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The Importance of Motivation in an Educational Environment By Gazala Bhoje
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The Importance of Motivation in an Educational Environment By: Gazala Bhoje The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of the importance and correlation of motivation and education in an... More > educational environment. It tries to provide an overview of the assessment of students motivational believes. The main focus is on a particular type of motivational belief, namely beliefs involving achievement goal orientations. Achievement goal orientations are an important aspect of academic learning, and suggest how teachers can incorporate assessments of them within existing routines. This can also be reflected in Gandhi’s philosophy of education and its importance.< Less
The Importance of Environment In Wealth Creation By Zahid Ameer
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Financial Empowerment Is The Most Important Tool You Will Ever Need For Your Business... A Lack Of the Millionaire Mindset is like trying to attract a hungry lion with a piece of broccoli! Below are... More > the information that you are about to learn: + What is Financial Empowerment? + Ability v/s Action + The Four Fundamentals + The Sum of Five + Understanding the Concept of Assets + Building Your Assets + Investing in Education for Your Financial Empowerment + Enhancing Your Financial Coffers with Recreation + The Long Haul + Staying Upwardly Mobile + And so much more...< Less
Coal and the Environment By Stephen Greb, Cortland Elbe
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Coal and the Environment covers issues related to coal mining and combustion, as well as the methods, technology, and regulation currently in use, or planned for the future, to meet our nation's... More > energy needs, while caring for the environment around us. Coal is our most important domestic fuel resource. It accounts for nearly 25% of our country's total primary energy production and produces half of our electric power. The objective in writing about coal is to relate the mining and use of this vital energy resource to the environmental concerns that affect our society.< Less
The importance of HR management in supporting staff working in hazardous environments By Christine Williamson
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With statistics showing that nearly one third of deaths of humanitarian aid workers occur in the first three months of duty, it is vital that organisations place the utmost importance on ensuring the... More > physical and emotional well-being of staff before, during and on completion of their assignment. As an area where security management and legislation ultimately converge, People In Aid recognises the critical role which HR management plays in emphasising the importance of duty of care. Maintaining a high standard of staff care is an essential duty for any HR department, therefore it is vital that human resource professionals in the humanitarian aid and security sector are involved in the design and implementation of risk management policies and practices. The report makes a highly important contribution to reducing the costs to which NGOs and their staff are regularly affected by and is essential reading for HR Managers within the humanitarian and development sector.< Less
Explaining Montessori: The Prepared Environment By Annie Jones
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Explaining Montessori is a series of essays explaining the different terms and aspects of the Montessori Method of education, devised by Dr Maria Montessori in the last century. This booklet details... More > the importance of the Prepared Environment in assisting a child's education.< Less
Transforming Future Learning Environments By Joyce Pittman, PhD
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In this book six big ideas call attention to the importance of learning to use limited educational resources more effectively to transform classrooms and educational experiences for all people. These... More > six ideas can be used to advance research on the role of leadership, emerging technologies and virtual learning in redesigning future schools, classrooms and curriculum. Classrooms must become community-based learning spaces connected to greater societal, economical, political and industrial interests. Educators must learn to use social networking technology to enhance opportunities for learning and educational equity. Emerging technologies can have a reciprocal relationship with teaching rather than being viewed as a competitive or alternative position. The author responds to the question, How are learning needs of future students and educators driving the role of emerging technologies and social media in transforming classrooms into virtual learning environments? Published: January 10, 2012< Less
Trees, People and the Built Environment II By Institute of Chartered Foresters
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Trees, People and the Built Environment II built on the inaugural international research conference of the same name, held in the UK in 2011. It was again hosted by the Institute of Chartered... More > Foresters on behalf of a Conference Steering Group representing many of the relevant professional bodies concerned with urban trees and the built environment. In the intervening three years, urban trees and woodlands have come up government and local agendas. Our urban forests, the trees and woodlands in and around our towns and cities, provide numerous environmental, economic and social benefits. As concern grows about the sustainability of our urban environments, the importance of protecting and expanding our urban forests can only increase. Whatever our discipline, we can only do this by working more closely together – as these papers confirm. These conference proceedings are, therefore, expected to make a significant contribution to the literature on urban forestry and urban greening.< Less
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I was asked by Rebazar Tarzs and The RealGuides to write about My RealAdventures with The TruReality Life IS. When Rebazar Tarzs taught Paul Twitchell and gave him The Rod of Power, Paul put... More > together his experiences over lifetimes and then brought out his presentation for this world. I had also been trained by Rebazar Tarzs for lifetimes to finally end up here again and take on the task of, THE NUWAVIS THE ROD OF POWER. Life IS AlwaysNU, never traditional, old or outdated. I am here to provide The SuperKnowledge of The TruReality, THE ALLIS. THE ALLIS IS Unique, and IT cannot be placed in any category, and so my created label for the people of the earth is The NUPresentation, because this is all it can be, a presentation. I have written 'The AdventurIS Series,' adventures like no other, along with the important knowledge that you will need to succeed with Your Journey to Real Freedom. www.DuaneTheGreatWriter.Info< Less
Event Venue Benchmarking By evolve environment::architecture
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This study, commissioned by the Heinz Endowments in tandem with the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, and led by evolveEA, had the purpose of understanding how increased demand for... More > sustainability has affected the industry. The study’s focus is on the actions individual facilities are taking to address these demands while increasing their overall performance. We have gathered this information with the intention of sharing best practices and understanding the influence of sustainability in decision making at the facility level. The survey was administered from October 2010 through February 2011. Over 70 facilities were invited to participate in the process, with 14 thoroughly completing it. Many of the cohort participants were targeted because they publicly promote sustainability initiatives or policies as important to their operations. As promised during data collection, respondents’ information has been anonymized to protect confidentiality.< Less
Explaining Montessori: The Prepared Environment (EPUB Version) By Annie Jones
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Explaining Montessori is a series of essays explaining the different terms and aspects of the Montessori Method of education, devised by Dr Maria Montessori in the last century. This ebook details... More > the importance of the Prepared Environment in assisting a child's education.< Less