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His 1110 H Microeconomics Honors By Susan Tatsui-D'Arcy
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This course examines how markets allocate resources in different economies. Topics include competitive markets, financial markets, income distribution, market failure, the environment, and the role... More > of government. The students will look at the use and misuse of graphs to analyze trends. They’ll also discuss scarcity and choice; supply and demand; choice and demand; and demand and elasticity. The students will examine supply of the economic short run versus the economic long run. Next they will look at marginal analysis: output, price, and profit. Finally, the students will discuss markets: competitions and monopolies; price systems and market mechanisms; real firms and financing; the factors of production; market regulation; taxation and resource allocation; externalities and natural resources; international and competitive advantages, and other such topics. The section on markets will also include discussions of income distribution, labor, poverty, inequality and discrimination.< Less
the other side of the fence By Claire Martin
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Through stories of young girls, social workers, educators, professionals and so many more, The Other Side of the Fence is an exploration of hidden poverty and the drastic inequalities that it... More > presents. Through the eyes of young girls, the book delves into three areas in which adolescents are most impacted by poverty. The first part explores the hand they are dealt in life and the endless, unequal opportunities that emerge as a result. Second is the life inside of the classroom and the educational experience for a low-income student and how it differs from that of their higher income peers. Finally, the book looks at the way in which poverty can affect a young adolescent's self-esteem, sense of self and view of the world. But throughout the disparities emerge stories of strength and positive growth. Through the dedication of compassionate adults, we see how enriching, encouraging, inspiring and educating the lives of these young girls can mean a world of difference.< Less
Cultural By Inna Cábelková
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The economic and political outcomes of similar ideas if applied in different countries may substantially differ. In this study we would like to show the importance of cultural values in explaining... More > these differences. We describe the cultural dimensions model originally proposed by Geert Hosftede and mention ways how cultural models are employed in explaining economic and social differences in existing literature. We than continue with the example of prisoner’s dilemma where we show, that Nash equilibria substantially depend on the values of the players and may produce different outcomes in different cultural settings. To support this idea even further we use cultural dimensions of Geert Hofstede to explain the variations of tax revenues, gender based income inequality migration and remittances across countries. We show that cultural values play an important role and therefore should be taken into account in policy making.< Less
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It is a well documented fact that the U.S. continues to grapple with persistent educational inequalities. Achievement gaps exist not only accross race but also income and place of residency.... More > These educational differences deny millions of our children the opportunity to develop their unique abilities and gain access to socioeconomic empowerment. "S.E.A.L." (Social Economic Achievement Levels) is a study that examines secondary education and the impact it has on the economics of the United States. Because of the nation's multicultural demographics, we must engage in self improving stategies for global competence, and take full advatage of our nations cultural diversity. Because economic empowerment is linked to education, an understanding of the American Educational system is indispensable. The principle engine of economic growth exists within the work and creativity of people, how much more prosperous would our nation be, if we developed a competent and culturaly diverse workforce.< Less
Kenya Political Governance, Attempting a Democracy By Nathan Bell
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Kenya Political Governance, attempting a Democracy. Kenya History Polital Book. The Kenyan state loses four billion US dollars to corruption every year – anywhere from 25 to 30 percent of the... More > total state budget. This situation is clearly affecting both the foreign and domestic investment climate, as highlighted recently by the non-governmental organisation Transparency International. There is also a growing discrepancy between the steady rate of economic growth and the sinking average incomes in the country. Here, too, the inequality of access to public services, driven by corruption, is one of the main root causes of the problem. Marginalized segments of the population in particular are excluded from services, which exacerbates the potential for conflict. There is a growing risk that Kenya's current decentralization process, and the associated partial transfer of power and resources to local administrative authorities, will also lead to the decentralization of corruption.< Less
Amplio Terra By Lee Davis
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Change is coming, we know that much for sure. Faith in our government is reaching an all-time low, while debt, corruption, and income inequality are at all-time highs. Peaceful change has become... More > easier today than at any other time in history. More than 30 countries have forced their old corrupt governments to peacefully give up their power to rule over the citizens in the last several years. But after liberating a society, how do you build a better one than you had before, even though you have all the same people and ideas? A lifelong history, geography, and philosophy teacher guides you through a clear way of understanding how we can live together in an improved country.< Less
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The word of corruption means the destruction, ruining or the spoiling of a society or a nation. A corrupt society stops valuing integrity, virtue or moral principles. It changes for the worse. Such a... More > society begins to decay and sets itself on the road to self-destruction. Corruption is an old age phenomena. Selfishness and greed are two main cause of corruption. Political corruption is the abuse of their power by the state official for their unlawful private gain. Over 1500 year ago the mighty Roman Empire disintegrated when its rulers became corrupt and selfish. Nations having tyrannical powerful ruling elite that refuses to punish the corrupt within it, face menace of corruption. A corrupt society is characterized by immorality and lack of fear and respect for law. Corruption cannot be divorced from the economics. Inequality of wealth, low wages and salaries are some of the economics cause of corruption. Employees often strike corrupt deals to supplement their meagre income. -SATISHCHANDER YADAV< Less
Vybrané aspekty ochrany před negativními dopady globalizace / Selected aspects of protection from the negative effect of globalization By Martin Mrázek
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This work is based on a synthesis of authors dealing with the effects of globalization in confrontation with the current situation, both in terms of all mankind, and especially figuratively to... More > selected areas of public administration of the Czech republic, but also other factors that have the potential negative impact, particularly on the future citizens (families) in the country. It is therefore an analysis and deciphering of the existing negative impacts, threats or risks in the context of the globalization trend with the offer of outlining possible alternatives.< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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