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Impermanence By Jean Milant
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Impermanence is a group show featuring works by Barbara T. Smith, John Coplans, and Hannah Wilke.
Visualizing Cultural Impermanence Through Entropic Design By Meena Khalili Clifford
Hardcover: $29.00
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We Are All Shadows By Marilynn Hughes
eBook (ePub): $2.99
WE ARE ALL SHADOWS (IMPERMANENCE): 'In the same place where the Great Lord [Buddha] is present Who would acknowledge any other man? When the Sun hath arisen, though there be many bright stars in the... More > sky, Not one of them is visible.' The Precious Treasury of Elegant Sayings 1280 A.D., Grand Lama of Saskya Pandita, We are all Shadows . . .< Less
HOME By Daniel Steward
Paperback: $10.46
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Reflecting as it does the thoughts of an individual as they arise, Home is as unsystematic in form as most people’s private thoughts are. A very ordinary man’s very humdrum life is... More > disturbed by the illness of his mother. His journey home becomes a journey into the past: a reminiscence of childhood, growing up, first love, betrayal and change, and an exploration of the themes of time, nostalgia, permanence and impermanence. These themes articulate themselves through the central character’s own thoughts as he reflects that ‘home’ isn’t a particular place or time. Everyone has as many homes as there are alterations in time and place and perception and circumstance. Every change, every redefinition, relocates you. Things flow together into a totality the significances of which change according to the lights by which it is seen. A journey home is always a journey across a river that is at once different and the same.< Less
Being the flow By Bodhipaksa , Claudio Basso
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When we look at ourselves, we see the world; when we look at the world, we see ourselves. This is the message of Being the Flow, which brings together the works of two talented communicators from... More > very different fields. Being the Flow unites Basso’s striking images of the natural world with Bodhipaksa’s reflections on our interconnectedness with that world. The text and photography combine in a powerful meditation on our place in the world, and help us to lose our sense of separateness, and have our lives be a form of joyful communion with the world. CLAUDIO BASSO is an established photographer whose work has been published worldwide. His recent photography marries his strong spiritual concerns with his ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. BODHIPAKSA is a Buddhist teacher and author, whose book Living as a River has enriched the lives of many and prompted them to reflect deeply on what it is to be human. With introductions by Stephen Batchelor and Jennifer Blei Stockman.< Less
When Life Goes "Splat" By Richard Heinrich
eBook (PDF): $2.50
This booklet is part of the Expand101 series on human evolution, and personal expansion. The topic is on overcoming pain and suffering due to future changes or loss.
Mantra By Chris Lois
Paperback: $5.00
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This book is the result of a series of drawings that revolve around the idea of meditation, the sense of self, and mantras. Each character has a mantra that they follow while trying to achieve... More > enlightenment and work upon the noble path.< Less
Conceal, Reveal, Anneal - Poems on Buddhist Themes vol 2 By Paul Dolinsky
eBook (PDF): $2.50
"What if scientists move consciousness through new bodies,/Or clone the old to make them grow into the new?/ Things will groan,/stay for a while,/ then grow stale./Will death rest If old minds... More > take new bodies,/ Or play tag with space and time/ in new multi-dimensional rhyme,/ Or unravel ancient mysteries,/ and rewrite histories?" Other poems in this volume consider such topics as love and joy, that stay for a while, before they depart. Follow "Beauty Takes a Holiday." as she considers more serious play at "Mardi Gras," where she may even beat out "Funky Time In No Time."< Less
How to Make Wabi Sabi Art By Lani Gerity
eBook (PDF): $10.00
Here is a delightful zine from a workshop on wabi sabi art. You will find instructions and philosophy and some fun collage art, all in one little zine.
The Unlived-lives of Dora Wunbery By Satyalila Jen Brown
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'The Unlived-lives of Dora Wunbery' is a collection of poems by Satyalila Jen Brown written between 2002 and 2012. This volume also includes a selection of poems from her earlier collection,... More > 'Puzzle'. Satyalila lives in the Garret Hermitage in Bristol, is a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and co-leads Wolf at the Door (Imagination and Writing workshops and retreats inspired by the Buddha).< Less