clinic he supervised has a lot to teach any person who wants to safeguard his or her health and that of his or her family. The discoveries of Doctor Ignaz Semmelweis, predating Lister and Pasteur, and the practices that they spawned, are still saving countless lives every day. Part of the rationale for writing this book was to remind every person who reads it how modern medicine began, how it once died, and how history could repeat itself. This is an inspiring story, an informative story, and ultimately a tragic story from cover to cover. But by describing how one dedicated surgeon solved the greatest medical mystery of all time, each reader (with no need of medical knowledge) will easily understand the basis of the 21st century approach toward human health and disease.< Less
A Handbook on Skin Warts By Old School Medicine
eBook (PDF): $5.00
An excellent handbook on human skin warts of all kinds.

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Vein Book Vein Book By Eric Dohner
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