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Tuning Fork Therapy® and the Infinity Symbol By Francine Milford
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Tuning Fork Therapy® and the Infinity Symbol covers how to use tuning forks, color therapy and symbols to enact the body's natural healing responses. Included in the book are several methods and... More > techniques on how to use the Infinity Symbol for room clearing, chakra clearing and energizing, and so much more. This book contains easy to follow diagrams and instructions to perform one hour client sessions for health and healing. A chapter on Chakra protocols is included as well as several pages of references for the reader to continue their study into tuning forks, sound and vibrational healing, and color therapy.< Less
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This third volume introduces Aroma-Reiki, a modality combining aromatherapy with Reiki energy therapy. This is an aromatherapy guide for the Reiki Practitioner, using 18 essential oils. Reiki is a... More > proven stress-reduction alternative therapy that involves transmitting healing energy through the hands. This book is filled with valuable information about Aroma-Reiki procedures and protocol, including hand positions and the first three Reiki Symbols.< Less
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Finding Infinity, Vol. 1: An easy aromatherapy guide to blending essential oils, will take you through a journey of aromatherapy and self-discovery. You will love the practical, natural, and easy... More > approaches to beauty, health, rejuvenation, and stress reduction. In this first volume, you will be introduced to nine essential oils: Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Tangerine, Tea Tree, and Ylang Ylang. You will be guided as you create functional and multi-purpose aromatherapy products, including massage oils and perfume roll-ons. Aromatherapy, through the use of pure essential oils, is a natural way to improve the quality of life. Essential oils are a vital aspect of anti-aging because they are “cytophylactic,” which means that they promote cell rejuvenation. Embedded in Finding Infinity are keys to rejuvenating the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. As you read about aromatherapy, look for pairs of infinity symbols to unlock the power within.< Less
“Square Box” symbols replace (most) characters (letters) between pages 6 and 638. You may see readable words among the formatting that was stripped out. In particular you notice three (three-letter) words (“ant”) printed on page 6... By Todd Van Buskirk
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It’s hard to argue that word problems, or puzzles, used as they are in our schools as disposable exercises, could be lived with over time, and seen to have inexhaustible levels of meaning (as a... More > parable in the religious sense), particularly poetic meaning about the depths of human experience. There is certainly the element of the indescribable involved in mathematical concepts, particularly those that deal with infinity, or with entities that exist perhaps only as mental images. Although word problems do reflect historical situations of their authors, is it stretching the metaphor to claim that word problems mediate the ultimate reaches of the reality of man? That they involve eschatological crisis, or that they express the drama between human beings and God?< Less
The Power Rings Series (1-4) Volume 1 By Layne Franks & Kaleb Franks
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Two best friends walking to school are in the middle of an unknown meteor strike, after it hits they run to it and find it cracked open in a nearby field, to find two mysterious rings, once they take... More > them home and leave what they had just been threw behind them, they figure out that these rings aren't just any kind you would find in a jewelry store, they have powers, and cause a lot of trouble in the future.< Less
Tuning Fork Therapy® Level Five By Francine Milford
eBook (PDF): $25.00
Tuning Fork Therapy® Level Five brings you new and exciting, never-seen-before, methods and techniques on using tuning forks on the face, skin, and auric layers of the body. Enjoy a vibrational... More > facial massage. Also discover how you can add the Infinity Symbol to your current practice. The Otto tuning fork is highlighted in this level of training.< Less
Mastering The Void By Manuel Tanase
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Research notes of a Heretic about the delicate mechanics of the universe. Theories regarding the duality of things, principles that govern systems from religion to sacred geometry of symbols to... More > physics, observations about how information balances itself and much more. One of the three sections of the book is dedicated to experiments and practical use of these original concepts. The applications range from subliminal control to prediction of coincidences, indirect causing of events and things you won't normally find discussed or commented.< Less
Vibrational Reiki™ Level One Manual By Francine Milford
eBook (PDF): $14.99
Vibrational Reiki™ combines the healing energy of Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki symbols, the Infinity symbol, the Genesis tuning fork, Sound and Vibrations. Learn how to use the Genesis tuning... More > fork, symbols and Usui Reiki energy in a healing session. This is the first book in a series of three concentrating on the use of sound and Usui Reiki healing energy. If you are taking the certification course, you will receive both the Usui Reiki Level One certification and the Vibrational Reiki™ Level one certification when you successfully complete all assignments.< Less