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Hope and Health through Dela’s Wellness: Overcoming Chronic Illnesses such as Cancer, Obesity, and Cardiovascular Disease By Dela Williamson, HHP, CHC
Hardcover: $36.99
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“Many people don’t know that to achieve health and wellness, it takes much more than eating healthy and exercising; we need to look at the different dimensions of health that affect our... More > well-being,” Williamson says. In her book, she discusses these aspects of well-being as well as information about how sleep, food and stress affect a person’s overall health. She also points out how different healing modalities can work together. Don’t give up. There’s hope. "Readers of this book will find themselves joining Dela’s insightful journey through her experiences with cancer. This book is more about the journey and the choices we can make along that journey. The book covers a broad spectrum of important “healthy living” related topics, and its spirit pays homage to the fundamental holistic principle that has been echoed throughout the ages: “In living nature, the whole is more (or different) than the sum of its parts.” Dr. Rainer Diriwächter, CLU< Less
A New Perspective on PTSD By Robert Anthony
eBook (PDF): $3.75
A New Perspective on PTSD is based on information I have accumulated throughout my recovery process using REBT to dismantle the flashbacks associated with PTSD. I suffered child abuse in addition to... More > over 20 other traumas before age 32 and would flash back under stress. The therapeutic process I went through was not organized, or structured. The main fault with that type of approach is that my therapist and I would uncover issues that I found troublesome, that could not be resolved with-in the hour I was given. A New Perspective on PTSD is what I needed; a structured process for resolving the internal conflicts created by and that create flashbacks. Since I worked with many therapists, I have developed the strategic process I have now been able to provide you. This is the shortest, most direct route for dealing with and overcoming PTSD from most any experience. Combined with therapy with a PTSD specialist this book can bring your vivid reliving of the trauma down to simply an uncomfortable memory.< Less
Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening By J.A.H. Diouck
eBook (ePub): $19.99
The Dark Melanin Matter stockpiled in your Brain Computer & Vital Life Organs is the same Dark Melanin Matter that Pervades the Entire Universe. "HE made darkness His hiding place, His... More > pavilion around Him.: Psalms 18:11 The Information Age has ignited a Spiritual Awakening across all 4 corners of the Earth, drastically shifting human perception, turning political & cultural beliefs upside down. Spirituality, Religion & Science are aligning & The Book of Revelations is Unfolding in front of our eyes! Its now time to heal, Black Israel. LEARN simple solutions on how to peacefully maneuver thru the organized chaos so you are "in the world but not of the world." Learn how to do a juice cleanse at home, eat mostly plant foods & everything else in moderation, mindfully meditate, use natural ingredients for skin care and flush toxic chemicals form your Body Temple. Follow this Magical Melanin Formula to vibrate with the electromagnetic life force energy of the Almighty Creator at your highest spiritual level.< Less
Too Sexy for My Caregiver: How to Find and Manage Good Care By Elizabeth Ann Smith
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
In this third book of the 'Too Sexy' series, Elizabeth details how to wisely hire home-based caregivers, sharing lessons learned from 14 years of experience with hundreds of employees. You will learn... More > how to: place distinctive advertisements, conduct effective interviews, train and retain caregivers, protect yourself and your belongings, and most importantly - how to stay sane while managing your caregivers! If you need care in your home, you need this book! Do-it-yourself home care truly is the best way to maximize your health and longevity! You don't have to learn the hard way; get the 'Too Sexy' series and be prepared for it all! At the age of 30, Elizabeth began experiencing symptoms of ALS while training for a marathon. Written by blinking her eyes using a special computer, her books, offer valuable information for those giving and receiving care. Her sense of humor makes them an easy read! Be encouraged, inspired and empowered to take control of your life and take a stand against disease!< Less
A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe (2nd Edition Softcover) By Joseph Browning & Suzi Yee
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
"If you're a DM and running a D&D game, you should have this book. Period." Monte Cook, author of the 3E Dungeon Master's Guide. This 192-page supplement is for GMs and players who wish... More > to add a touch of realism to their game. It's for the people who'd like to flesh out the background of their gaming world, but don't have the time to dig through scholarly books. A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe provides you flexibility and advice in creating your own world. It contains a massive amount of game-usable information about the medieval period and focuses on how D20 magic could change a traditional medieval setting. Generation systems for kingdoms, cities, manors, aristocratic wealth and landholding; a thorough construction system; and an economic simulator allow GMs to recreate the high middle ages feel with ease. The book is easily usable with any fantasy role-playing game.< Less
Special Teaching For Special Needs Methods & Courses By John Boom
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Special teaching for special needs has methods and courses for teaching those with reading and understanding issues. Taking kids out of the two dimensional world and teaching them in the interactive... More > three dimensional world. Suitable for all ages and for those that has trouble learning through regular teaching methods. This is a common sense approach of teaching those that are passing through the education system that can't grasp regular teaching methods. This helps and makes kids "ready to learn" by a different way of teaching and getting results where many others may have failed. The methods can also be used for home schooling. We recommend all schools use modules of this type of teaching with their regular programs. These teaching methods can be used in regular and special needs schools and can help many kids with learning and understanding issues. It helps kids learn and retain information. Many kids will finally understand what they're being taught by using these interactive 3D teaching methods.< Less
Meditation med jordforbindelse - en medicinsk teknologivurdering af mantrameditation mod stress By Torben Larsen
eBook (PDF): $2.40
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Left brain dominance is presented in chapter 1 as a biological cause of stress characterised by hunting of status symbols, over-consumption and psychosomatic diseases. A threat to the whole ecosystem... More > towards which traditional cultural means as information, debate and participation are insufficient. Psycho-pharmaceuticals on the other hand have a large risk of a reinforcing addiction. Chapter 2 demonstrates mantra-meditation as a broad-spectered means of de-stressing reducing blood pressure, addiction to stimulants as tobaco and alcohol as well as relief of anxiety. This increases life-expectancy and quality of life. Chapter 3 guides a meditative development including description and constructive advices on the seldom borderline psychotic state termed 'The raise of KUNDULINI' among practitioners of yoga and meditation. Moreover, a logic of complementarities is stated as an alternative to our quantum logic which is insufficient towards the complexities of modern life (Danish version).< Less
Structure Cosmique Implicite By Sree Devdeep
Paperback: $51.78
Prints in 3-5 business days
Le contenu de ce livre de pure spiritualité est ancré, enraciné dans les plus grandes traditions du monde, et plus particulièrement dans la sagesse de l'Inde, enrichi dans... More > une certaine mesure par un esprit de syncrétisme et une vision de notre temps. Ce n’est nullement une doctrine sectaire ou promulgation... De plus, ce livre n'a pas été "conçu" pour être lu et relégué dans un coin par la suite. Je vous dispenserai de tonnes d'information. C’est un dispositif de transformation spirituel, et en tant que tel, doit être examiné avec attention, profondeur, réflexion, intensité, dans un état des plus recueilli, jusqu'à ce que la plupart de son contenu soit assimilé, au moins dans son essence. Prenez votre temps, il n'y a pas d'urgence. Ne pas oublier la pratique, et surtout le terrain de l'expérience, la partie la plus importante… Avec tout mon amour et encouragement, Sree Devdeep.< Less
Le Trésor de Mö By marc pecas
Paperback: $21.23
Prints in 3-5 business days
Sur Kémen, le colossal trésor des dragons fait rêver depuis que Mô, le roi-dragon, connait le déplaisir de l'avoir égaré. Les royaumes, informés... More > de son existence par Philémon l'Apostat, se lancent à sa recherche. Ils ont baptisé cette chasse : le Grand Jeu. Manipulation, complot, meurtre, infamie, qu'importe la manière! Le triomphe est rédempteur. Le Clergé du roi Thiliver, les Hermétistes du roi Herne, les nervis du Muet, l'assassin légendaire de Kémen, se livrent une guerre sans merci. Zelda, la grande sorcière des Galates, est liée par un pacte ancestral au roi-dragon. Les richesses ne l'intéressent pas. Seul, l'œuf de Mô, qui se trouve parmi le trésor, est vital à la survie des siens. Iyago et Dokker, le Thars, doutent de son existence. A leur décharge, les deux fugitifs subissent quelques contrariétés depuis leur évasion sanglante et spectaculaire, et leur souci premier est de gagner les Terres Libres pour échapper à la meute des poursuivants.< Less
Mebaadia By Nathalie Thomasset
Paperback: $12.27
Prints in 3-5 business days
Le monde est-il devenu fou ? Des morts-vivants, partout, n'apportant que mort et désolation aux habitants de la petite ville de Kabourg. La défense s'organise, mais que peuvent des... More > fourches, des couteaux ou, pour les plus chanceux, des épées, contre ces créatures ? Lise, jeune magicienne expérimentée, reste sur place malgré la défaite inévitable. Elle veut collecter des informations sur le maître des squelettes, momies et zombies qui dévastent cette cité. Elle obtiendra rapidement un face à face avec son adversaire mais ne récoltera aucune information car la magie va, sans raison, refuser de lui répondre. Mais surtout, alors qu'elle perd le combat, le nécromancien va lui laisser la vie sauve. La raison va emmener Lise dans des abîmes de souffrance et de désespoir.< Less

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