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2D Animation: Hybrid Technique By michael gumelar
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Membuat Animasi 2D dengan teknik tradisional dan digital, mengupas tuntas bagaimana membuat animasi 2D dengan prinsip-prinsip animasi berdasarkan hukum fisika dan berbagai macam gaya gambar animasi,... More > mulai dari gaya gambar kartun sampai realis ada disini, buku ini diperuntukan bagi Akademisi dan orang yang punya Passion di Animasi 2D. Animasi 2D merupakan basik yang kuat bagi animasi 3D< Less
Hybrid Polyaniline Nanocomposite For Humidity Sensing By Aashish Roy
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The book entitled Hybrid Polyaniline Nanocomposite for Humidity Sensing contains five chapters based on the conducting polymer nanocomposites for humidity sensing application. The chapters includes... More > Introduction to Nanocomposite, Synthesis of nanocomposite, Characterization techniques, Humidity tests and finally summary of the work. Each chapter has got its own importance in the field of sensor technology, this book will keep the interest of the scientists, academicians update about new approach of wet Chemistry and Nanocomposite. The main motto of my book is to enhance the knowledge of science for the next generation of the contemporary world.< Less
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In robotic world, series of invention and innovation are at the highest peak of breaking even. In this book, hybrid histogram in-motion model (HHIM) for autonomous mobile robot navigation (In search... More > of obstacle avoidance perspective for all) was primarily developed by UCHENNA C. AKWARA to solve robot navigation problems for completely unknown environment particularly for a static wave concave shaped obstacle. The developed model is to address the problem associated with a static wave concave shaped obstacle using (HHIM) model which cling to solve a Local minima trap problem and the single scan sensor readings on obstacle. Nevertheless, The (HHIM) model uses Histogram grid mapping scanning, Obstacle Avoidance technique and Local virtual target(LVT) concept for Local minima recovery and robot navigation. The Science, Engineering and Technology robotic fiction made the book to target 11 years of age and above.< Less
Performance evaluation of channel estimation techniques for LTE downlink system By Kahsay Meresa
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In this thesis channel estimation techniques for LTE downlink named Least Square, Minimum Mean Square error and Maximum Likelihood estimation techniques are studied for the pilot symbol based channel... More > estimation. In addition to this the performances of these three channel estimation techniques were also studied by introducing averaging, interpolation and hybrid methods. This work also investigates the complexity of the channel estimation techniques in terms of the number of complex multiplications and by varying the FFT size and number of CP(cyclic prefix). furthermore, the effect of varying the number of antennas at the transmitter and receiver ends, where 2 x 2 and 4 x 4 antenna arrangements are considered as a case studies. The performance of these channel estimation techniques is also studied for EVA standard channel model in LTE. The considered channel model is EVA standard channel model with Doppler shift of 300HZ.< Less
THÉORIES DE LA CRÉATION NUMÉRIQUE. Métissages : Hybridation, Reproductibilité, Mémoire, Expérimentation By Gilles Boenisch
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L’art numérique serait la fusion des postures et des techniques préalables. Nombreux auteurs parlent d’un art de l’hybridation. De ce constat, l’art... More > numérique tirerait des spécificités nouvelles qui nourrissent des problématiques d’horizons divers se fertilisant les unes avec les autres. Or, nous remarquons que l’art numérique ne semble pas se limiter à compléter des pratiques antérieures, au contraire il suscite des situations nouvelles avec une expressivité propre, dans laquelle l’originalité de l’auteur reste toujours prééminente à l’essence de l’œuvre. Elles perpétuent le sens de l’œuvre dans sa dynamique expérimentale en explorant un nouvel imaginaire empreint des techniques et des technologies de son temps. L’usage singulier qu’en font les artistes serait le moyen de produire du sens, des perceptions nouvelles, des interrogations. Collection R&D @ Arts : Une série qui propose, en formats courts, des points de repères théoriques.< Less
Calcul des performances aérodynamiques de la configuration Aile-Fuselage ARA M100 par maillage hybride By Mourad BOUDJERIS
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Dans notre travail nous avons une étude générale des processus de simulation numérique appliqué à la mécanique des fluides, et nous avons aussi... More > décrit le choix du type de maillage et les techniques générales de génération de maillage hybride (tétra/prisme) par les logiciels de simulation (ICEM CFD 13 et FLUENT 13). D’autre part une simulation numérique pour déterminer les performances aérodynamiques de la configuration Aila-Fuselage ARA M100. Les différents résultats obtenus dans notre travail confirment ce qui est attendu par la théorie, et les résultats expérimentaux.< Less
An Overview Peak to Average Power Ratio In Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing System Using Some New Peak to Average Power Ratio Techniques With Matlab Code By zainab saad hadi alhashemi
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In order to reduce the PAPR, several techniques have been proposed in this thesis, primarily the repeated frequency domain filtering and clipping (RFC) has been proposed and compared with the... More > existing method repeated clipping and frequency domain filtering (RCF). The RFC is better than RCF in performance especially when oversampling (I) ≥ 2, although they have the same complexity and cost. In addition to (RFC) six new types of companding have been proposed and compared with the μ-law and A-law compandings. All these proposed methods have better performance than the μ-law and A-law compandings, and the best one is Absolute Exponential (AEXP) companding. Also four new types of hybrids PAPR reduction techniques have been proposed. These methods are: RCF with precodings, RCF with compandings, RFC with compandings, and precodings with compandings. The best improvement is at (RFC with AEXP) because the PAPR, CCDF of PAPR, and BER. and the SNR has not changed. All methods are simulated using matlab.< Less
DNA Microarrays: Current Applications By Emanuele de Rinaldis & Armin Lahm
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This book focuses on the current successful applications of microarrays in various areas of bioscience. The authors describe the use of microarrays to assist basic research and drug discovery by the... More > generation of gene expression maps, the reconstruction of gene networks and the study of biochemical pathways, the classification of genes and biological samples, and a real case study on the transcriptional effects of vaccine treatment. An entire chapter is dedicated to applications of microarrays that do not involve gene expression. This book is designed for researchers and students in all areas of biosciences.< Less
The Midway Tear By Iain Dunford
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A hybrid of ancient techniques mashed together into an elegant method of mind reading.
Baking With Amy By Amy Bouzaglo
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Amy Bouzaglo found her home in the kitchen many years ago. Since then, she has transformed from a self-taught home cook who helped prepare meals when her mother was ill with cancer to a professional... More > pastry chef and owner of a successful patisserie and café. Amy, who runs the infamous kitchen at Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona, leads baking warrior wannabes on an educational culinary adventure. Through step-by-step instructions, Amy shares tips and techniques that ensure a spotless kitchen, a beautiful plating experience, and a well-stocked pantry with appropriate ingredients. Amy not only includes over twenty simple base recipes that can be used as building blocks for a variety of more complex desserts, but also touching memories and easy-to-follow recipes for such delectable delights as La Bête Noir, Sweet Tart Lemon Meringue, and Piña Colada Cake.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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