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Soulflame vol.1 - The Spark (Sisters Pseudo-Incest Erotica) By Leona D. Reish
eBook (ePub): $2.99
In 1660, King Charles II of England returned to the throne and brought with him among other things: The right for women to be considered actors. In light of this development, two adoptive sisters... More > responsible for a small trade venture handed to them by their Father discuss the possibility of joining the stage. What begins as idle talk becomes an extravagant show of such a performance, and ends in a stolen kiss. Done in innocence and jest, it leaves a spark of something more within them both that will only grow. Where one resists thoughts of how the kiss felt, the other can barely control how her mind wanders through things she would enjoy doing to show her dearest sister exactly how loved she truly is. That night, thunder and lightning drive the skittish Alice into her sister Annabel's room, looking for company to see the night out. Slipping into her sister's bed, Alice will swallow her pride and give in to those emotions, changing everything between them.< Less
ECRIRE EN SILENCE, Les maux de l'inceste By flO
Paperback: $16.32
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...L'homme avance, il la tire par les cheveux et n'écoute pas si elle pleure. Il l'allonge sur le lit et la déshabille. Et comme elle bouge beaucoup, il lui attache les mains... More > derrière le dos et lui met une main sur le visage pour qu'elle ne crie plus. Et puis il la viole, plusieurs fois. Elle, elle ferme les yeux mais quand elle les rouvre, il est toujours là, sur elle. Après, il se lève et va chercher d'autres personnes. Et tous, ils s'amusent avec elle et il n'y a plus de drap pour se cacher. Il n'y a personne pour les empêcher de faire tout ça. La petite fille, elle est seule au milieu des grandes personnes. Elle a très froid, elle a peur, elle a mal, elle saigne beaucoup, mais tout le monde s'en fiche. Elle a beau hurler, les gens continuent de rire comme s'ils ne l'entendaient pas. Seul, lui l'entend et ça le rend fou. Alors, il écarte les autres et se met à la frapper avec son poing. Sur le ventre, sur le dos, sur le visage. Pour la faire taire.< Less
Becca's Birthday Wish (May/December Daddy Daughter Incest) By Leona D. Reish
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Promises and birthdays are two important things in life, and some birthdays are to be celebrated more liberally than others. The man who became Becca's Daddy since she was little misses her... More > eighteenth and the promise she made with him, but a year later, she still hasn't given up on loving him. Now, it's Becca's nineteenth, and the devotion to that promise to keep herself for him hasn't faded. She may have had to kidnap him to get it, but her birthday wish is still to make him her first time, and maybe more. This year it will not be missed or denied her, and Becca will take that step into adulthood with him.< Less
Deadly Love: A Short Story of ‘Incest’ and Murder in Eighteenth-Century Scotland By Dr Joanne Coyle
Paperback: $3.19
Prints in 3-5 business days
The trial of Katharine Nairn and Patrick Ogilvie was one of the most salacious and scandalous court cases to grip eighteenth-century Scotland. Yet it has largely been forgotten by history. The jury... More > heard of a torrid, ‘incestuous’ love affair and a murder in a tranquil Scottish glen. Katharine and Patrick were accused of murdering Katharine’s husband, who suffered a terrible and agonising death only months after their marriage. The authorities suspected arsenic poisoning. Soon afterwards the pair were arrested, and they faced the High Court in Edinburgh on trial for their lives.< Less
inceste une enfant brisee par le silence By nathalie gibrat
Paperback: $4.33
Prints in 3-5 business days
jeune maman victime d'inceste pendant l'enfance et adolescence et debut de vie d'adulte.
L'Inceste et Ses Conséquences By Myco Batshika Samba
Paperback: $16.18
Prints in 3-5 business days
La question de l’inceste est un sujet autour duquel les langues ne s’accordent pas selon les individus, les sociétés, les coutumes, les cultures. Elle est... More > considérée comme un scandale dans la société civilisée. Les opinions sont divisées et divergentes. Dans certaines cultures, il n’y a rien de choquant dans le fait d’épouser son cousin ou sa cousine tandis que dans d’autres c’est interdit. De plus, nous vivons à une époque où, au nom de l’amour, on se permet toutes sortes de transgressions. Dieu condamne l’inceste et il est clair que les païens et surtout les chrétiens ne doivent en aucun cas se retrouver dans cette situation.< Less
Exutoire : De l'inceste à l'espoir By F.B. AIE
Paperback: $15.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ce livre raconte les plus sombres heures de l'auteur. Son enfance volée, son adolescence meurtrie et son combat quotidien pour vivre, sourire, être heureuse parmi les siens, être... More > en paix, tirer un trait sur le passé. Avec ses mots d'enfant, d'adolescente et de femme extraits de son journal intime, F.B.AIE vous ouvre les portes de ses souvenirs et met en garde parents et familles qui pourraient être confrontés à la noirceur de l'inceste, du viol. Plus qu'un simple témoignage, ce livre appelle à l'attention de tous et délivrera, sans aucun doute, un message fort mêlant obscurité et espoir.< Less
Daddy’s Big Family Bundle (Six Taboo Pseudo Incest Stepdaughter/Stepfather and Stepbrother/Stepsister Breeding Erotica Stories) By Lily Kittinger
eBook (ePub): $9.90
Daddy’s Big Family Bundle contains all six stories of the Big Daddy and Big Brother Series. Big Daddy’s Bundle contains all three stories of the Big Daddy’s Series. It starts... More > off with the first forbidden embrace between Katherine and her sexy stepfather, continues on to the impregnation of the Katherine, and ends up with the trip that could lead to their marriage. The Big Brother bundle follows teenager Veronica’s journey into discovering her deep and forbidden love for her stepbrother, Brian. What begins as sexual curiosity develops into a mutual love that ends with Veronica’s impregnation. Warning: This 29,000+ word series contains taboo breeding sex, impregnation, anal sex, spanking, teen pregnancy, romance, and hot passion that will make you burn with desire.< Less
The “People Power” Love/ Lust Superbook: Book 56. Children - Teen Love - Sex Guide (Sex Education, Puberty, Virginity, Masturbation, Abuse, Incest, Child Porn, Prostitution, Sexting) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
I think it’s wrong to try to teach the straight and narrow path to teens in sex education when their hormones are raging and most of them have already watched porn films on the internet. A... More > more realistic approach is honesty. Teach them to think about sex and love and deal with their sexuality in a lawful, socially responsible way. Teach them that the social code is to keep your sexuality out of public view. Teach them that masturbation is normal, natural and necessary to release sexual energy. Don’t lie. Don’t try to preach denial because anytime anybody denies who they are by nature, they end up suffering for it somewhere later on in their lives. Whenever somebody comes on trying to be righteous and chaste, I know they're lying because it's natural to think sexy thoughts of naked people as a man with normal levels of testosterone. I think that teaching children and teens lying mainstream propaganda is wrong like: save your sexuality for marriage, don't masturbate.< Less

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