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In Honor of Immigrant Women By Helen Knapp
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A Story of Immigration By Carolyn Wedin
Paperback: $10.95
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Based on stories she heard in childhood, Carolyn Wedin imagines the lives of her grandmother and mother on farms in Northwest Wisconsin from the 1890s into the 1930s
The Irish Immigrant By Greg Dabel
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Michael McTigue was one man among the millions of nineteenth-century men and women who left their ancestral homelands in Europe and ventured to America seeking a ‘better’ life. Though an... More > ordinary man his courage and resolve cannot be underestimated. Michael McTigue faced political prejudice and religious persecution growing up in Ireland, discrimination in New York when he immigrated in 1852, and challenges as he established a life in San Francisco beginning in 1857. Throughout his life he toiled steadfastly, endured with sacrifice, benefited from the hand of Providence, preserved family traditions, raised five children, and left a legacy of values.< Less
The Women Debrowska By Leigh Podgorski
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Anatola Debrowska has a family spinning into separate orbits and a life spiraling into soul-stealing monotony when the 25 year old son she gave up at birth suddenly materializes on her doorstep. The... More > reunion does not go smoothly. When Pyotr returns abruptly to the East Coast, Anatola follows. With sister Clarisse in tow, she finds him disheveled and drunken, and together they trundle him off to Aunt Alka’s house. There a treasure trove of Debrowska-Debski archives left by Frances, the family matriarch, is revealed. Anatola breaks through Pytor’s defenses, and the archaeological dig begins. The archives lead Anatola on a journey that begins in Debowiec, Poland in January 1756 and follows the family as it is torn apart by loyalists and revolutionaries, riches and poverty, oppression and war and the partitions of a beloved homeland. The Women Debrowska interweaves the personal story of a family with the history of a nation, driven by an endearing spirit of hope that refused to be conquered.< Less
Ultimate Confidence Booster for Immigrants: Boost Your Confidence In 7 Days By Max Smirnoff
eBook (ePub): $6.33
Dear Brother Immigrant! You will finish reading this book as a positive, confident immigrant man who is ready to meet attractive local women in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. This book... More > will make your confidence rock solid, remove all fears and limitations for example fear of approach or fear of speaking in English. It is a second book of the Attract with Accent series and is solely focused on building confidence and is filled with simple, effective, practical step by step instructions and techniques. Sometimes challenges of settlement in a new country makes things pretty tough for us immigrants but nothing is as bad as it looks. If I could do it you can do it too.< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Winter Solstice 2010 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
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The darkest night of the year, the moment when sunlight begins to grow and re-enter our world. The Winter Solstice. Our 2010 issue of Mused celebrates a renewal of our soul. Handmade ornaments... More > celebrate the natural beauty of wood and sea urchin. An elderly lady in China waits patiently with her wares. An empty bench invites you in for a rest. A snowman ornament brings back memories of a gentler time. One poem celebrates a youth of watermelon juice and dark chocolate. Another delves the depths of a woman beyond despair. Fiction stories explore the challenging world of Alzheimers and the crumbling charade of a failing marriage. Yet hope springs eternal, as another relationship tentatively unfolds. Non-fiction tales give us a first-person view of the immigration process, of fighting through breast cancer, and spending Christmas alone. Denise Mancuso, an artist in soap, creates visions too beautiful to eat. Her mission for you - "Find what you like to do, and follow through"!< Less
Education: The Key to a Brighter Future By Bay Path Women Writers Project
Paperback: $6.05
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The student writers of this book have come to college to educate their minds. But the complex social issues that they grapple with in these pages are equally matters of the heart. Sexual violence,... More > teen pregnancy, integrating compassion into our schools, dealing with student debt, healing our returning soldiers from the wounds of war, illegal immigration, and protecting and caring for our most vulnerable older citizens—These are all issues that offer challenges as emotional as they are intellectual. The nine writers here face these topics head on. They present us with facts and findings as well as meaningful strategies to navigate more successfully through complex problems. As they do so, they offer excellent writing models to other students looking to improve their skills, They provide examples of both MLA and APA research writing styles as they demonstrate best practices in critical thinking and persuasive writing.  < Less
Date Ideas for Immigrants: Learn Where to Go, What to Do, What to Talk About to Create an Unforgettable Dating Experience with Zero Money Investment By Max Smirnoff
eBook (ePub): $6.33
Dear Brother Immigrant! You don’t need to look like Brad Pitt or speak English like Prince William and have fancy outfits like David Beckham to date attractive local girls be it in Canada, USA,... More > Australia or New Zealand. This book shows how to create an unforgettable dating experience with zero money investment for you and your dates, which will set you apart from all the other men she has ever gone on a date with. I reveal a secret “perfect date” recipe to you. You will learn how many dates you should have before you can have sex and where to go, what to say, what to do to fulfill the goals of each date. I'll take you on virtual dates to show how it is done. To make you even more successful with women, I will arm you with what I call "scientific magic". This tool will allow you to cast a "love spell" on a girl, to help people change their point of view, and even bring a girl home on a first date.< Less
Magnetic Accent: How to Use Your Accent to Attract Women Naturally By Max Smirnoff
eBook (ePub): $6.33
You don’t have to wait until your English or social status improves in order to date attractive local women right now be it in Canada, USA, UK, Australia or New Zealand. This book shows you how... More > to use your accent in dating. You will learn about most dangerous mistakes immigrants make in dating and simple ways of fixing them. In this book I reveal you a hidden advantage each immigrant has in finding attractive girlfriends. You will also learn how fluent you should be in English to be successful with local women.Book 2, Ultimate Confidence Booster for Immigrants will make your confidence rock solid and remove all fears in dating. Book 3, Secrets of Dating for Immigrant teaches you how to approach local girls in a most natural way and what to say in order to get solid numbers.In Book 4, Date Ideas for Immigrants, I will share with you many examples of my actual dates and those of my students to show what an immigrant man should do during each date in order to succeed.< Less
Policy Proposal: Free Birth Control For All Women in America By Mike Cutno
eBook (PDF): $1.49
The current political climate in America forces the narrow spectrum of popular debate towards two uncompromising poles with little room for innovative solutions to everlasting problems. Often the... More > problem is ignored and the actors prevail; winning and losing becomes the main focus while problems persist. Issues such as abortion, immigration, health care, welfare, poverty and female empowerment can be improved through solutions that address common goals. A national policy that calls for free birth control (oral contraceptive) and family planning education for all women can address all of these issues and improve the lives of women, men, families and society as a whole.< Less

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