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Metaphysics: The Great Paradigm Shift By Kathryn A. Cross
eBook (ePub): $5.66
If knowing the rules to this game we call life is an advantage, just imagine what understanding and applying them could do for us all? Kathryn A. Cross’s light hearted approach to reigniting... More > the wisdom we all have buried nice and deep inside, under years, generations and incarnations of false programming is simple, yet life changing. How our own instincts have become so corrupt we have lost the ability to discern the most simple of life situations, and the revelation our immune systems are also at the mercy of this programming is mind-blowing; Metaphysics the Great Paradigm Shift touches on everything from addictions and alcoholism, to wisdom and warts with a plethora in between in the two complete books within “Metaphysical Conundrum” the choice between fear and faith and “Metaphysical Causation” explains why stuff happens . The author believes we all have the POWER to live joyful and fulfilling lives, but asks, are we willing and more importantly courageous enough to do what it takes to make the shift?< Less
Etiology and treatment of autism spectrum disorders By Jing Leng
Paperback: $37.00
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The gut does more than just breaking down and absorbing foods. The gut is a complex bio-organism, containing micro flora, mucus membranes, immune cells and nerve cells, all of which have their own... More > biological cycles and biochemical reactions. The gut is the body’s biggest organ and has the most nerve cells called the enteric system, more than the central nervous system. The leaky-gut is main cause the disease of brain and nerves system. The key of treatment is healing gut and automated healed brain.< Less
Lessons from Animals: Bengali Edition By Shyam Mehta
Paperback: $6.81
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Today man’s immune system has never been worse. Even flu will require the whole population to wear face masks. But (wild) animals seem to manage better. Is this because they are cleverer? No.... More > But, studying animals gives many insights into what man should not do aswell as what he or she should do to maintain health.< Less
Befreiungsschlag Humor - Wie Sie sich mit Frohsinn und Gelassenheit aus unangenehmen Situationen befreien By Antonio Rudolphios
eBook (PDF): $8.13
Sie stecken in einer Krise? Sie haben Probleme? Vielleicht finanzieller, gesundheitlicher oder sozialer Art? Oder gehören Sie zu denen, die häufig in Fettnäpfchen treten? Krisen,... More > Konflikte und sonstige große oder kleine Probleme sind für uns Menschen eine ernsthafte Angelegenheit. Nicht selten werden diese verschärft, wenn wir versuchen diese mit gleichem Ernst zu bekämpfen. Wer immer nur ernst versucht Lösungen zu finden und alles negativ angeht, spannt die Situation unnötig an, statt sie zu entspannen. Da liegt es doch nahe bei Krisen und Konflikten genau das Gegenteil zu tun. Frohsinn hilft beim Genesungsprozess, weil die Psyche, sprich unser Körper und sein Immun-System, dabei maximale Entspannung benötigt. Und dieses Prinzip der „Entspannung durch Humor“ kann man auf alle persönlichen und globalen Krisen übertragen!< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
Paperback: $14.36
Vein Book Vein Book By Eric Dohner
Paperback: $10.00