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Getting the Most Out of eBooks By Osby Isibor
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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Producing and Selling eBooks in the Digital Marketplace Provides a Perpetual Source of Income That Can Change Your Life Forever Once you discover how to develop the right product creation strategy,... More > you'll be able to see rapid results with your eBook! And once you have this laser-sharp strategy in place, creating simple and engaging eBooks is a piece of cake. However, there are certain essential ingredients that all of your info products will need if you want to see a rapid increase in sales and profits! That is why ‘Getting the Most Out of eBooks’ was created to guide you through. The book will teach you how to make your fortune in preparing and selling eBooks. Learn how you can leverage your eBooks in order to maximize your revenue! Grab your copy TODAY and begin to make a living in eBook production and sales!< Less
1 900 Numbers Real Profits By Eliahu c.
eBook (PDF): $4.90
Would you like to start a business in which you don't have to make anything and your product is information, but can earn profits of more than 95 percent? Of course you would. Such a business does... More > exist and is predicted to be a 20 billion dollar a year industry by the year 2010.< Less
HOW TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL By pamela vitali
eBook (PDF): $12.11
A long time ago, I used to spend my cash on hair appointments and beauty products. Today I keep things simple. This helps keep things fresh, and I can update with fresh shades in trend and also help... More > out the family budget by having some good basic info. Get all the info you need here.< Less
The Green Shopper By Paul Harthan
Paperback: $9.99
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A lot of shoppers only seem to have an abstract understanding of the advantages of organic foods and products on the environment and their wellness. Get all the info you need here.
Cape Verde Political Environment, and Governance By Eric Campbell
eBook (ePub): $15.99
Cape Verde Political Environment and Governance. Creole Language insight and Symbolism. Understand the Creole inside out, and its environment. Faced with a lack of natural resources Cape Verde has... More > made good governance one of its most marketable products. Running parallel to the institutionalization of democratic politics there has been an overhaul and growing sophistication in public administration, though certain weaknesses persist. This report argues that it is reform and improvement in this area in particular that has enabled this small island state to punch above its weight and achieve remarkable social, economic and political results. But will the successful formula of the past decade prove sufficient for the future? Poverty and unemployment have by no means been conquered. . Much of the economic growth has been based in the tourist sector and the government is well aware of the dangers of overreliance on a single industry< Less
Mozambique Political History, and Environmental Situation By Ethan Boyce
eBook (ePub): $13.99
Mozambique Political History, and Environmental Situation. A History Bool. Economy, Democracy implementation and general environment. Quagmire may bring down a promising economy: The unstoppable... More > force of booming business collides with the immoveable object of the country’s dangerous political status quo Faced with Mozambique’s political stalemate, most countries would muse that they should be so lucky. The head of government, finance minister or central bank governor of any country would salivate at the prospect of a 17.6% gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate, which on 8 October 2015 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicted would be Mozambique’s in 2020 once natural gas sales begin. Even the IMF’s news that Mozambique’s 2015 GDP growth would be the worst since 2009 was hardly tragic. A 7% growth is robust and is again the envy of most countries, including China, Russia and the US< Less
Mali Political Leadership and Democratic Governance By Aiden Baker
eBook (ePub): $13.99
Mali Political Leadership and Democratic Governance. A Book on Mali, A History. France’s long-term plan for Mali is remarkably short-sighted. The recent French military intervention in Mali... More > focuses on “restoring democracy,” without any consideration for the political and economic problems that caused the government’s collapse. The cumbersome colonial era-borders, erected by the French, dividing north and south Mali were significant in causing the conflict. Furthermore, French is the second official language, and the majority is not fluent. Almost 70% of Malians are illiterate, which seriously inhibits the state’s democratic capacity. Mali’s economy is also insecure. Apart from gold mining, all production companies are foreign owned. This further inhibits the government’s ability to run the country because if several companies pull out, the state will lose the majority of its financing. It is hard to imagine a “recovery” for Mali without any attention to the major problems, which led to the destabilization.< Less
Weight Loss By Joshua Atiemo
eBook (PDF): $35.24
Get all the Info on your weight loss products
Sell on TV eBook By Jon LaClare
eBook (ePub): $1.00
Does your product have what it takes to become the next $100 million success like OxiClean, the Snuggie or Pillow Pets? This easy to follow book will guide you through the process from concepting to... More > market research to in-market profits.< Less
Market Research Report By Benny Ong
eBook (PDF): $2.95
In this report, we're going to explore an information product that I've seen very few people producing. It requires research, but each copy can sell for thousands of dollars. So figuring out a way to... More > incorporate this info-product into your arsenal, could prove to be an extremely profitable move. What is it, you ask? A Market Research Report< Less

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