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The Book of Racism Facts: 500 Reasons Why Racism is a Stupid Ideology By Revolutionary Books
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This book contains 500 facts which show the inherent stupidity of the racist ideology.
Iqamat-e-Deen: the Core of A. A. Maududi's Ideology By Dr. MOHD.ZAKIRULLAH FIRDAUSI
eBook (PDF): $3.99
This work provides the fundamental and basic principles of Abul ala Maududui;s theo-political ideology.
Influence of Economic Ideology On Income Distribution Through the Course of History By Siddharth Kumar
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This paper investigates the correlation between economic ideologies and income distribution, taking specific historical examples with different governance models.
The Dawn of a New Ideology: How the West substituted Communism with Islamism as its Foe By A. J. Sommer
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‘The Dawn of a New Ideology’ proffers the theory that in a world of duality, where everything must have an opposing force to sustain its own existence, the West fostered the growth of... More > Islamism as the Cold War came to an end and Communism began to decline. It deals with viewpoints, insights, stories seen and heard, and analyses the behaviour and interests of nations. Though there are obvious differences between the fanatic, the ideologue, the religious fundamentalist, the nationalist, the communist and the Nazi, it is yet true that there is a certain fanatical ideology that animates them all and that may be viewed and treated as one. The same is true of the force which drives the ambitions of certain ideologies on to expansion and world domination. It is necessary for most of us these days to have some insight into the motives and responses of the religious and communist ideologies. And so it is hoped that this book may offer some such insights and explanations.< Less
Picturing Identities and Ideologies in Modern Korea: Transnational Perspectives for Visual Culture By Kyunghee Pyun
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This is a collection of papers presented at the international conference held at the Center for Korean Studies, University of California, Berkeley on March 14-15, 2019. In this conference entitled... More > Picturing Identities and Ideologies in Modern Korea: Transnational Perspectives for Visual Culture, scholars have noted a few topics and themes of visual culture: new forms of popular culture, including novels, magazines, and newspapers, as well as official public monuments presented a new image of the nation in the changing environment of world expositions and international congresses. With three speakers and one discussant in each, four breakout session themes are as follows: • Representing Public and Private Identities • Constructing Ethnonational Identity • Making of the Artistic Personality • Picturing Ethnic Identity< Less
Al Qaeda - Their Ideology Before And After 9/11 By Juergen Beck
eBook (PDF): $8.40
This report reviews Al Qaeda's use of public statements from the mid-1990s to the present and analyzes the evolving ideological and political content of those statements. The report focuses primarily... More > on statements made by Osama Bin Laden, but also considers: statements made by his deputy Ayman Al Zawahiri, who some experts consider to be Al Qaeda's chief ideologue; remarks by Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, who has been recognized by Osama Bin Laden as an Al Qaeda ally and the leader of "mujahideen" operations in Iraq; and a May 2005 statement from Al Qaeda military leader Sayf Al Adl.< Less
Crossroads and/or Illusions Coping with Plug & Play Ideology By Aleksandar Krzavac
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The economic growth does not necessarily mean employment growth as well as that fast Science & Technology development goes for better just for a very few, mainly rich. Next, masses of ordinary... More > people are offered virtual in exchange for real, true life that is, day by day, affordable to class of rich. As much time passes inequalities are higher and higher worldwide. That threatens basic principles of democracy, so keeping eyes wide shut won’t, certainly, go for better. This work is a kind of softcore Manifesto that challenge people for rethinking some attitudes and concepts as well.< Less
On the German Ideology and the Introduction to Critique of Political Economy (Grundrisse) by Karl Marx By Nicholas Jay Boyes
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A western look at the political economy of Karl Marx and how it applies to new millennium society.
The Third Reich, A Revolution of Ideological Inhumanity, Death Mask of Humanity By Everette Lemons
eBook (ePub): $4.95
Volume 2 of RII recounts the historical aspects of WWII primarily from a German perspective. In addition to the most important parts of the war, volume 2 also details many aspects of the Nazi Germany... More > military machine, important people and places, and of course the Holocaust.< Less
World War I: poetry, ideology, society. A degree dissertation By Sergio Zenere
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Why did eminent critics sharply reject some war poems? Why did critics and war poets mention opposition between the home and the battle front? Why was the mass of war veterans so disquieted after the... More > war to stand behind the swift of diverse Fascist movements in various European countries? How did a war that seemed just another regional war turn into a geopolitical and social catastrophe comparable to the French Revolution? Why did war poems question the received notions of the socially acceptable? This study explores change in its most abrupt form, which spared nothing raising from the ashes of the unrepentant Belle Epoque positivism. From gender relations to societal fabric and emotional, financial and bodily integrity: the foundation of European civilization was at stake.< Less

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