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The Adventures of Sasha and Meeko: A Home for Sasha and Meeko By Lesia Reid
Paperback: $7.56
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
Part 1 of a 5 Part series about two Siberian Huskies rescued from animal shelters to their current home. The series chronicles their doggy adventures. The story is told through the eyes of Sasha... More > the female Siberian.< Less
Howls From the North By Matthew Horgan et al.
eBook (PDF): $6.60
Interested in Siberian Huskys, Alaskan malamutes and other Northern Breed dogs? this book is based on the Northern Breed dogs, Written by Northern Breed owners. this book contains loads of facts and... More > information on these magnificent breeds and also contains 10 true stories including the Great Serum Race to Nome, Alaska. The use of Sled dogs in WWI and WWII, The story of Hatchi (Hatchiko) and other heart warming stories about these dogs.< Less
Hardcover: $24.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Full-color illustrations show the misadventures of a young Alaskan Malamute, with the story told in rhyme. Based on the experience of the author and illustrator, Sandy Harley, with her dog Misha.... More > Another dog, Grey, participates in the amusing and harrowing challenges of dealing with Misha. Suitable not only for children of all ages, but also for any adult who loves dogs, especially the wolfish "snow dogs," the huskies.< Less
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So close, yet so far II By N. "Karmakat" Franzetti
Paperback: $30.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
Just when things couldn’t get any better… Karmakat has settled into a life with his mate and adopted family, wanting for nothing more than a normal life. As normal as it can be for... More > someone in his situation, anyways. Then something changes. Can the hope of a new future mend a soul torn apart by its past? The story of our group continues as they face new trials, encounter new situations and uncover revelations about old enemies and their own legacies.< Less
So close... yet so far By N. Franzetti
Paperback: $28.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
When one is fated for death from the moment of birth, it can make life… difficult. Karmakat is a black lion, a death sentence in itself, because it means there is a demon sharing his soul. A... More > monk passing through rescues the infant and magically seals the demon. Spending their lives training together, the young lion follows in his master’s footsteps – until the master’s death at the hands of a vicious demon. Striking out on his own, following what he believes to be his destiny, he fights the demons alone. Protecting others as his master protected him. One day he rescues a model – a playboy wolf named Lukwos – who befriends the lone fighter. Teaming up, the pair travel a dangerous road as the demons they fight become more vicious and abundant every day. Lukwos encourages Karmakat to find a life beyond demon fighting, beyond the solitary existence he has known since the master’s death. Can he bring himself to put another life in danger, fighting the darkness and what lurks behind it?< Less
How to Speak In Deep Voice (for Men) - Improve Your Tone of Voice - the Power of Deep Voice - Your Secret for Success In Life, Business and With Women By Delven Soft
eBook (ePub): $2.12
Speaking in deep voice is one of the characteristic features of a powerful and successful individual. People are immediately subordinated to deep voice. Speaking in deep voice can effectively deal... More > with situations of day to day life in a better manner. It reflects the personality of the individual. The degree of dominance or submissive nature, his amount of success in life, etc., is indicated in the voice he exercises, either consciously or otherwise. It is also possible that the voice plays a role in attracting the opposite sex, too. One of the most important components of public speaking, teaching, getting things done, instructing, communicating to people at work or wooing a woman is the sound of your voice. It will influence the impact of your message, and possibly make or break your success. And, for many people, good voice quality can be learned. This book shows you how to get that commanding and successful voice with ease to get more from your life.< Less
Omega alliance 2 By N. Franzetti
Paperback: $14.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
With lives hanging in the already slim balance, a decision is made. Who could have known that trying to save a city would put the country… maybe even the world… at risk? Will debts be... More > repaid in time to return balance to their existance?< Less
Omega Alliance 1 By N. Franzetti
Paperback: $12.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
In a city accustomed to gang violence and militia skirmishes, something has gone terribly wrong. Events that most people would consider magical – dark magic – are taking place for... More > unknown reasons. In some situations one simple action or decision can change everything.< Less
To Boldly Go Where NO Beanie Has Gone Before! By Daniel T. Hastings
eBook (PDF): $6.98
(3 Ratings)
Two hilarious Husky dog brothers cause a host of problems when they accidentally stow away on the first Beanie expedition to the moon.

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