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In this original transaction the theoretical I AM achieved the realization of personality by becoming the Eternal Father of the Original Son simultaneously with becoming the Eternal Source of the... More > Isle of Paradise. Coexistent with the differentiation of the Son from the Father, and in the presence of Paradise, there appeared the person of the Infinite Spirit and the central universe of Havona. With the appearance of coexistent personal Deity, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, the Father escaped, as a personality, from otherwise inevitable diffusion throughout the potential of Total Deity. Thenceforth it is only in Trinity association with his two Deity equals that the Father fills all Deity potential, while increasingly experiential Deity is being actualized on the divinity levels of Supremacy, Ultimacy, and Absoluteness.< Less
This is Me By Melissa White
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Qadr and her friend Jiao used Qadr's telescope to glance at the universe. It wasn't until they told each other what they knew about the universe that they learned the universe's information was... More > infinite.< Less
Tune Into Infinity Revised By Tॐ
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A collection of Poetry from the heart to open minds and touch the Soul. These poems are a result of tuning into the infinite waves of inspiration that adorn our everyday life, after years of... More > meditation upon the realities of our World.< Less
Voyage of the Darkstar Galacticus By Frank Babylon et al.
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VOYAGE OF THE DARKSTAR GALACTICUS The Darkstar Galacticus is a vicious lone spacecraft that is known to destroy entire alien civilizations whenever it appears out of the dark void of the infinite... More > universe. No alien within the never ending galaxies of the great beyond know why it is on this deathly mission or how to stop it from continuing on its deadly warpath. The planets that have thus far escaped the wrath of the Darkstar Galacticus can only ponder the reasons behind this as they await the dreaded arrival of the grim vessel upon their intergalactic frontiers…< Less
The Infinity By Mahmoud Ali
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A man with a remarkable intelligence from England could invent the time machine , and create the very first wormhole to discover new universes , without any help but robot , without any regret but... More > killing , without any love except for his sister , he wanted to escape from claws of slavery and ignorance to the unlimited freedom , and woke up once to find a new planet to construct another nation , Would the earthen people leave only man with massive authority ? and who will be the victor ? You are welcome through this long journey to find the truth , the revenge , and the justice .< Less
The Alien Phenomena and a Theory About Human Life By Young Kim
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This book is a journey I took where I sought to undercover the ultimate truth of the universe in which we inhabit. First, I began with the idea that there has been an alien presence which has... More > followed human history since the beginning of time. I began by outlining ancient alien theory, and then moved onto modern day alien sightings. I knew that there was something vastly paranormal going on. I chronicled many great scientific minds who speculated that there was something behind the scenes. From there, I introduced the radical notion that the universe, or indeed all of existence, is one giant computer simulated reality. I put forth the notion that in the beginning, at the dawn of time, there was a "Source Consciousness" which was an all powerful "Awareness" with infinite creative impulses, and one with great love. It had infinite energy, intelligence, and knowledge. It was all alone in existence, and sought to have something to love and to seek adventures. Thus, it created the universe. And so came us.< Less
The Compiled Writings Collection By Christopher Tarris
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Paperback edition. Originally titled "The Infinite Nature of the Universe". This book is about you and where you fit in what we call life.
The Weedy Mead Chronicles 128 Take a Brain Like You By Timothy Mead
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The largest pattern and the smallest element are THE SAME. The essence of the system is HOLOGRAPHIC, all of one STRUCTURE and ... but ... that infinite multitude of infinitely small... More > ‘non-identicals’, fractal but on a SINGLE, eleven-dimensional ‘level’. Of activity, of content, of reference, of significance, of agency, of never-letting-anything-go because there is nowhere ELSE for anything TO go. Where concrete ‘matter’, immaterial ‘energy’, and semantic content are the same thing, identical.< Less
The Last Man Who Knew Everything By Mike Hockney
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Three hundred years ago, it was possible to have read all of the important books in the world. Most intelligent people of the time believed the world was a living organism. Matter was alive... More > (hylozoism), or mind was everywhere (panpsychism), or God was everywhere (theism), or God and Nature were one (pantheism). A hundred years later, the world was viewed as a vast, purposeless machine. Either there was no God (atheism), or he was a remote God of Laws (deism) and not of revelation and salvation. Leibniz was the last genius to know everything and to accept that the universe was an organism – a mathematical organism. Leibniz was the secret author of the Illuminati’s Grand Unified Theory of Everything based on “nothing”. He created an entire universe out of a “Big Bang” singularity comprising infinite “monads” (zeros), each with infinite energy capacity. This is the story of the first mathematical Theory of Everything. Leibniz’s monads have one last, incredible secret to reveal: they are souls!< Less
Into the Mind: Opening Your Consciousness By J. R. Schaefer
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It is your willingness to understand, to apply, and to experience that will give this book meaning. Delve into your higher-self; sense the shift of consciousness: there is fathomless depth to be... More > discovered: infinite potential, universal love. Offered for your inspiration, is this combination of prose, poetry, and illustrations. The selections are not intended to teach, or persuade, or even educate. The intention is to allow your own being to speak to you as you interact with the text; all the power and knowledge exists with you. This book was compiled to illustrate the immensity of the mystery, potential, and power of thought and the layered reality it manifests. Conscious thought is our key to unlocking the doors of perception to disclose the manifold nature of reality which unites in the body of the One: Universal Truth.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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