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Achieve Dynamic Health and Wellbeing through Thyroid Regeneration By Earl Conroy
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I wrote this book after treating thyroid disorders for over 30 years. I’ve seen spectacular improvements in people’s energy and health when we undertake steps to thyroid regeneration. I... More > despair when I get phone calls or e-mails telling me of fatigue, drug side effects and general ill health from folks taking synthetic drugs to ‘replace’ the thyroid hormone. The real problem with thyroid disorders is that practitioners simply want to ‘replace’ the thyroid hormone without ever asking: Why? Why is the thyroid hormone inadequate or overactive? This book is about thyroid regeneration. Not replacement nor destruction. This book is a guideline. It will help you to make better choices. It will help you to understand how to work with the innate intelligence of each cell and organ to produce the energy and health and well-being that really is our birthright. This book is a journey. A journey into your cells, organs and energies. You may emerge much younger, leaner, happier. It’s possible!< Less
The Hyperthyroidism Handbook By Lindsey P
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Would you like to know how to recognize and diagnose hyperthyroidism based on the signs and symptoms at an early stage to prevent the worsening of the disorder? Hyperthyroidism is a disease of the... More > thyroid gland. And if you are diagnosed or have found symptoms of the disease this guide will make your life easier to not only deal with its symptoms but also to stay one step ahead! Comprehensive information on hyperthyroidism is provided. Readers will know how hyperthyroidism is diagnosed, treated and what causes it. Knowledge of the disease should not be limited to doctors alone. It is especially important for the patient and his family members to be knowledgeable about the disease so that they can help the patient avoid the things that should be avoided and pursue all the things that can lead to the betterment of the patient’s general health and well-being.< Less

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